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Like so many other areas of car ownership or car care, car clear coat is yet another topic full of bad information!

As a car owner you most likely have heard the term clear coat when talking about car paint, but may be uncertain as to what it is or why you should even concern yourself with it.

The fact is that most people understand what it is at a very basic definition, but due to product labeling and bad information repeated by well intentioned people, much confusion and misinformation continues to circulate. Follow along as we dissect this critical part of the car ownership process and what proper care really requires when it comes to auto clear coats.

what is car clear coat failure

Car Clear Coat and You

Since clear coat on your car paint is actually clear, any picture of clear coat would look nothing more than traditional car paint unless I show you a picture of clear coat failure.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to start at the beginning and lay the foundation as to what clear coat is and why you need to understand its role in car ownership.

Car Clear Coat Questions and Answers

Darren's Note: This page is not meant to be an exhaustive essay regarding car clear coat. The fact is that within every industry advances are constantly being made. When it comes to automotive paints, and clear-coats in particular, this also remains true.

The information regarding clear coats of today,  eventually become obsolete tomorrow. Visit any of the car or detail forums and you will get bogged down very quickly by the endless opinions of the so-called experts and so-called professionals who are really just self-appointed professionals and experts.

Today is no longer a world of free information, but a world of free misinformation. Choose carefully as you gather your information and develop your own opinions.

Swirl Marks in Clear Coat

swirl marks on clear coat

Swirl marks in car clear coat is a topic that any car owner will eventually want to learn about, and more specifically what to do about.

Before you go in search of the best car polish because you think you have swirl marks in your clear coat, when in truth you may actually have a different problem.

This page will clarify a topic that includes numerous terms that continue to be misused by both novices and experts alike.

How can you think you can find a solution to a very common problem of modern day paint systems, if people cannot even agree to basic terminology.

Become informed at Swirl Marks in Clear Coat

What is Auto Clear Coat

clear coat damage porsche

Understanding what clear coat is, what clear coat does, and identifying clear coat on your car is the beginning of your full understanding of clear coat. there is no shortage of bad information from so-called experts that do nothing more than paraphrase incorrect information.

Read all about car clear coat.

What Does Clear Coat Do

what does clear coat do

Understanding what clear coat is and what clear coat does. It's one thing to know what it is, but more importantly people want to know what clear coat does for your car's paint.

Learn what two distinct purpose clear coat serves, along with understanding single stage and 2-stage paint systems.

All this can be learned at What Does Clear Coat Do.

Clear Coat Polish

clear coat polish

You may have heard of clear coat safe products, but are these products legit is this marketing hype?

Tune into my page on Clear Coat Polish.

Clear Coat Scratch

clear coat scratch on black paint

You have a scratch on your car clear coat and now you want to know how to fix this type of car paint scratch. But are you even asking the right questions?

Is there a difference between a scratch in clear coat or a scratch in your car paint? How do you tell if a scratch in your clear coat can be fixed, and if so, how do you fix a scratch in your clear coat?

All these questions and more can be seen at Clear Coat Scratch.

Clear Coat Restoration

clear coat that needs to be restored

Is clear coat restoration possible? How do you restore the dried out clear coat on your car? What is the best polish to use in restoring the clear coat on your car?

All these questions and more are answered for you at Clear Coat Restoration

Clear Coat Damage

Learn how to identify the many types of clear coat damage and see if there is a repair possible for the many types of clear coat problems and damages that you might come across as a detailer or a car owner.

Click over to clear coat damage and see the full write up:

  • Clear coat scratches
  • Clear coat oxidation
  • Clear coat failure
  • Clear coat peeling
  • Clear coat bubbles
  • Clear coat flaking

Clear Coat Failure

mercedes clear coat failure

Clear coat failure is when clear coat has failed past the point of traditional repair methods. But not all clear coat failure looks the same.

Tune into clear coat failure to identify the different types of problems you might be experiencing with your car and its clear coat.

How to Buff Clear Coat

how to buff clear coat with random orbital buffer

Anyone looking how t learn how to buff clear coat will be presented with a thousand different opinions.

From choosing the best buffer to choosing the best car polish, take a deep dive into finding the safest and simplest way to buff the clear coat on your car.

See How to Buff Clear Coat

Car Clear Coat Summary

Use any of the links on this age to become as fully informed on the subject of automotive clear coats. Each page takes an in-depth dive into the many topics of clear coat so you can not just be an informed car owner and consumer, but know more than most professorial detailers I meet in my travels.

I wish you much success in your car detailing efforts and the education process that will help you get better results in your world!


Darren Priest

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