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"I wish I had the time and resources to answer every one of your questions...seriously I do, but seriously I don't"

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I have endless people who reach out to me looking for answers to their questions. I really do wish I had the time to answer all your questions on a one-to-one basis. But I don't!

With that said, I have had to adopt an operating philosophy that is as basic as the timeless motto: "Time is Money"! Many people forget that I literally still own and operate a very successful and busy detail business. This represents both the good news and the bad news for you:

  • I actually speak and write from first hand experience from the real world of professional detailing.....unlike some of my so-called competitors.
  • I actually own and operate a very busy and successful detail business which limits the amount of time I have to help people just like yourself.

Tug Boat or Light House?

The tug boat is out in the harbor helping individual boats safely to port (This is good if you are the individual boat, but bad for all other boats in need of help).

The light house stands tall upon the rocky shores warning and guiding all boats at once. (the light house is able to make the most impact to the bigger audience, thus helping a much larger community of boats)

This reality forces me to make some difficult decisions. I can help one individual at a time, or I can continue in my efforts to help thousands of people through my websites, YouTube videos, and my online courses that I work on to help "the many".

While many people like yourself understand this and respect my time, there are of course many others that don't comprehend this profoundly significant concept.

Just as you value your time, I also value my time.

You Have Options: You Decide What Works For You

  • Access my YouTube channel to learn first hand many of my techniques, strategies, and products I use within my professional world of Auto Fetish Detail.
  • Use this site to dig in and consume as much as you want from the endless information I have literally spent years in creating!
  • Use the custom Google Search box on virtually every page to search the pages of this website. (the box can be located at the bottom of each page. Simply type in a keyword you are interested in and hit enter (eg. car paint sealant, best auto buffer, best auto wax, etc.). A new window will open showing you any and all pages of this website that are relevant to that search term you entered. It will also deliver general results that can be found on other pages of the Internet, which means that if you are not careful, you may hit a link to  a page that takes you to an entirely different website than this))
  • You can hire me as your own personal consultant regardless of your questions or your needs. Use my Detail Training and Consulting link to access that page. Regardless of whether you are a driveway detailer, enthusiast, looking to build a detail business, or struggling with your current detail business; I can help at every level. (and of course you might just need a little help with life, and its endless challenges)
  • Of course you are free to roll the dice and use the contact form directly below and see if I happen to have an extra 2.5 minutes of time to answer your question. (just don't hold your breathe on that one)
  • If you are a manufacturer, vendor, or other business wishing to contact me, then please use this contact form to do so and put the word "BIGDARREN" as the very first words you type into the contact form. Then proceed to write your message as you normally would. (for all of you that think you will be able to circumvent the rules and use that "secret" code to get my attention; please don't! I will add your email to my "no-contact" list and you will lose the ability to contact me in any manner moving forward. I learned early that there are always those select individuals who think they are above the rules and try to manipulate the world at large to get what they want. I see it happen every day as people call me and leave a very ambiguous message in the hopes of getting me on the phone so they can take my time away from everyone else I am trying to help)


You would be surprised at how may people fail to enter in their correct e-mail address. It happens about 20% of the time. Don't let that be you. So triple check your e-mail when entering!

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