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So many opinions, so much confusion!

Very few areas of auto detailing are filled with as much bad information as auto buffers!  This one area of car detailing sparks more opinions and controversy than any other area of surface car care.

The problem is largely driven by the Internet and the endless platforms on which people, regardless of experience can express their opinions...

...for free!

And as the saying goes; we generally get what we pay for

Want to Cut to the Chase....?

auto buffers with ceram-x car polish

I am what is called a results driven person. This means I don't like getting bogged down by the process of things. I know what I want and want to get there the quickest way possible. Just like I don't want to spend all day detailing my car just for the sake of killing an entire day 'cause I have nothing better to do!

I want to produce amazing results in the shortest time and effort possible so I can enjoy driving my perfectly detailed car around, showing it off and doing whatever it is I want to do in the moment. With all this said, some of you may enjoy visiting website after website in search of the so-called "best auto buffer", reading review after review written mostly by guys who have no business offereing and opinion. I myself prefer to find someone I can trust and take advice from him so I can simply get what I want and move on. For all of those people like myself, I offer the following link that will shorten the process of deciding upon a quality car buffer that represents the winning combination of features for yourself, not someone else.

Darren's Auto Buffers Review Buying made Simple

Car Buffers: Pros and Cons

car buffer

Many people are influenced by one of the most widely spread rumors of car polishing and the use of high speed buffers. It seems that the idea of using a "high-speed buffer" on car paint automatically sounds scary to most people and therefore people naturally buy into the much spread rumor of the dangers of using high-speed polishers on car paint. Add to this many inexperienced so called "professional detailers" who actually promote themselves as being "special", "unique", or a true "expert" because they never touch a car with a high-speed car buffer. The fact is that anyone who claims that polishing a car by hand is the only way to do it can only be guilty of any or all of the following:

  • Ignorant
  • Misinformed
  • Inexperienced

Just like so many other areas of life, power tools exist for a reason; they offer power, speed, and consistency that your body never could. Just as the proverbial saying goes, "Guns don't kill,; people kill". Well I will add to this, "Buffers don't destroy paint; inexperienced and foolish people destroy paint". It is the inexperienced or foolish person behind a car polisher that is going to be the problem. Ask any true expert paint finisher or detailer, you will never achieve the same results by hand that are possible with a car buffer!

Best Auto Buffers Review

auto buffer

Unlike most of the regurgitated information and opinions that circulate the Internet, my car buffer reviews are based on one critical point only:

Real World Experience. period!

It is one thing to have purchased a car polisher or buffer and "play" with it a few times on your own car, and then offer your "professional" opinion on some car or detail forum; entirely different to speak from a position based on decades of car polishing experience at a professional level.

Automotive Buffer Links

With such a wide range in buffer choices, let Darren walk you along as he lays out all the questions to ask in coming to the right conclusion of the best auto buffer for you and your needs.

I recommend this link as your starting point if you are looking to simplify your world and cut to the chase!

Darren's Auto Buffers Review Buying made Simple

Everything You Wanted to Know About Auto Buffers and Polishers

The world of car polishing and buffing remains a provocative and alluring topic to many beginners as it is viewed as the ultimate test of a serious car enthusiast; that and most people really like shiny paint and understand the need to polish a car to get it.

Use the many links below to become an educated and informed consumer and enthusiast. You will go away knowing more than any of your know-it-all, blow-hard buddies!

How to Know if the Orbital Buffer is Right for You

See what the orbital buffer is and why you would want to choose this type of car buffer. See my expert tips for choosing a quality car buffer.

Top Rated Orbital Buffers

See all the top rated orbital car buffers on a single page while reading the reviews to make an informed decision when choosing one of the top picks of orbital buffers.

Porter Cable Buffer Review

Porter Cable makes a terrific buffer but deciding if this is the perfect fit for you will be easier after reading the review.

DeWalt Buffer Review

Trying to decide on the DeWalt auto buffer versus another top rated car buffer; let the DeWalt Buffer review walk you through the decision process.

Choosing the Best Boat Buffer

Many people oversimplify boat polishing and then end up making a bad choice when it comes to selecting the best boat buffer for the job. See the comprehensive question and answer session to help you make an informed decision.

Buff Your Car

Darren teaches how a complete beginner can choose a buffer and produce professional results right out of the box with the right choice in a car buffer.

Car Buffer Summary

This section will continue to grow as I review the best car buffers and help you come to an informed decision. Soon you can rank yourself among a select group of people called the informed!

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