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Darren Priest has become one of the leading influencers in the world of professional auto detailing with his direct, candid, and often irreverent approach.

Darren hired by Milwaukee Tool Co. to be the guest professional at the TDE (Tool Dealer Expo) show in Kissimmee, Florida for the introduction of the industry's first cordless rotary car polisher.

In an industry filled with endless opinions from endless so-called experts, Darren has grown a massive following who appreciate his fresh, honest, and often irreverent perspective that comes from over 30 years of professional auto detailing business.

Darren is and has always been willing to deliver engaging, informative, and actionable tips to his followers from all over the globe.

Just as Darren is not your traditional media personality, neither are his followers who embrace Darren's unique delivery style and become committed followers with a fervor that is hard to match!

"This digital age has literally transformed the way consumers behave. Social media and technology as a whole has completely transformed all traditional rules of marketing, engagement, and the sales cycle of consumers.  Very few companies understand it, very few actually use it with any effectiveness, and even more are standing on the side-lines as they become more and more irrelevant.

Only the companies that have the ability to embrace and leverage this technology to its fullest will be the very companies that not only thrive, but dominate their industry. Which side of the equation will your company be on?"

The vast majority of businesses today are losing market share. And most businesses don't know it, understand it, or have the ability to do something about it.  While businesses continue to see a shrinking bottom-line, they are looking at the wrong part of the equation. 

Simply put they don't understand their customer base, never mind an ability to attract new customers to that base. All due to a companies ignorance to this new dawn of technology and the ability it has to make or break you!

Darren on the set with "AJ" Janic for the shooting of season 2 of "Competition Ready" aired on Velocity Channel.

Not only does Darren have the ability to connect to people turned off by the "business as usual" mentality of most industries, but understands the age of technology, social media, and the new era of marketing to a new and emerging generation of consumers.

People that consume information differently, are influenced differently, and make purchases differently.

"Anything but Ordinary"

Darren approaches all areas of business and life with an "Anything but Ordinary" approach. Always thinking outside the proverbial box and the societal constructs that big business clings to; even to their own peril and demise. Darren's ability to "influence" people is not based on deception, misrepresentation, or fabrication that many companies will use to achieve temporary gains.

Darren Priest

Darren uses the same principles in all areas of life that has made his own business one of the most profitable detailing businesses in an area of the country literally saturated with competition. Darren uses principles of business that are what he calls the "long game". Developing trust at every level with his customers and followers in a manner that does not sacrifice long term gains, for the often seductive short term and temporary gains that can be had through embellishment, misrepresentation, and fabrication.

Not only do most companies not fully understand their customer base, but do not understand the lifetime worth of a customer.  (Through the use of technology and social media, Darren has personally grown his business on average between 21%-27% over the previous 5 years; with a growth of 36% for the year of 2016. He also has a net profit margin that hovers around 3-5X the industry standard for California)

What People are Saying:

Karl here in Denver. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your efforts. Your video/story regarding the 'No' client was simply fabulous. Your insights and knowledge is so extensive. The fact you would share this lesson is priceless. There is no one in your league, not even close. I
know how to much effort goes into these 'little' pieces. I'm a producer I know. Thank you so  much. Best, Karl

Karl A.

Thanks so much for all you do.
I literally learn so much from you.
Every time I step up my detailing knowledge it often ends up being a YouTube search or Google search that leads me back to you.
Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC started off my interest in detailing.
Greg formerly of Chemical Guys got the ball rolling.
And you sir kicked everything into overdrive!
Thanks for all you do....please just don't ever go "Hollywood" on us.
I'm gonna stop this comment and go back to reading this page on your site....SO MUCH TO READ & LEARN."

Hanns G.

Dear Darren,
Thank you for the time and effort you put into your videos, it really shows and makes your videos a true joy to watch.  I'm 45 and have never cleaned an engine on any car or truck I've ever owned -- but you inspired me to clean mine.  I'll purchase what I need through your site.  Thanks for the inspiration.

Tyler D.

Hi Darren love you videos you smart and very practical and common sense
Thank you.

John O.

Outstanding! for lack of even better words.

A. Rivera

Hi Darren,
My name is Dan Roberts. I'm going to be starting an auto detailing business early next year. In Pittsburgh, so by no means will I be using your trade secrets against you!! HA!
But I wanted to let you know how valuable, helpful, time-saving and incredibly unselfish and generous you are to post your online videos and your information here.
Thank you so much!  I will be constantly checking in for tips, product knowledge, "how to" info and updates.
Thank you,
Kind regards

Dan R.

Absolutely wonderful information  on your site Darren and your videos are exceptional ( including no, especially your digressing lol) very very informative ,cant thank you enough for a great couple of days watching most of your material.

Peter W.

Hello Darren,
bear with me but I just wanted to say thanks. You and your videos have been a huge inspiration to me to go out and begin my own business, and I have. I have learned so much from your lengthy videos that many others would claim too long and unnecessary, I strongly disagree. You make your videos as long as you do for a reason and I am probably one of the few who appreciates it more than anybody. You are truly an expert at what you do and you have all the experience to back it up. As for me I am just starting out my business out of the back of my truck and it's a dream come true for me to be able to do that, I look forward to any future videos you publish and I welcome with open arms any advice you'd be able to throw my way. Again thank you Darren and good luck!

Michael P.

Hi Darren,
Just been looking on YouTube and came across your videos on detailing and must say I am truly hooked!
I love your work and how you break down things. I have learned so much so a big Thankyou!
I have been in the paint side of things for around 12 years now doing airbrushing so can relate to most things
 ( ie customers) so would just like to say Thankyou for sharing your gift and talent.
 Rob from across the pond (uk aka dred fx)

Robert D.

I just wanted to say thank you for your no bullshit approach in your videos and website. I have learned a lot from your instruction.

Bob D.

Hi, Darren!
 My name is Jordan and I'm contacting you from TX. Howdy.
 I know you get a ton of messages to respond to and that you can't respond to all,
 but I just wanted to say that I love what you're doing and you have been a huge help.
 I commend your efforts. I was born in Anaheim and grew up along side my Dad and his 69 Fairland Street Rod show car,
 which sparked my love for cars. I now own a show bike of my own (can't afford the car yet haha)
 and have been "detailing" my whole life. Long story short I am in my first month of the business
 of mobile detailing and as much as I thought I knew,
 I couldn't be thankful enough that I stumbled upon your websites & YouTube Channel.
 You have been a great help and I think the quick success of my first month can be greatly attributed
 to the things I learned off of you. Keep on keeping on Darren.
 Thank you!

Jordan K.

Hello Darren.
I went on the net in search of boat detailers and came across your videos.
I have to say that I was blown away to say the least. Your knowledge and wisdom are second to none.
I live up here in the great state of Maine. I have been searching for some one like you, for the past ten years
to keep my boat in top shape. In my area their is no one that seems to have the knowledge when it comes to boats,
many posers but no real McCoy's if you know what I mean.
I have had my boat detailed several times but never completely satisfied with the results.
I just can't seem to find anyone in my area that has the knowledge that you seem too have.
I do not have the patient's or skill level to tackle myself.
Thank you!

JT McGovern

Hi Darren!
Adam here, down south in Enterprise, Alabama.
I am ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY at your DIY section. You truly have no idea how incredible that is
for you to share your thoughts on cleaning products, to include the Links to purchase those items on Amazon.
But then to give a breakdown and step by step instruction to literally do the exact same thing you do.
I am very thankful I stumbled across your videos, and this website, and I wanted to personally take the time
to write you and thank you for putting together such a wonderful website,
with SO many useful tips, tools, and tricks. This is absolutely fantastic.
If I am EVER in California for whatever reason, I will make the trip down to where you are located to get
my car detailed by you, and if I meet anyone from your area I will be CERTAIN to tell them about
your services! Again, thank you so much for what appears to be hundreds of hours worth of dedication,
to providing everyone with all of this information. I am blows away by the fact that it's free and you don't
charge some sort of fee to be able to view all of this stuff. You're awesome man.
Thanks again!!

A. Marrero

Thank you for all of the videos and advice! Since watching and learning from you,
I have seen a huge difference in my work, customer base, and an increased profit.
Thank you thank you thank you!

N. Syron

"One Darren... Endless Possibilities!"

Whether you are looking to hire Darren to leverage his vast social media influence or as an industry expert with decades of public speaking experience, Darren doesn't just show up to be your next over-paid prop, but is fully committed to engaging your audience, collaborating with your team, and helping your organization meet their particular goals and objectives.

  • Classroom education
  • Specialty groups
  • Product demonstrations
  • Guest appearances
  • Product endorsements
  • Live events
  • Industry conventions
  • Keynote speaker

Whether you are looking to have Darren for simple quest appearances, to hands-on training and demonstration, or a keynote speaker, he can bring value to any situation or organization:

  • Industry expert as a professional detailer since 1988.
  • Successful business owner within an industry notorious for high failure rates.
  • YouTube personality with 67,000+ subscribers. autofetishdetail
  • Owner of two detailing websites: AutoFetishDetail.com and BestAutoDetailingTips.com
  • Instagram page with 17,000+ followers. @auto_fetish_detail
  • Facebook page with 4300+ followers. AutoFetishDetail

Levels of Engagement

There are no set rules when it comes to the limitless possibilities when leveraging Darren. From his vast industry experience as a professional detailer to business owner, Darren has also grown a social media following that is among the highest in the industry.

  • Guest appearances:  hourly, half day, full day, to multiple days.
  • Product demonstrations: showcase as many products as you would like.
  • Product endorsements: This is a case by case based on the actual product you want Darren to endorse. Darren has a reputation of honesty and directness his followers have come to respect.
  • Hire Darren to be exclusive to your company, or hire for segments of time.
  • Combine Darren's services with the implementation of pictures, videos, etc. to any or all of his social media outlets.

If you are interested in hiring Darren for your next event, use the contact form of this website for any inquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you!