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Do-It-Yourself Kits for Professional Results

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It's a jungle out there on the roads and car paint chips are a reality of life. Just like cars, paint chips come in many forms and sizes. As a car detailing professional, I can tell you that now you have more options than ever.

As a professional, I can also tell you that the right tool is often the key to superior results. This is also key for car paint scratch and chip repair. As car enthusiasts looking to enhance our cars, or someone looking to simply retain the value of your car, repairing the paint chips and scratches is a big step towards the overall beauty and value of your car.

The Difference is Always in the Details

As I am often quoted as saying, "The difference is all about the details." In this situation, what I am trying to get across to you is that at a casual observation you will consider the hassle too great, and the pay off too small to go through the trouble of repairing the car paint chips of your car. So let me speak from experience:

  • You simply don't realize how much all those tiny little paint chips detract from the beauty of your car.
  • You simply don't realize how much better your car will look by doing something as simple as filling and repairing those paint chips in your car's paint.
  • Many of you have tried the car touch-up paint from the dealership only to get poor results.
  • Most of you do not know of the latest paint chip and scratch repair kits available.

Speaking from Experience

While most people would recognize how a combination of the "good" kind of details enhance the overall look and value of your car, the combination of the "bad" kind of details has the opposite effect. Car paint chips, miscellaneous broken items, dull paint, dirty wheels, etc., etc., all combine to bring your cars beauty down; and down goes your love and concern for it. The cycle then starts, which only produces more of the same bad results. By taking time repairing the miscellaneous scratches, surface marks, and road rash, restore the beauty and value of your car, while at the same time restoring the love affair with your car!


car paint chips


car paint chips

As you can see in the pictures above, the results are dramatic. Imagine the ability to do this same type of quality repair on the front facing edges of your own car!

Repairing Car Paint Chips and Road Rash

As I said before, most of you do not know about the latest in do-it-yourself road rash and paint chip repair kits available on the market today.

Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip and Road Rash Repair Kit:

Freeway driving is a killer to your paint and will create the dreaded road rash syndrome; hundreds of tiny chips on all forward facing edges of your cars paint. No longer do you have to rely on your un-steady hand and the old school touch-up applicators which leave your hood covered with colored "bumps". Dr. ColorChip's repair process produces a smooth, perfectly matched paint with no paint blobs! High quality automotive paint and a proprietary blending solution fill and hide paint blemishes in two simple steps. Say good bye to this form of car paint chips.

Dr. Colorchip Road Rash Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit
Dr. Colorchip Road Rash Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit

Repairing Car Paint Scratches

The next thing on our list is the miscellaneous scratches that will be found on your car. For any deep scratches that have gone down to metal or well below the clear coat, the Dr. ColorChip kit from above will be your answer for these heavy duty scratches are where your car has been keyed perhaps.

For all the hair-line scratches that really have no room for any form of touch-up pinat as they are so fine and superficial, then the kits below are your solution.

LANGKA Complete Wet Sand 2000 Kit

When dealing with minor scratches within your cars paint, color sanding is your only chance of removal. If the scratch can be caught with a finger nail, chances are it is too deep for even the magic of color sanding. For all other superficial scratches, this color sanding kit is a perfect solution for anyone not equipped with the necessary tools normally necessary for color sanding. All that is needed along with this kit is some "elbow grease" on your part, and you can kiss good bye these forms of car paint flaws.

LANGKA Complete Wet Sand 2000 Kit
LANGKA Complete Wet Sand 2000 Kit

3M Car Paint Scratch Removal System

As you can see, the industry has responded to the many forms of car paint chips and other various assaults that diminish the overall look and beauty of our cars. Most cars will require the benefits of one or more of these specialized kits. But now you can get the same results the pros get!

3M Scratch Removal System 39071

3M Scratch Removal System 39071

Darren's Professional Tips

Since I work on so many cars each week and the question continually comes up from my customers, I do my best to help people maintain realistic expectations for their cars. So use this checklist in determining the best solution for you and your car:

  • If your car suffers from the road rash syndrome, use the Dr. ColorChip repair system.
  • If you have deep, all the way through to the metal, type of scratch that has an actual valley or some width to it which you could realistically lay some touch-up paint into, go with the Dr. ColorChip repair system.
  • If you have the very fine, hairline scratches that are individual scratches that you can either NOT catch an edge with your finger nail, or barely catch and edge with your finger nail, then either of the kits from Langka or 3M is your ticket to removing these type of scratches.

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