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Car engine cleaning is one of those areas of auto care and detailing that is full of bad and misleading information. Many people are stuck in the past with techniques of how to clean their car engine that are largely based on cars of old, versus cars built using new technology.

The engines of today's modern cars are vastly different than the cars built 20+ years ago. From the many "how to clean a car engine" video's on Youtube, to the many posts made within car forums, it is an area that is often over-complicated with bad information from misinformed people to the point where most people are afraid to clean their cars engine due to hyped up concern and fear.

A Clean Engine is a Happy Engine

While I have many customers in my professional world who never give their car engines a second thought, I personally think that detailing should extend to all areas of a car; including cleaning under the hood.

Dirty Car Engine

Cleaning car engine

Clean Car Engine

picture of detailed car engine after cleaning and detailing

"Which of the car engines above would you rather see when opening the hood of your car? Which engine do you think would be treated with more respect from your auto mechanic?"

Car Engine Cleaning Made Simple

  1. Use effective engine degreaser.
  2. Apply degreaser to all areas of dirty car engine.
  3. Agitate excessively dirty areas of engine.
  4. Spray engine off with water.
  5. Blow off excessive water with leaf blower.
  6. Start engine and allow to reach normal operating temperature.
  7. Apply engine dressing if desired.

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Automotive Engine Cleaner:
Super Degreaser

This Super Degreaser put out by Meguiar's is one of my favorites and would hate to try and operate without it. Since it is professional grade product, you will not find this at your local retailer. And many of you might find it over-kill as far as purchasing an entire gallon if you are simply a driveway detailer.

The good news is that this product is a concentrate and can be custom blended to suit your specific needs and can also be diluted to fit endless cleaning tasks.

It is also a product that has almost endless cleaning applications that I use in both interior and exterior cleaning/detailing. You can see how I use it for the following:

How to Clean Car Upholstery

How to Clean Car Leather

"Cleaning and detailing your car engine to professional grade results requires both effective and safe products, combined with the right tools."

Meguiar's Super-Degreaser

  • One of my top favorite products I use professionally.
  • Concentrate that can be custom blended for hundreds of uses.
  • Non caustic.
  • Does not leave white residue after drying; washes away clean.
  • For engines I use a 4:1 dilution.
  • Professional grade product; cannot be purchased at your local retailer.

Meguiar's Super-Degreaser Spray Bottle

  • Match your spray bottle to the contents of that spray bottle.
  • Has markings on bottle for traditional dilution ratios.
  • If you're going to do it right, might as well really do it right with a dedicated labeled spray bottle.

Chemical Resistant Sprayers

  • My first choice in sprayers.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • The most ergonomically friendly sprayer available.
  • What I use professionally.
  • These are identical to the gray sprayers you might see in my pictures throughout this website.

Tire/Wheel/Engine Brush Kit

  • Use these brushes to agitate heavily soiled areas of your car engine.
  • Especially useful for degreasing and cleaning the under-side of your engine hood.
  • Purchasing the set saves you money and allows you additional tools for additional detailing tasks.
  • My professional choice in quality brushes.
  • Feathered bristle tips for extra effectiveness and safety.

"There are many people apposed to putting any kind of dressing on their car's engine in fear of attracting dirt/dust. Any dressing will not actually "attract" dust, but simply allow dust to attach to it easier. The real reason for the bad press is that now dust shows better on a freshly cleaned, detailed, and dressed engine just like dust shows better on a black car. I myself am a huge fan and consider a topping of dressing as a sacrificial layer between my engine components and incoming dirt that I can simply wash away easier next time around."

Stoner More Shine Less Time

  • I am a huge fan of aerosol dressings as they are both extremely convenient, they deliver a much finer mist than that of a traditional pull-trigger sprayer, and ideal for intricate areas such as a car engine.
  • Product warning says "Flammable". You will not be spraying this to any open sparks or on a hot engine, and in 25+ years I have never had a problem.
  • You will love the results.

CarPro PERL Plastic and Rubber Protectant

  • True professional grade product.
  • For use on both interior and exterior.
  • Vinyl, rubber, plastic, leather.
  • Also an excellent engine dressing.
  • Multi-use product.
  • Hydrophobic.
  • UV inhibitors.

Darren's Professional Tips:

When car engine cleaning, there will always be heated debate as to whether to apply some form of engine dressing to your car engine after you have degreased and cleaned it.

Use the following guidelines to help you make a decision:

  • Not recommended for off-road vehicles. (I know many that do and I would myself as I consider a dressing as a sacrificial barrier between my engine parts and new dirt. Meaning: I apply a dressing that I accept will show the dirt and dust, and in some ways, allow the dirt and dust to "stick to" the car engine and components better, but is also a layer of separation between the dirt and my actual engine and components.)
  • Water based dressing. (As a rule I prefer water-based dressings as opposed to the typical clear, solvent based dressings promoted as durable, long lasting dressings that are very difficult to clean off before any new applications of dressing.)
  • Becomes a sacrificial layer that can easily be cleaned off each time you want to repeat car engine cleaning steps from above.
  • I recommend either dressings above to take your freshly cleaned car engine to a level 10!
  • Watch "how to video's" below for specific steps and tips.

Car Engine Cleaning "How to" Video

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