How to Polish Cars
A Beginners Answer to Swirl Free Results

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Polish cars!! Very few things rise to the top of the list than does the desire to polish your car to remove unwanted blemishes, create amazing shine, and restore depth and clarity to your cars paint. Very few things stir the soul of a car fanatic like myself than a freshly polished and waxed car.

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Unfortunately in this digital age in which we live, many of you will likely be experiencing what I refer to as information overload; endless opinions as to what to do and what to use. 

And when it comes to car buffers and car polishing, the endless horror stories from misinformed people only make matters worse and will likely leave many of you feeling like you are chasing your tail from one car polisher review to the next. In the meantime you are not any closer to realizing your dreams of the satisfaction that comes from the ability to polish a car to professional grade results in a safe and timely manner.

"I want to learn to polish cars but I am so confused! How do I know which car polisher to buy or which car polish to use. I am tired of the endless opinions, endless hype, and horror stories!"

You are not alone!

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Car polishing is a topic full of endless opinions and endless choices when it comes to what kind of car polisher to use and which car polishes are best.

Like every other area of life though, polishing your car has become easier than ever due to technology and engineering. The industry has finally responded with a system of tools and polishes that bring professional grade results to the true new beginner.

Polish Cars: Swirl Free Guarantee!

What if I was to tell you that polishing your car with an actual buffer is so safe and easy that a true beginner like yourself can produce amazing results your very first time. And you can do it knowing with full confidence that you could polish your car to create greater depth and clarity to your paint while leaving a completely swirl free finish!

Requirements for a Swirl Free Finish:

  1. The right type of car polisher
  2. The right car polish
  3. The right polish pads

I have come to learn that the majority of people want a simplified approach to getting what they want. And for this reason I start with what my followers have come to call as the "What Would Darren Do" approach.

"What Would Darren Do"

how to polish cars safely

This simply means outlining a very specific approach that I would take myself if I was in your position as a beginner. Due to my decades of experience as well as being a complete beginner myself at one point, allows me to simplify a topic of car care that is bubbling over with bad information and massive hype: how to polish cars!

And more precisely how to polish your car:

  • Easily as possible
  • Doing so in a completely safe manner
  • Producing both swirl free and professional results
  • With the understanding that you won't know just how much polishing you will do moving forward in the future

Polish Cars:
Chemical Guys Car Polishing Kit

I know I am not alone when I say that more often than I want to admit; I am working within a tight budget. So I generally start with consideration of how to help you get what you want by spending less of your money, not more of it!

  • A great place to start for a very reasonable price
  • The type of buffer that will produce professional, swirl free results (Dual action, random orbital car buffer)
  • As easy as easy can get
  • Variable speed that allows you to control speed based on your experience level as well demand of the car polishing moment

Darren's Note: I chose this buffer as your initial stating point for a few key reasons:

Dual Action Buffer: Unlike the rotary (high speed) car polisher, the dual action (DA) buffer spins and oscillates/vibrates. This dual action motion replicates the movement of your hand if you were to polish cars by hand. Very safe, very friendly, and is part of the overall equation to a guaranteed swirl free finish.

Winning Combination: This buffer represents what I call the winning balance of features, performance, and price for any beginner. As a beginner, you won't know just how much polishing you will end up doing. Which is me saying it isn't necessary to drain your bank account on a new car buffer only to end up using it one time. This is a great way to test the waters with equipment that performs without breaking the bank.

Reasonably Priced: Polishing cars by hand is a thing of the past. If you want true professional results when you polish cars you will need the use of a power tool like this one from Chemical Guys. While their are plenty of guys with deep pockets and can afford the best of the best regardless, most of us are working within a tighter budget. This car buffer offers the winning balance between quality engineering and price point.

Polish Cars:
What Would Darren Do (WWDD)

If you have deep pockets and want the best of the best, then you can spend your money by looking at the Rupes car polisher.

Most of you reading this are working on a budget and likely just have one or two of your own cars you want to polish.

It is for this reason I recommend the Chemical Guys polishing kit from above. Perfect for a true beginner and will produce results you will be delighted with!

polishing car with rupes bigfoot polisher

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