Car Wax:
Straight Talk from the Expert

No other area of car care is talked more about than the area of car wax. As people, we are clearly overly concerned with visual appearances, and our cars are of no exception.

When it comes to the cosmetics of our cars, many of us become zealots; myself included here! Any trip down the car care aisle at the local retailer will put you into anxiety overload with a mind numbing number of choices when it comes to car waxes and car polishes alone! Never mind the hours you can spend online researching all the different auto wax review sites and still come up empty handed.

Keeping It Simple

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My goal is to educate you in all things relating to auto waxes; what works, what doesn't! Owning and operating a successful auto detailing business requires the ability to produce results! And knowing what works and what doesn't is paramount to success. So follow along to any of the links below and become an educated and informed consumer, and learn what most so called professional detailers don't even take the time to learn!

Auto Wax Reports

Boat Wax
See what the Expert has to say regarding the specialty boat and RV waxes.

Boat Cleaner Wax
Want to keep it simple but have a little oxidation on your boat. Use a top rated cleaner wax to restore some shine and lay down some protection at the same time.

Gel Coat Wax
Not sure about the difference between gel coat or fiberglass boat wax. See what the Expert can teach you about finding the best wax for your boat.

Best Auto Waxes
Learn the different types of wax products and some expert tips on matching up the correct product to the right job.

DuPont Teflon Auto Wax
Find out if there is any truth behind the DuPont name when it comes to wax and car paint sealants.

Ice Turtle Wax Report
Turtle Wax Ice has instant appeal with its clear liquid wax and well known name, but see how this popular product rates in the real world of car care.

Turtle Wax Carnauba Wax Report
Just because Turtle Wax has been around the longest, does not necessarily mean it is worth using. See how this popular brand stands up against the competition.

Turtle Wax Polishing Compound Report
Before you reach for this popular polishing compound, become an informed car owner and consumer first and see what alternatives exist that promise better results.

Sonus Car Care
Darren shows you the top rated car care line-up from the very popular Sonus.

Car Wax Summary

best car wax on bmw m4

The reality is that choosing the best wax for your car is going to be like trying to hit a moving target; endless opinions and countless choices. The age of the Internet has most of drowning in a digital sea. My goal is to become a voice of reason within an area of life that so many find overwhelming.

I hope that I have helped in some small way!


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