Best Car Waxes:
Choosing the Best Auto Wax Just Became Easier!

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Finding the best car waxes within the overly saturated market that exists today will be like trying to hit a moving target; every time you think you have the cross-hairs set, the target moves on you! Any trip down the car care aisle will make your eyes roll back in frustration at all the choices available!

So many voices screaming for your hard earned dollars through brightly colored packaging and strategic labeling! The Expert is here to help weave your way through this over-saturated area of car care by educating you to become part of a select group of people called the informed!

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"Darren, I have different colored cars and am confused by the many choices in car waxes out there. Is there really any difference between the many car waxes."

The simple answer is YES!

As a rule, wax is for (2) specific purposes:

  1. Protection
  2. Visual enhancement

Often people will become overly fixated on one or both of those key points, but forget about the bigger picture which is the user experience.

"What good is finding the best car wax if the experience of using that wax completely SUCKS!"

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What do I mean by that?

Let's say you have found the best car wax ever made (whatever "best" means to you). But now you go to wax your car and you now find out that the best wax you have chosen SUCKS!

meaning that the user experience completely sucks!

  • It's hard to apply; clumps up when applying.
  • It's hard to remove; so hard you put scratches in your car from rubbing so hard to remove. (can anyone say Turtle Wax?)
  • It leaves streaks on your dark colored car after removal. (This is often more about the actual car paint you are working on, not just the brand of wax you have chosen; a problem more common than people realize)

Now the greatest wax in the world is completely worthless because you have found the user experience so miserable, that you are never going to wax your car again!

So I don't care how "great" that car wax is; if it never makes it onto your cars paint... it is worthless!!

"Don't underestimate the value of an exceptional user experience in picking out the best car wax."

My top picks in car waxes listed below all provide a very good to great user experience. I have listed them below in order of price starting at the lowest to the most expensive.

I believe you get what you pay for as a general rule in life. Could you spend even more on a car wax?


But there eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns, which simply means that no additional benefits are seen despite how much more you are willing to spend. I believe these wax products below are within the majority of peoples budget and all deliver on the user experience as well as performance.

Best Car Wax for Black Cars

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When it comes to shopping for the best auto waxes, most people will start with black since black represents the ultimate in visual performance, along with endless frustration due to the nature of black paint showing every little blemish and flaw!

People figure that if a car wax can perform on a black car, then that is the ultimate in visual perfection. Use any of the links below to see what my top picks in car waxes are.

Darren's Professional Tip:

Often people don't fully understand the fact that wax is not going to fix flaws and blemishes in your cars paint, but simply help to cover them up and conceal them. For optimum results, I suggest you polish the paint on your car first. And yes, you really can perform high level polishing with my tips at car polishing for beginners.

The paste waxes below will all perform and deliver exceptional results regardless of product you choose. With that said I will add these important points:

  1. The more you pay, the more you get. And by "more", what I am referring to is more in the way of a better user experience. Ease in application and removal, as well as final results.
  2. I always recommend that in between your regular wax applications, you choose a quality spray detailer/wax/waterless products that I have outlined on that link.
  3. Simply follow the labeling instructions on any wax product you choose and apply every 1-4 months based on the labeling, and how diligent you are in maintaining your car between wax applications. (the less vigilant you are in your car for your car, the more often you will need to wax it.)
  4. If you are a true beginner or have never heard of decontaminating your car paint or using detailing clay, then you will need to get yourself a clay bar kit and do this first. Many people underestimate how this will affect every step of the process: the finished results, the ease of application, and the removal.

Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax

Meguiar's G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax - 11 oz.

One of my favorites among the best car waxes! If you want to keep your life ultra simple, you could really stop here with this product from Meguiar's. I actually use this product professionally as one of my choices in a paste wax.

P21S Paste Wax

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

I was introduced to the P21S paste wax by a fellow detailer out of Texas. He went on and on about how great this wax was. I thought to myself; "Oh great, yet another great wax!" (sarcasm) All this industry needs is yet another great car wax. But due to his persistence, I am so glad I decided to get some and test it out myself. This wax really performs and you can see my video below where I am using it and testing it in the real world.

This is a better wax that the traditional waxes of what I call retail grade like the Meguiar's above, but some of you may be dissuaded due to the higher cost. I personally am a huge fan!

Pinnacle Signature Series II

Pinnacle Signature Series II Carnauba Paste Wax

Designed to exceed the standards of the most discriminating enthusiast and collector, this paste wax from Pinnacle is the premier of premier waxes! While other lesser paste waxes will stain black trim pieces, this version from Pinnacle has been master formulated into a non-staining paste. For the perfectionist who demands the ultimate in a premium paste wax. Ideally suited for waxing black cars combined with the overall premium experience! (yes, you can in fact spend even more on a concourse grade or premium grade paste wax. Most a anything past this price point and quality level will be lost on most people and you will be paying a premium for a name brand that will once again, not be fully valued by most people.

Darren's Professional Tips:

You just can't beat the visual performance of a quality paste wax like the best car waxes from above. They deliver superior results on black or dark colored cars due to their abilities to cover and hide surface swirl marks, the spider-webbing effect, holograms, etc.

best auto wax black car

Best Car Waxes Review:

With that said, the best car waxes on this page are completely appropriate for use on any color of car. I also recommend the following tips:

  • Apply your chosen paste wax as a base coat for protection and beauty enhancement.
  • Remember to use detailing clay prior to any application of these paste waxes; see clay bar kits for help in picking out a quality clay bar.
  • Apply chosen wax according to manufacturers' instructions.
  • I highly recommend getting a spray wax from the same manufacturer of your chosen wax; use the spray wax after application/removal of the paste wax for true visual perfection!
  • I also recommend using the spray wax as a wax extender that is easy to apply and to create that just waxed look after each car washing.
  • It is important to remember that choosing one of these top rated auto waxes is important, but no car wax in the world is going to fix paint that is in very poor condition unless you polish first. With modern day car buffers it is possible for even a true beginner to polish paint to professional level standards which you can see this link for: Car paint polishing for beginners

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