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The random orbital polisher has long been promoted as the safest type of car buffer to polish a car with. Since orbital polishers represent the

low-speed alternative to the dangers of the high-speed car buffer, there is no mystery as to the popularity of orbital car polishers. Since so many people easily accept the drama associated with high-speed buffers, many people go looking for the best rated orbital buffer armed with bad information.

While the industry has responded to the dangers of high-speed car polishers with the introduction of these ultra safe orbital car polishers, we shall see that the obvious answer may not be the best answer after all.

Random Orbital Polisher Q. and A.

What is the difference between a random orbital and a rotary car buffer?

The (2) main differences are speed and rotation; a random orbital is considered a slow-speed buffer and has (2) rotating axis points. It is designed to be ultra safe due to lower speeds. And because it has (2) rotating axis points, it is meant to duplicate the motion of your hands in applying wax or polish. It is helpful to think of the earth spinning, while rotating around the sun.

A rotary (high-speed) buffer has only one axis point and spins at this axis point. Most rotary car buffers range from speeds of 600 RPM's to 3500 RPM's.

Why would a person choose a random orbital over a rotary car polisher?

For most people it is simply a matter of inexperience and safety. Due to the lower speeds of an orbital, a beginner can safely use this type of car buffer.

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Why would a person want to choose a rotary buffer over an orbital buffer?

High-speed car polishers represent the greatest range in performance and applications. Due to the speeds and heavy-duty capacity of rotary car polishers, they can be used to not only perform car paint polishing, but perform gel coat/fiberglass polishing, as well as remove sanding marks after colorsanding. These types of jobs require heat and friction that can only be created with the higher speeds of a rotary car polisher. This does not mean these types of polishing cannot be done with an orbital buffer, but the results will not compare to those available with a rotary polisher.

Is there any other reason a person would want a random orbital polisher other than the reasons stated?

Random orbital buffers represent each end of the polishing spectrum, that is, they are ideally suited for true beginners as well as represent the finishing tool for any truly advanced polisher. With that said, it is important to note that very few professional detailers and car paint finishers possess the skills necessary to raise paint perfection to this level, just as very few people possess a trained eye that can discern the difference of car paint that has been polished to such a high level of perfection. Which again is why most newbies will lean towards one of these random orbital car polishers.

Darren's Top Picks of Orbital Polishers

I have laid out the top rated orbital polishers based on popularity. You can use any of the secure links to get your own orbital buffer.

Griots Garage Random Orbital Polisher & Pad Kit NEW 3rd Generation!

Griots Garage Random Orbital Polisher & Pad Kit  <font color=red>NEW 3rd Generation!</font>
  • One of the most popular and highest rated based on popularity.
  • My personal favorite of orbital buffers.
  • Quality tool built to last.
  • Ideal for any true beginner.
  • More power and an overall better polisher than the Porter Cable that people seem to think is the "best". I don't but that is me...

I chose this Griot's as my top pick of orbital car buffers due to price and the ease of use. If I had to live with a single orbital polisher, this would be the one. You can purchase the buffer alone for less money, but the very next thing you will have to do is buy some buffer pads anyways, so you might as well be equiped and save some money at the same time!

Meguiars Porter Cable XP Ultra Polish Kit with 5.5 Inch Pads FREE BONUS

Meguiars Porter Cable XP Ultra Polish Kit with 5.5 Inch Pads <font color=red> FREE BONUS</font>
  • Another popular choice in random orbital buffers.
  • Many enthusiasts claim this Porter Cable to be the best; that is quickly changing though as the Griot's is gaining popularity due to its advantages of power.

The Porter Cable has a certain cult following, but the Griot's I believe will over-take the Porter Cable eventually due to the fact that the Griot's has more power and is every bit as user friendly as the Porter Cable. The nice thing with this package is that it also comes with all the polishing pads you will need for most people, and also includes the exact polishes by Meguiar's I use professionally.

Cyclo PRO Wolfgang Kit FREE BONUS

Cyclo PRO Wolfgang Kit <font color=red><b>FREE BONUS</font></b>
  • Not my first choice, but a quality tool with a cult following.
  • Preferred by many as the best orbital polisher due to (2) separate polishing heads.
  • (2) heads also mean additional steps of pad selection and polish placement.
  • Used by many professional detailers for all their entry level polishing.

I have never experienced the Cyclo orbital first hand. Due to the fact that I love the Griot's and Porter Cable first and foremost as far as random orbitals go, I am unwilling to sign onto what I consider additional steps with regards to the polishing heads. This means additional polish pads, cleaning, etc., etc. But with that said, many guys prefer this as intuitively it represents what many believe to be the best tool to replicate the movement of two hands instead of one. Maybe this is exactly what you are looking for as an individual.

Darren's Professional Tips:

best random orbital polisher revie

Any of these random orbital polishers will be an excellent choice. If you are searching for one of those big, over-sized orbital polishers that rattle your teeth loose; like the one your dad probably has collecting dust in the garage, then you have come to the wrong place. Orbitals represent an excellent place to start and would be the only car polisher most of you will ever require; even if you were to enter toe world of professional detailing. Easy to use and completely safe, I recommend orbitals for you if you fit into this area of car care. So if you have been sitting on the fence looking to take your car paint to the next level, then shop any of the top rated random orbital polishers above!My personal choice would either be the Griot's or the Porter Cable.

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