The Clay Bar
What does clay have to do with your car?

The clay bar is an amazing product that still incites heated debates among zealous enthusiasts as to exactly how the process works. Personally, it doesn't really matter how it works, I just know that it does work and that is what is important. Anyone unfamiliar with using the surface prep bar, commonly called detailing clay, is in for a real treat.

This little piece of firm, "Play-doh" like wonder is the answer to silky smooth paint on your car. Having been in the world of professional auto detailing for over two decades, I actually had to function in the world at the beginning of my career without the benefits of the clay bar for cars.

Detailing Clay

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The surface preparation bar commonly referred to as detailing clay, is a tool of the professional auto detailer that has no equal! Despite surface prep bars having been around over 15 years, there are still many people unfamiliar with these amazing wonders of "interesting" material.

Used prior to polishing or waxing, the surface prep bar is used to remove many forms of paint contaminates that are present in many ways. If you are unfamiliar with what this product actually is, I will provide an introduction to this amazing product:

Auto Clay Review

  • Also referred to as detailing clay or surface prep bar.
  • For the removal of paint contaminates that normal washing, waxing, and polishing won't remove.
  • A must have.
  • Should be part of regular maintenance.

Darren's Professional Tips

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The are very few areas of detailing that cause as much amazement and strong positive reviews like the subject of detailing clay! If you have never heard of this amazing product until now, or perhaps have been sitting on the fence, I strongly recommend you take a little time to become an informed and educated consumer and car owner. The positive reaction experienced by any first-time user is an experience that must be witnessed first hand as words will not serve it justly. So take a little time to read these clay bar reviews to understand the critical role this tool of the trade plays in proper car paint care.

Detailing Clay Basics

This section is a good place to start. Follow any of the following links below to start the process.

The Preparation Process
Understanding just how detailing clay works and the process behind this wonder.

Auto Clay Bar Reviews

See and read the different reviews of the detailing clay.

Clay Kits
Detailing clay kits offer an economical way to sample other products along with the surface prep bar from the different manufacturers.

Mothers Surface Prep Bar
See the review on this popular choice of kits from Mothers.

Darren's Comprehensive Detailing Clay Video

Everything you wanted to know about detailing clay including the what, the why, and the how, and none of the minutia that is of no concern to most people...unless of course you thrive on mundane facts and technical data.

If you are one of those people, then I guess you are out of luck.

It is a long video that covers virtually every area of detailing clay that any person wold need to know. Now you can be the smartest kid on your block or car club by watching...

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