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Does car wax with color really work?

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The concept of color car wax has been around for awhile now. The logic goes something like this:
"If traditional wax covers up blemishes and enhances the look of my car paint, how much better would it be if I used car wax with color added to it?" You probably think that using car wax the same color as your car, hiding, covering, or filling capabilities will be enhanced. It might be interesting to note that very few colored car waxes exist on the market and that the concept has produced very few versions; Turtle Wax being one of the few.

Turtle Wax
Color Cure Car Polish

color car wax

  • Actually comes with a colored wax stick for those really deep and wide scratches.
  • Comes with colored car wax
  • A very temporary fix to your cars paint problems.

The Logic Behind the Marketing

In a perfect world, we could all live our lives and rely on advertising to be completely upfront and truthful; but last I checked, this is neither a perfect world and most advertising is less than truthful. As consumers we are constantly at the mercy of slick advertising which continues to prey on our own ignorance and laziness, and therefore we have products like color car wax. Admittedly, even to myself as an auto detailing professional it sounds like a logical answer to common problem:

  • Traditional car wax will hide and cover small imperfections and blemishes in my cars paint.
  • If traditional car wax does this, then using car wax with color that matches my cars paint should work even better!

The Pros and Cons

As people we are always looking for short cuts. Not only does this color car wax product play on the power of suggestion, but also preys on human laziness and ignorance.

Most of us lack the ability to determine the what's and how's of proper paint care and problem solving:

  • What are all these little scratches and blemishes in my paint about?
  • Can I cover them up with wax or does my paint need to be polished?
  • My paint is really looking bad, but I don't know where to begin?

But I know, I can buy this colored car wax and rub it all over my paint therefore covering up all these scratches and blemishes in the process! Sounds like an intelligent problem solving decision...right?


The kind of scratches most of us are dealing with on our paint is hundredths of inches deep. Traditional waxes are already designed for this very problem. Adding color to the wax is not going to produce any discernible difference.

When it comes to deeper, wider, and longer scratches, it still isn't going to offer any lasting help. These colored car waxes with their added color sticks will provide temporary results at best.

Presentation is Everything

Whether you are selling your house or your car, presentation is king! This is because houses, cars, etc. are sold to your emotions not your logic. Therefore a positive emotional response needs to be created in order to close the sale.

If you are looking to create this positive emotional response when trying to sell your used car, and you find yourself ready to click on that "buy now" button on your favorite auto detailing supplies website, you might want to consider the following:

  • The use of color car wax is strictly a temporary fix.
  • Your kids crayon's can also be used as a temporary fix.
  • A permanent marker can also be very effective.
  • You can even raid your girlfriends, mothers, daughters, wife's, friends, etc., nail polish collection and find a close matching color to your cars paint color.

Touch-up paint is really the more appropriate fix when it comes to "covering" up bigger, deeper scratches. Most people seem to get nervous quick when they think about trying to use car touch-up paint. I guess part of this sudden attack of nerves is due to the fact that touch-up paint is permanent, and most people feel they lack a steady hand.

The Alternative

If you are dealing with the type of scratches and chips that these color car wax products promote as being a solution, I find the better alternative is the Dr. Colorchip method of scratch cover-up.

Dr. Colorchip Road Rash Paint Chip Repair Kit

Dr. Colorchip Road Rash Paint Chip Repair Kit

In conclusion the reality is that everything comes with trade-off's. Unfortunately, we as people rarely take the time to learn enough information to make a truly informed decision. Therefore big business has their way with us through strategic marketing and advertising, and we have products like these colored car waxes for scratches.

Color Car Wax Summary

Colored car wax can be an effective tool when trying to create the temporary "curb appeal" to your car when trying to sell it. But if you are looking for a more permanent solution than auto wax with color added then you will need to go another route; like the permanent solution of the Dr. Colorchip just above.

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The Better Alternative!

Car Paint Touch-up

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Dr. Colorchip Road Rash Paint Chip Repair Kit

Dr. Colorchip Road Rash Paint Chip Repair Kit