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Anyone looking for the best car wash soap will quickly realize there is an endless list of choices! Combine that with an endless sea of opinions regarding not only the best auto wash soap, but the best way in which to wash your car! In an era of information overload, you likely find it difficult to filter out the bad information from the good information.

The voices are many and the choices are many more, but finding the right product that works is only part of the answer. The more important question to ask is what is the right product for me and my situation. Many times you will be listening to an opinion based on strategies that don't concern you in the moment, and may never concern you in the future. I often see people listening to information on products and techniques that do nothing more than overwhelm them to the point of confusion and inaction!

Analysis of Car Wash Soap

Like every area of cosmetic car care, you can quickly become buried in technical data and terminology. But at the end of the day, do you know what works and how to move forward? Let's keep it simple and lay out what you really need to know about car wash shampoos:

best car wash soap review

  • Water is by nature a solvent; meaning it breaks down dirt, grime, etc. So in a very basic and over-simplistic way you could call water itself the best car wash soap...except that is has no "soap" to it. Soap is an entirely different and confusing arena! And we will learn why soap in the world of car washing is a non-issue.
  • People often confuse car washing with other forms of washing; like dish washing. Washing cars is mostly about removing superficial dirt without damaging the paint work itself with harsh detergents, and removing the superficial dirt without scratching the paint.
  • The best car wash soap will have ingredients that help suspend dirt particles, break down water surface tension so water spots do not form, and even go so far as to leave a small layer of wax, silicone, etc. on the car for visual enhancement.

The Best Car Wash Soap

As we have learned, we needn't over think our choice as to the best car wash soap. Seriously, any form of dedicated car wash soap will perform just fine for you. But with that said...due to advances in chemical engineering, now it is possible to get even more than just a clean car. Nowadays with the right choice in quality car shampoos (another name for car wash soap), you can also get a car that is easier to dry, and looks better visually due to added ingredients that brighten paint work and add gloss.

  • You can't go wrong with Meguiar's.
  • Wash and wax at same time (not to replace traditional wax applications; more of a wax extender and visual enhancer than anything else).
  • Aids the drying process by not allowing to water spot.

The Car Washing Tools

Use the following links to add to your car washing requirements of basic tools for better results:

Car Washing Mitt

  • The wash mitt I professional think is the safest.
  • Can also be used with the latest in waterless washing, or no-rinse washing products.

Wash Bucket w/ Grit Guard

  • For any car owner truly concerned with getting maximum results with do-it-yourself car wash efforts.
  • Separates dirt from washing water.
  • Not absolutely necessary, but will decrease chances of scratching.

Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Cloth

  • There is nothing that micro-fiber doesn't do better; including drying your car. This one of endless types of micro-fiber products.
  • I prefer the smaller version like this one; the bigger version becomes too difficult to work with (You know the saying; too much of a good thing...)

Darren's Professional Tips

Chances are if you are what is considered an enthusiast you are probably not here looking for info. My policy is to filter out all the "noise" that will be filling all the chat rooms and forums. These areas of the Internet are to be entered into with caution as you will find yourself chasing your tail following one "expert" opinion after another.

best car wash soap

Experts do exist within these groups but even if you find one, often they will be talking about advanced products and techniques that will only apply to the last 5% of car detailing fanatics and other car fanatics. This will only overwhelm and confuse most of you. After a few weeks of this and you will find your garage quickly filling up with more and more products with you standing there frustrated and overwhelmed.

  • Car washing is not only required, but is the very basic process of removing superficial dirt and dust.
  • Common sense will go along way in removing this dirt and dust; I have offered suggestions to help.
  • Many people become so fixated on washing their car with the proper techniques, glorified tools, expensive products, and spew their experience on the Internet. They use all this hype as some form of badge of honor as though this is going to elevate them to some elitist status of detailing. The problem is that is confuses most people and just gets annoying.
  • Wash your car at a minimum once a month; I prefer to do it weekly.
  • Yes you can do it in the sun as I like to do, you just need to move more quickly to avoid spotting.
  • Dry areas in the direct sun first while working from top surfaces down. This goes for the washing process also; top down.
  • If you are still using bath towels to dry your car with, abandon immediately; the waffle weave above will be sheer delight!
  • I use an electric leaf blower to blow seams of car off after drying for complete removal of water. (actually what I do professionally)
  • Remember it is unrealistic to think you can let the dirt build-up on your car for months at a time and not do some form of abrading during the washing process. Consistency is king when it comes to car washing. The best car wash soap in the world will not over-compensate for excessive build-up of dirt.
  • If you are washing in shaded light, you can combine your efforts by using the detailing clay immediately after washing and rinsing, just before drying. Spritz the wet and clean car with your choice in a quick detailer or clay lubricant and clay bar your car in half the time. Perfect for routine maintenance clay baring. Now when you dry the car you can immediately go into waxing if you like.
  • Thank you for visiting best car wash soap; pay it forward by sharing with someone else!

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