DuPont Teflon Car Wax:
The truth behind the wax

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DuPont Teflon Car Wax is a name full of intrigue and confusion; doesn't matter if you call it DuPont car wax, Teflon car wax, or any other host of names, in order to gain some understanding of this convoluted subject, we need to separate the two names; DuPont and Teflon.

To simplify it for you, Teflon is simply a brand-name form of what is called polymer technology; DuPont is the manufacturer who owns the name Teflon. Most people are familiar with the name DuPont, and typically associate it with the brand-name of Teflon, just like many people automatically associate Teflon with non-stick cooking pans. Less obvious is how this company and their product known as Teflon, plays into the world of car care and auto detailing in general.

DuPont Teflon Car Wax

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In case you are looking for the DuPont Teflon car wax product pictured to the right, let me offer up the following:

  • It will be a hard find as it is not a popular product.
  • This is not an actual product of the DuPont corporation.
  • I have never personally used.
  • There are many other choices of polymer technology.
  • Read on to become an informed consumer.

The DuPont name is certainly a well known name as a major player in the world of big business and their expansive list of products. To quote from their website, "DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture, nutrition, electronics, communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel."

As you see, they have their hands into what seems like everything...including selling their name-brand polymer known as "Teflon". This means that industries like the car care industry can add this brand name to their products and ride the wave of brand recognition that already exists due to the name of DuPont; thus, we have products like this DuPont Teflon car wax.

The Teflon Name

To quote from the actual DuPont website regarding their own Teflon:

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"Teflon® PTFE: The original fluoropolymer resin discovered by DuPont in 1938. Supplied as granular powders and aqueous dispersions. Teflon® PTFE is unaffected by virtually all chemicals and solvents. Shapes and parts are formed by specialized processing technologies, typically compression molding and sintering followed by machining. Tubing is made by ram extrusion. Linings are formed by isostatic molding and sintering or applied as sheets. Surfaces are coated by applying dispersion and then baking. Processing has a much stronger effect on performance of parts of Teflon® PTFE than for most other polymers. Semiconductor industry applications include pipe liners, fittings, valves, pumps, and other components used for transferring aggressive, ultrapure fluids."

I don't know about you, but that description has cleared up everything for me...yeah right! I think I am more confused than ever when it comes to DuPont Teflon Car Wax!

The most important word to note within that quote from DuPont is the word "bake". In order for Teflon to be applied to a surface, the surface itself must be a material that can actually be coated (think frying pan here), and then baked for adhesion of this Teflon material.

Are you beginning to see a problem here?

In order for the actual DuPont Teflon brand name formulation to be applied to your car's paint, it would literally have to be baked onto the finish.

"This is a classic case of not only misrepresentation by unscrupulous car care companies, but the power of association. You associate your Teflon coated frying pan and its non-stick qualities to a car wax that has the name DuPont Teflon across the label; and you think you will be creating that same non-stick effect by using this Teflon car wax that your frying pan has"

Sorry...just not going to happen!

DuPont Teflon and Car Wax:
What you need to know

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  • Polymer technology is the science behind DuPont Teflon car wax.
  • Teflon is simply a brand name of this polymer technology.
  • Polymer technology is made using synthetic ingredients.
  • Due to the synthetic ingredients, as a rule, any of these synthetic polymer products would be labeled as sealants and not waxes.
  • This does not mean the industry adheres to this rule; they constantly break it and add additional confusion.
  • Just because Teflon can be baked onto a frying pan to create a non-stick coating , does not mean adding a little polymer technology to a car wax product will create an impervious layer on your cars paint.
  • The major drawback of liquid polymers is with visual results; they lack the ability to cover and conceal superficial paint blemishes such as spider-webbing, etc., that traditional canauba paste waxes can do.
  • The rule within the industry is that synthetic sealants will outlast carnauba (or natural) based products as far as durability. Natural or carnauba based products will provide better hiding, covering, and depth over their liquid synthetic counterparts. (Honestly, this debate is never ending and you can hear endless counter opinions to the opinions expressed here; welcome to the world of detailing!)

Hybrid Car Wax and Sealants

fuzion car wax

Due to advances in chemical engineering and manufacturing, today's offerings in car waxes and sealants consist of what is referred to as hybrid blends; the formulation of car waxes and sealants using what manufacturers call the best of both worlds. I have tested many of these products myself and to me, they truly represent the winning combination.

If you would like to see the specific hybrid car wax/sealants I recommend professionally, follow this link:

Darren's Tops Picks of Hybrid Car Waxes

If you prefer the idea of a liquid sealant that is formulated using mostly synthetic ingredients, then follow this link:

Darren's Top Picks of Car Paint Sealants

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