Ice Turtle Wax
Some like it, Some love it, Some hate it

Admittedly, this was my first experience with Ice Turtle Wax due to the fact that I have always considered Turtle Wax car care products as strictly a retail product; retail products that have been dumbed down for the general public.

I realize that by saying anything negative about Turtle Wax products will have many quickly clicking away from this page as the brand loyalty to Turtle Wax products runs strong and deep. And many people swear by their line-up of car care products.

But as a huge indicator, I have yet to ever see any professional detailer use a single product of Turtle Wax; Ice Wax being one of them. I know that a huge amount of ignorance exists among most car owners and consumers when it comes to cosmetic car care.

The truth is that far superior products exist that deliver not only better results, but a far better user experience.

Ice Turtle Wax

turtl wax ice
  • Easy to apply.
  • Not so easy to remove.
  • Safe for black trim.
  • No chalky white residue.
  • Does not haze up; or ever dry for that matter.
  • Synthetic ingredients.

This product is instantly appealing for some intangible reasons when a person first spots this unconventional liquid wax sitting on the shelves. I think the transparent packaging containing a completely clear, liquid car wax is instantly appealing to many people. I believe there is a certain power of suggestion with the senses at play here; the suggestion that this clear product represents a new level of protection at some advanced molecular and scientific level. Once you actually try the product, all preconceived ideas of grandeur quickly evaporate into disappointment!

I am willing to bet that many people have been sucked into this same preconceived notion of performance, have tried it once, and now the country is filled with unused bottles of this Ice Turtle wax product to remain as yet another token of disappointment.

ice turtle wax review

If you like the idea of a liquid car wax that flows easily, you will not be disappointed here. It certainly goes on easily due to its very liquid nature. So runny is this Ice Turtle wax that you will get it everywhere you did and did not want to get it! A very lisle goes a long way indeed. I found myself having to be extremely hyper vigilant to stay within the lines to limit application to my car's paint, and not everywhere else.

The packaging states that it is meant to dry for 3-5 minutes before removal. I had difficulty determining when this actually took place as the product never did haze up or change in anyway that the directions had suggested before removal was recommended. After waiting longer than directed, I simply began wiping it off; over and over again. The product doesn't actually rub off, it merely dissipates into a frustrating maze of streaks and shadows.

I was unable to get acceptable results simply following the directions of this product. I was required to use a spray detailer to get acceptable results that I could live with. Perhaps if you were applying this to any light colored car you might find Turtle Wax Ice an acceptable product as you would be unable to determine as to whether or not the product was removed or not. Perhaps this is where the audience for this product remains; light colored cars owned by people who don' know any better and want an overly easy product to apply. But for anyone looking to protect and beautify there car without the frustration and additional work required by Ice Wax, you need to keep on looking!

Ice Wax Alternative
The Turtle Wax That Doesn't Suck!

Despite my reviews on the Ice Turtle Wax, I did come across a refreshing surprise with one of their products I was unaware of.

The Ice Spray Wax by Turtle Wax!

Turtle Wax 53223 ICE Seal N Shine with Premium Microfiber Towel

This Ice Spray Wax from Turtle Wax is so good, you could literally stop here and get some for yourself. And I can promise you, you will not be disappointed!

With that said; I consider this spray wax under the category of a maintenance wax versus a more durable, base coat wax.

  • This spray wax can be used as often as you like...seriously!
  • So easy to use, you will find yourself reaching for it more and more frequently.
  • Apply a quality base coat of wax every 3-6 months from my links below, and then use this as a wax extender, re-freshener, maintainer: call it anything you want. But you gotta try it!

Turtle Wax Ice:
Raising the bar with new technology

Like every other area of life, technology continues to improve everything. Not only are improvements made to current products, but new technology allows for continued innovation of new products that can make our lives better and easier.

While you may have come looking for Ice Turtle Wax simply because Turtle Wax is a car care company so commonly know, I am here to tell you that they have leveraged new technology into a line of car care products called their Hybrid line.

Using what is called SiO2 and ceramic technology to produce some really amazing products. This new technology creates better performance in the way of better protection and super-hydrophobic, water-beading qualities!

Ice Turtle Wax:
Complete solution for protection and gloss enhancement

The new Turtle Wax Hybrid solutions has not only improved products, but additional products to help you maximize your efforts, while delivering a higher level of performance.

Darren's Note: Before I break down the Turtle Wax Hybrid solutions starting with washing your car, all the way down to polishing your car, and you are fully dedicated to getting the maximum shine and protection from your car, I highly recommend you start by a dedicated process of decontaminating your car paint first.

Using detailing clay or what is typically called the clay bar, you will fully prepare your cars paint surface regardless of the step you start with when it comes to the comprehensive Turtle Wax Hybrid solutions that I recommend as an alternative to the Ice Turtle Wax you came looking for.

Ice Turtle Wax:
Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax

Turtle Wax 53411 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wash and Wax-48 Fl Oz

  • A higher level of performance when it comes to washing your car
  • Formulated using ceramic and SiO2 technology for protection and super-hydrophic characteristics (this adds protection and water beading effect)
  • Don't just wash your car to remove dirt, but leave additional shine and protection

Turtle Wax 53410 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax-26 Fl Oz

For most of you reading this page, this product will represent a technique as well as a new product. These products are called drying agents and they are used by applying to your freshly washed car while it is still wet as you dry your car off.

These products are a way to easily add additional shine and protection during the car washing process.

  • Spray directly onto your freshly washed car while still wet and then dry as normal
  • Only requires a couple of spritzes per panel as you dry
  • Enhance the gloss and protection of your car
  • An additional "layer" of enhancement and protection for those really dedicated to maintaining the beauty and value of their car

Turtle Wax 53413 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic 3-in-1 Detailer-32 Fl Oz

You are likely familiar with what is called spray detailers. These are products used to touch-up your car in between dedicated car washings. This product can serve multiple purposes from a spray detailer to a waterless wash product

  • Use to remove light dust, finger prints, and smudges between dedicated car washings
  • Can be used to clean entire car when your car is too dirty for touching-up, but not excessively dirty that you want to do a full-on car washing
  • Formulated using the same ceramic polymer and SiO2 technology as the other Turtle Wax Hybrid solutions.
  • This product alone would be better than the original Ice Turtle wax you originally came looking for

Pay "Ice Turtle Wax" Forward

Hopefully I have given you a decent understanding as to whether you think this version of car wax from Turtle Wax is the right pick for you. I personally cannot embrace this car wax whether on a personal use or professional use level. There are just too many other top rated car waxes that will deliver better results and an overall better user experience.

If you have learned something worth passing on I thank you in advance!


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