Car Detailing Equipment:
Darren's list of "Must Haves"

"Tired of Chasing Your Tail....endless opinions, endless voices!"

Just like every other area of detailing, finding the right car detailing equipment will be an exercise in frustration! So many voices and endless opinions.

I see it all day long; guys want to go level 10 when it comes to shopping and buying the "biggest and the best" in auto detailing equipment and supplies.

As a rule I am not a fan of what I call the "herd mentality". Marketing and advertising has taught us that bigger is always better, and more of anything is always better than less of something.

So we respond as good little sheep and find ourselves going level 10 when in reality, you can get by when you are first starting out with much less than many of the resident "experts" might lead you to believe.

Car Detailing Equipment:
Why you don't need to go level 10

I see it over and over again...

"Bigger is always better"

One of the great lies of society!

Or the equivalent, more is always better. We have been trained well by marketing, advertising, and society. We make good, obedient little sheep; always following the herd....

I follow a different mode of operation and philosophy in life:

"The more I give, the more I get"

(society has us trained to do the opposite...grab as much as you can before the other guy)

You might ask what this possibly has to do with detailing and choosing the right equipment for the job?

Glad you asked!

Over the course of my career I have made some observations:

  • Most guys starting in the field of professional detailing have little to no money.
  • We as people naturally fear change and the un-known.
  • Most of you will already have financial commitments: rent, mortgage, car payment...a thing called a job. (you know that thing you likely hate at worst, or simply dislike at best)

Professionally within my own auto detailing business, my goal is to always over-deliver to my customers. But I don't stop there as I adopt the same goal with this site along with my YouTube channel in over-delivering.

So Think About This:

You can be busy...

You can be profitable...

or you can be BOTH!

Personally, I want to be both. And I want to teach you how to be both.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in any business is understanding the cost of doing business and being profitable. Just because you are busy, does not make you profitable.

Detailing is not easy, but I can show you a more simple approach!

So have a look at the car detailing equipment I have listed below. These are choices I have made from my professional experience and designed to make you not only better, but more profitable!

Professional Car Detailing Equipment

Upholstery Steam Cleaner:

(use blue link to take you there)

Best Electric Pressure Washer

car detailing pressure washer
  • Learn to ask the right questions before you buy
  • Answers to questions you didn't know to ask

Upholstery Steam Cleaner:

(use blue link to take you there)

Upholstery Steam Cleaners

  • My VX5000 steam cleaner
  • One machine. So many uses

Car Steam Cleaner

(use blue link to take you there)

Car Steam Cleaner

Best car steam cleaner
  • Learn the difference between a steamer, carpet cleaner, and a pressure washer
  • Help in deciding which machine is best for you

Car Engine Steam Cleaner

(Use blue link to take you there)

Engine Steam Cleaner

engine steam cleaner for car detailing equipment
  • See what home steam cleaner can be used to steam clean a car engine
  • See why Darren thinks a steamer is the wworst way to clean a car engine
  • See if the steamer fits into your arsenal of car detailing equipment

Interior Detailing Brushes:

(use blue link to take you there)

Dusting/Detailing Brushes

car detailing brushescar detailing brushes
  • My list of essential detailing/dusting brushes.
  • No one single brush will be enough.
  • Find the winning balance between soft and firm.

Husky Bucket Jockey:

(use blue link to take you there)

Husky Bucket Jockey

Husky bucket jockey
  • My complete interior detailing kit.
  • Compartments to fit and organize all my cleaners, tools, and accessories for complete efficiency and effectiveness.

Garden Pump Sprayer:

(Use the blue link to take you there)

Garden Pump Sprayer

garden pump sprayer
  • One of my "tricks" of efficiency.
  • One of my must have's that promises to make your life easier.

Ridgid Detailing Vacuum:

(Use the blue link to take you there)

Detailing Vacuum

detailing vacuum
  • The actual vacuum I use professionally.
  • Going level 10 with a vacuum just isn't necessary.
  • Will deliver years and years of dependable service.
  • A definite must for your car detailing equipment arsenal.

Detailing Water Hoses: 

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Best Auto Detailing Hose(s)

detailing water hose
detailing water hose

Many of you know through my YouTube channel that I don't operate my mobile auto detailing business like most others. In the name of keeping things simple, practicable, and profitable, I don't carry a huge water tank and pressure washer. So having reliable, professional grade water hoses that are both user friendly and reliable is critical to efficiency and profitability.

You might think I am over-dramatizing the moment, but think again as experience has taught me the hard way of buying cheaply made hoses, or the battle you can have with a single 100' hose to wrestle with everytime you go to work. For these reasons I carry both the hoses pictured above.

Rolling Creeper

(Use blue link to take you there)

Racatac Creeper

racatac products rolling creeper
  • Your back and knees will thank you.
  • You will thank you.
  • You will thank me.
  • A seriously well built tool.
  • Not just a sit down creeper, but you can raise up onto your knees and still remain low to the ground.
  • A definite must for your car detailing equipment arsenal.

Auto Detailing Cart:

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Auto Detailing Cart

auto detailing cart
  • Actual cart I use professionally.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Wish I had gotten one of these decades ago!
  • One further step to becoming more efficient and therefore more profitable.

Car Polisher:    

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Car Polishing for Beginners

meguiars mt300 DA polisher
  • Trusted equipment from a trusted name in car care.
  • Will and can be the last buffer you will ever need.
  • Can perform to the top 93% of car polishing enhancement or paint correction.
  • As safe as safe can get.

Pad Washer:    

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Grit Guard Pad Washer

Universal pad washer
  • A must have if you plan on doing professional detailing.
  • If you are a driveway detailer; great if you have the money, but not an absolute requirement.
  • You just can't beat clean polishing pads during the actual car polishing process; this is the professional way!
  • Will extend the life of your polishing pads dramatically.

Detailing Air Blower:

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Detailing Air Blower

detailing air blower
  • Cheap air at your command; electricity and extension cord is all you need.
  • I still use one professionally.
  • Forget about the bulky air compressor and hoses.
  • So many uses to help you become more profitable by keeping it simple and efficient.
  • A definite need for your car detailing equipment arsenal.

Tornador Cleaning Gun:

(use this link to take you there)

Tornador Gun

Tornador detailing tool
  • The 9th wonder of the world!
  • Take your cleaning efforts to a whole new level of performance and results!
  • A must have for anyone who is dedicated to delivering true professional level results.
  • Not for anyone on a tight budget.

Pet Hair Removal Brush

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Pet Hair Removal Tool

pet hair removal brush
  • The choice of professionals.
  • There is no magic answer; but this is a close second.
  • A definite need for your car detailing equipment arsenal.

3M Eraser Tool

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3M Eraser Tool

3M eraser tool
  • The professional way for removing decals, vinyl graphics.
  • Ideal for removing double sided tape when debadging your car.
  • Completely safe for mast any surface.
  • Attaches to any traditional drill motor.

NOCO Portable Battery Jumper

(Use blue link below to take you there)

Portable Battery Jumper

NOCO portable battery jump starter
  • It's all about being prepared.
  • Don't get caught with a dead battery in your customers car.
  • As versatile as it comes.
  • Jump start a car battery.
  • Power/charge your personal devices.
  • Handy LED flashlight also.
  • Part of my detail emergency kit.

Stay Tuned...

Pay it Forward:
Best Car Detailing Equipment

With the attempt to help you create the life you want through a career in professional auto detailing, I hope the recommendations you find within this site are beneficial to you and your goals.

You can help me pay this forward by helping not only me out, but the next guy out. As I say, "Help, and be helped".

So you can help by sharing this to your favorite social media, forum, or club....and don't forget to check out the link to my YouTube channel located at the bottom and top of every page!!


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