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Car polish and auto polishing are one of the most confusing areas of the auto detailing world! The subject polishes, compounds, and car waxes is filled with much bad information from misinformed people; many of which portray themselves as experts.

Any search among the many detailing forums will confirm there is no shortage of opinions when it comes to providing car polishing tips. Unfortunately more bad information exists rather than reliable information. Trying to figure out what experts use for car polishing will be like trying to hit a moving target with your eyes closed! To make matters worse, we are forever at the mercy of an industry saturated with contradicting terms, misleading advertising, and hyped-up product labeling!

Auto Polish Simplified

polishing car with best car polish
  • Learn about some top rated car polishes.
  • What to use when polishing a car by hand.
  • Learn the many types of car buffers while learning which one to choose.
  • Polishing tips you can use to get better results.

Follow along, as I break down this area of auto detailing into bite sized bits of information. Exact auto polishes and polishing tips I use professionally to deliver superior results to a finicky and particular group of people called customers! Let me teach you more than most of the so-called veteran professional car detailers here in Southern California even know themselves!

Car Polish: Starting with Basics

The world of shiny paint is a complex world filled with endless opinions and massive hype. From polishes and compounds, to polishing compounds, it is hard to know where to start and what to use.

difference between car polish polishing compound
  • What is polish?
  • What is compound?
  • What is the difference between a polish and a compound?
  • What is polishing compounding?

If you are a complete beginner and struggling where to begin on your journey to polishing your car so you can have more shine, not less shine, then you can start with the basics.

Polishing Compound: Learn the basics when it comes to understanding different labels manufacturers use to label polishes, compounds, and polishing compounds. Learn what the difference between diminishing abrasives and non-diminishing abrasives. See the exact car polish Darren has relied on as a professional to deliver superior results to his customers.

Car Buffing Tips and Techniques

automotive polish

Best Automotive Polish

Best Automotive Polish-
Does the best car polish really exist? Darren shows you how the Ceram-X car polish meets the "Unattainable Triangle" when it comes to cost, time, and quality

car polish porsche

Learn How to Polish Cars

Auto Polish- Learn more than 95% of the so-called professional detailers out there. Starting with the basics is always a good place to start. Follow along as I break down all the terminology of this confusing area of auto detailing and car care.

car polish audi

Choosing the Best Car Polish

Best Auto Polish- Choosing the best will save you time and frustration. Learn the exact products and tools this Expert uses to produce superior results!

car polish bentley

Polishing Your Car

Auto Polishing- A subject full of confusion and bad information, the Expert takes you through an in-depth question and answer session to help you become an expert polisher yourself.

The Best Car Buffers

Car Buffers
Learn the different types of car buffers like DA, forced random orbital, and high speed rotary polishers. See what this Expert uses and recommends.

Polish Cars
Understanding the different ways to polishing a car. From polishing by hand to using a high speed buffer, as well as actual polish recommendations for better results.

Best Automotive Polish
Looking for the best automotive polish whether you are looking to polish your car by hand or with machine? See what this Expert recommends when it comes to shopping for the best rated automotive polishes.

Automotive Buffer

Learn how to pick the perfect car buffer from the complete line-up of top rated car buffers.

Picking the Best High-Speed Buffers

The new generation of high-speed car buffers represent improved technology and lower operating speeds that now make these tools possibly the best overall value of any type of automotive polishers. See the reviews and decide for yourself.

Car Polish Summary

best car polish and dual action car polisher

I have given you many options on this page to become not just a more informed car owner, but more informed than most of the "professional" detailers I come across in my travels.

I wish you happy car polishing in your corner of the world!


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