Croftgate Aquanil X
Waterless wash and wax

When this product first came out, there were far less choices when it came to waterless wash and wax products. First impressions caught my interest in this product as the packaging and quality of the sprayer was better than most. Of course the pink color of the product didn't hurt either when it comes to the curb appeal of this product; as consumers, we are no strangers to fancy packaging, fragrant smells, and brightly colored product. I was also initially impressed when it came time to actually using this product in a live situation.

The Croftgate Aquanil-X Review

Unfortunately the product did choose to disappoint in the end. There is much to be considered when it comes to finding the winning combination of benefits of any car care products. Certain compromises in a product can be overlooked if the product is ultimately able to deliver exceptional results. While this product certainly excels in a few categories, the ultimate harsh reality didn't set in for me until hours after I had completed my testing to find that this product produce possibly the worst case of out-gassing I had ever encountered.

Out-gassing is where the evaporation of chemicals takes place and a layer of haze is created on your paint. This was painfully obvious when I showed up to my black car a few hours later and was shocked to see how extreme it was; to the point where I was embarrassed to drive my freshly detailed car on public streets. Of course this is very superficial on my part and due in a large way by the fact that I am a professional detailer.

Overall Rating

The only reason I could possibly recommend this product would be on light colored cars where out-gassing would not be visible. Really, there are so many choices on the market these days it would be hard to find a reason to use this product at all.


Probably the highlight of this product is the quality sprayer in which it comes. The plastics of the bottle as well as the sprayer are superior to most any other detail product I have used.

Ease of Application

Not much to say here other than it goes on very easily and due to the quality of the sprayer, is distributed nicely when sprayed onto any panel of your car.

Ease of Removal

The removal of product after application is where many products will begin to fail. This product remains an exception as removal was respectable and remains on the easy side.

Hiding Abilities

When it comes to surface car care, the ultimate test is always going to be a products ability to cover and hide surface defects ranging from swirl marks to spider-webbing; this includes the ability to create gloss and depth to the paint. While this product gets high marks in this dept., due to the out-gassing that occurs later, any benefits obtained are completely out-weighed with this out-gassing problem.

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