ZAINO - Belongs on your list

by Happy Waxer
(Los Gatos, CA)

Came across your site while researching different detailing techniques and saw your Wax Reviews page - and I'm shocked you don't include ZAINO products here. Or at least Adam's products.

Have you used either?

ZAINO, while more laborious (time consuming) in application than those you list, shows the best wet look I've ever seen on a car, period. Adam's comes in a close second.

You should try ZAINO and write a review.... would be very interested in your opinion.

Thanks for putting great info on your site!

Darren Here:
Yes, I have heard that both Zaino and Adams have some excellent products. I have not tried either and simply start with the most popular (based on the search engines and what people are searching for) to test and rate. Due to lack of time I have trouble keeping up with the hundreds of detailing products available out there; and this only includes car waxes, never mind all the other products out there! Would like to hear which of their products specifically you happen to use and like the most and are you a professional detailer or the driveway detailing version?
Feel free to write back in and offer us any suggestions or tips that are working for you. Pictures are also nice to see!

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