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Choosing among the top rated orbital buffers will likely be a frustrating proposition for most of you. In today's world of the Internet, we are literally buried in information; most of which is either bad or misleading.

Even after doing hours of research you will likely find yourself frozen with anxiety and the fear of making the wrong choice. My goal is to represent an unbiased opinion so that you may see a more fuller picture in which to make an educated buying decision. And along with my unbiased reviews, I also add my professional tips that come straight from the world of professionally detailing.

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Orbital Car Buffers:
The good news!

Due to advances in polisher technology, orbital buffers represent the winning combination for virtually every car owner, driveway detailer, enthusiast, and professionals alike. And in case you area complete beginner; we are not talking about the heavy, bloated, rattle your arms-off type of orbital buffer your father might have had growing up!

We are talking quality engineered power tools that will take you from average to amazing!

  • As safe as safe can get!
  • From beginner to advanced professional.
  • Quality buffers with different price points.
  • From paint correction to finish polishing for a swirl free finish.

Darren's Note: The subject of car polishers can get confusing very quickly; especially if you are a beginner. So let me lay out all the variations so you can keep up with a very convoluted topic.

Different Names for the Same Tool:

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See this bullet point list to see all the various names for this single tool. (This way you can keep up regardless of where you find yourself next)

  • Orbital buffer
  • Random orbital buffer (random orbital is different than the forced rotation orbital buffer in that both moving actions are gear driven versus the random orbital that has only one of the movements that is gear driven)
  • Dual action (this is referring to the fact that a dual action has two moving actions as compared to the rotary polisher that simply has one moving action and spins on a central axis point. The dual action will spin and vibrate at the same time.)
  • DA buffer (DA is the acronym for dual action)

Orbital Buffers: The Industry Favorites

The orbital buffers below represent the latest and greatest in orbital car buffers. You can see and read the reviews I present here, along with the reviews posted on Amazon when you click on any of the links accompanying the individual buffers.

Even if you are an absolute beginner and have never had a car buffer in your hands, you can be certain any of the following orbital buffers and accompanying kits will provide a safe polishing experience while being able to produce professional results.

Maxshine 15M

  • One of the orbital buffers I consider to be the winning balance of performance, cost, and power
  • Also one of the exact buffers in my arsenal of buffers
  • Perfect for any true beginner to professional detailer

Darren's Note: You should really use detailing clay to decontaminate your car paint prior to any car polishing you do regardless of which car polisher you choose.

Adam's Swirl Killer

  • Another example of the winning balance of performance, cost, and power
  • Perfect for any true beginner to professional detailer

Darren's Note: The Adam's Swirl Killer is rapidly becoming an industry favorite and represents a winning balance in any of the many choices when it comes to orbital buffers.

Even if you are a complete beginner and this will be your first time to buff a car, you can be certain that you can safely achieve professional level results with either of these this car polishers.

Orbital Car Buffer Summary

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If you are a person that is part of the "analysis is paralysis" camp, then you will not be disappointed as the Internet is filled with endless car buffer reviews, opinions, and advertising. You can spend the next 2 months searching, reviewing, and pondering to the point of nausea!

...and still be no closer to your original goal 

Or you can simply follow my professional advice taken straight from the world of my professional life. My words of advice are honest and intended to provide a solution that will actually work for you and your world.

"Paint so shiny and glossy, heads will be forced to spin in envy!"

If you are wondering why I have not included any of the Rupes car polishers on this page; the simple answer is that I personally think they are over priced. Rupes definitely make quality dual-action buffers, but you also pay for the brand recognition without necessarily getting any added power, features, or benefits with the higher price. But many would disagree and don't mind what I would consider over-paying.

I hope this has helped rather than confuse!


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