Auto Upholstery Protector:
The missing secret to professional results

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While people have heard of auto upholstery protectors, many people remain skeptical of these products abilities and have not experienced the benefits of a quality fabric and carpet protector first hand.

I too was skeptical for years; especially when the carpet cleaner we hired to clean our indoor carpets wanted to up-sale us on carpet protection. But once I cleaned my first car upholsery that had been treated with a carpet protector from the dealer, I was instantly convinced!

Auto Upholstery Protector: True Story!

auto upholstery protector

Here's a true story and one in which I found out first hand the amazing benefits of fabric and carpet protectors:

Having been in the auto detailing business for many years at the time of the experience, I was well familiar with the time and effort normally required to clean and shampoo carpeting and floor mats. As I was detailing the inside of this car, I noticed how easily and thoroughly the floor mats and carpeting cleaned up.

I thought that maybe the "magic" was the upholstery itself. Then I was was introduced to the magical world of fabric protectors and learned the secret to cleaning upholstery to a whole new level of clean!

The "Magic" Ingredient:
Auto Upholstery Protectors

303 auto upholstery protector

Finding an effective carpet and upholstery cleaner is one thing, but finding and using an effective auto upholstery protector is another critical part of the equation to getting truly professional results.

  • Forget the expensive car dealership fabric protection "systems" filled with huge mark-ups.
  • Make your car upholstery cleaning easier and more effective.
  • Reduce or completely eliminate any future staining.
  • Perfect for canvas convertible tops.
  • More uses than just for your car; a must have for most people! You will find endless uses for around the house as well.

Get yours now from Amazon using the secure link just below!

  • Ideal for use on interior fabrics as a fabric protector.
  • Also ideal for use on convertible tops.
  • Endless uses as a protectant for both automotive and household use.

  • Iconic name in fabric and upholstery protector.
  • Ideal for use on all your car interior fabrics such as carpeting, velour, cloth, etc.

Darren's Professional Tips

Of course you will need to clean your car upholstery first, and you can access that page at how to clean car upholstery. Or simply apply one of these products to your brand new floor mats and other porous fabric and cloth upholstery; even your convertible car tops.

  • Always follow manufacturers directions of application.
  • I use every time I shampoo cloth and fabric upholstery.
  • I use professionally to maintain my customers cars.
  • Headliners, floor mats, seating, seat-belts, convertible tops, etc., etc. Any porous material.
  • No car upholstery protector will prevent your car's upholstery from every conceivable stain; colors are always problematic in their many forms, but a quality protector like either of these products will prevent virtually any stain you will likely come across in your world.
  • Despite what you may have heard, once you shampoo your carpeting or cloth auto upholstery, does not mean it is going to "attract" dirt and now your carpeting will never be the same.
  • Do not underestimate the power of these stain protectors.
  • Even dark/black interior cloth and fabric will benefit as I have seen many dark interiors stained with colors from drinks, to coffee or tea. Trust me on this, you will appreciate it once you have that "accident" and go go to clean it away but it just won't come clean as you failed to apply a fabric guard first.

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