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"Darren, I just want shiny paint! Everyone claims to have the best car polish but I feel like I am chasing my tail from one opinion to the next. I just want products that are simple to use and deliver great results!"

Your quest for the best automotive polish will likely drive most of you mad!

You don't have to be a complete lunatic to want a show car finish!

Chances are you already have a garage shelf full of different car polishes; most of which probably claimed to be "the best car polish" when you bought them. Yet there they sit, collecting dust on your garage shelf, and here you are looking for something different.

The Best Car Polish:
The Best of the Best

"Everyone claims to have the best car polish. The problem is that most people making the claims don't have the ability to actually judge between a good polish and a superior polish!"

CSI Ceram-X Polish Quart 62-203-Q

  • A true high-performance polish 
  • Water-based formulation
  • Easy clean-up
  • Single product polishing (SPP)
  • Nano tech engineering
  • No solvent smell
  • Can be used in direct sunlight
  • Can be used by hand or machine
  • As professional grade as professional grade can get!

polishing a car with the best car polish

If you are one of my followers and simply want to know what I use and rely on in my professional world of detailing then look no further. Use the link above to get what I call "the sure thing".  The car polish I know can perform at the highest levels of performance (the polish used by restoration shops that charge 1.5 million dollars and up, just to do the paint and body!)

For those of you new to my site can become an educated consumer and see why I have come to rely on this polish for the past 15 years.

CSI ClearCoat Solutions:
Breaking the rules!

First to Market:

ClearCoat Solutions Inc. (Also known as CSI) was the first company to develop what is called a single-step polish; or more precisely: Single Product Polishing (SPP). This single product system was originally developed over 20 years ago and has gone through various refinement phases.

Evolving with Technology:

Like every other industry, CSI has continued to evolve as better manufacturing processes and more refined raw materials have become available. CSI has continued to refine it's products with all the latest in technology and chemical engineering to maintain its position as the superior choice and what I professionally consider as the best car polish. And in case you have taken note; this means that CSI polishes are not going to be your choice when it comes to cheap. Superior ingredients, cutting edge technology, and superior products are not cheap to produce and are not cheap to sell.

Single Product Polishing (SPP):

CSI breaks the rules with their single product polishing system (SPP). This ultra-simple (KIS: Keep It Simple) approach means a single polish can be used to remove sanding marks, create a blemish free surface, and produce a shine for what the industry considers a deliverable finish to the painted surface. (For the sake of comparison; Ceram-X can remove sanding marks as aggressive as 600 grit sanding marks. No other single product polish on the market can stand up to that claim). This single product polishing system is due to formulating with more refined raw materials that make for a superior polish that maintains a very tight and consistent abrasive formulation.

KIS: Keep It Simple

Unlike every other company producing automotive polishes and compounds, CSI is not trying to bury you with endless grades of polishes and compounds, but keeps it ultra simple with a single product polishing system.

polishing with ceramx best car polish

Back when the formulation for Ceram-X was being originally developed, no other company was attempting to do this. It is only within the last decade that virtually every other company has jumped into this revolutionary methodology of polishing with all their own single-step products in order to compete. And yet all these other companies still want to sell you their 20 different compounds and 20 different polishes. (I can't speak for you, but if you can accomplish deliverable results with a single product polish, then why would a company continue to push multiple polishes and compounds on you? Some companies have as many as 20+ different grades, or levels of polishes and compounds.)

Diminishing Abrasive Technology (DAT)

The car polishing world has been using diminishing abrasives since the beginning of time. As a rule, either aluminum oxide or diatomaceous earth was used as the abrasives in rubbing compounds and polishes. As car enthusiasts, detailers, and body shop owners we accepted diminishing abrasive technology as both the accepted and standardized rule when it came to polishes and compounds. And of course, every company currently has their own version of what they call their best car polish using one of these base abrasives (of course best car polish to all these other companies really means a whole spectrum of best car polishes since they are in the business to sell you more polishes, not less polishes). CSI does not use the standardized rule of diminishing abrasive technology. CSI instead uses a much more refined list of raw ingredients and abrasive technology. This now has the entire industry scrambling to not only compete with, but try and explain why they can produce a single-step polish or compound, and yet keep you convinced as to why all their other compounds and polishes are still relevant. (can someone say contradiction)

Virtually every manufacturer of car polishes uses aluminum oxide as their abrasive material that is then suspended in some type of "carrier". The carrier is essentially the liquid part of the car polish that the aluminum oxide particles are "floating" within. Diatomaceous earth was also a common form of abrasive used within car polishes and compounds but has since ceased to be.

Aluminum oxide for best car polish

Aluminum Oxide

Diatomaceous Earth

Nano Technology:

Despite how cynical you might be as a person, nano technology is very relevant within the world of automotive polishes as well as virtually every other industry. Now science has the ability to create, engineer, and manufacture at the nano scale. What this means to you and me is that when it comes to formulating the best car polish, if the right chemist and formulators have the knowledge, they can produce car polishes that are far superior to polishes of the past.

Nano technology in very simple terms is the ability to work with materials at a much smaller scale than what was possible before. From finer raw materials to final end products, we as car enthusiasts, professional detailers, or body shop polishers get to enjoy the benefits of better products that are both easier to use and produce better results.

Nano technology also allows for a much tighter, more refined consistency in the final formulated polish. No more separation of chemicals within the container that must be endlessly mixed up as you use. (with that said; any product that is subjected to extreme heat and freezing temperatures will eventually begin to fail. But unlike the many inferior polishes you could spend your money one, you won't find a more refined and tighter blend of car polish.

Water Based Formulations:

When it comes to suspending the abrasive material within a liquid compound or polish, some form of "carrier" must be used. Before humanity became environmentally aware the industry was using solvents to suspend or use as the carrier for these abrasives to formulate polishes and compounds. Water is now used as the carrier. Despite the industry resisting this major change in formulating their car polishes and compounds, it has produced a few positive benefits that were not predicted. Since CSI polishes are true water based formulations, these benefits are more significant than you can find in other car polishes:

  • The ability to work in direct sunlight on hot paint
  • Easy clean up (no more rock hard white residue left behind after polishing)
  • Friendly to the environment and to humans
  • CSI polishes will not plasticize (this means the polish will not become rock hard when cleaning up residual polish from body panels and seams. Since CSI polishes are water based formulations, clean up is easy with simple tap water)
  • Non staining: CSI polishes do not stain plastic trim

Best Car Polish:
A Sure Thing

auto fetish polishing with car polish

Due to my YouTube channel and the nature of my business, I am forever testing products and tools of detailing. This means I have, and continue to test more and more car polishes and compounds. But when it comes to my professional world of finicky customers, I need a sure thing. A sure thing to me means a car polish that can perform with what I consider the winning combination of benefits:

  • The ability to perform in virtually any environment (indoors or outdoors)
  • The ability to work in direct sunlight on hot paint
  • Easy clean up
  • Long working times of the polishes themselves (this means the polishes do not dry up overly quick as you are polishing with them)
  • Non-staining
  • Abrasive technology that is a much higher quality and much more consistent throughout the polishing process
  • Can be used by hand
  • Can be used with any polishing pad or any type of buffer
  • Will perform on any type of car paint finish
  • Will perform on all types of clear coats: soft to extremely hard
  • Zero fillers (fillers are used by many manufacturers as a way of concealing unwanted swirl marks, buffer trails, or holograms left in the paint due to inferior car polishes)

"Most of you will become your own worst enemy; seduced by one car polish after another, dressed up in slick packaging and marketing. As guys obsessed with shine, we can't help ourselves."

But at the end of the day you gotta make a choice. My goal has to been to make a compelling argument as to why I think the Ceram-X is what I not only consider the best car polish, but my "sure thing"!

CSI 62-610 Four Piece Buffing kit

If you want to simply try what I consider the winning balance of the best automotive polish than use the link towards the top of the page. If you are looking to set yourself up with a more complete system from CSI for any rotary polisher of your choosing, then this kit will help you get your feet wet.

  • Ceram-X car polish
  • Dedicated backing plate for any rotary polisher
  • Easy fit system of the hook and loop polishing pads
  • Use on any car, any type of paint finish

"You can sit and read endless reviews and still not be any closer to polishing your car than you are now. Understand that if you want your paint to look better than it currently is, polishing is your only option. Now I have shown you my winning combination!"

There's not an area of life these days that has not been dramatically improved through the advances of technology, manufacturing, and chemical engineering. Now my choice as the top rated car polish that I can say with complete confidence as the best car polish is as easy as a couple clicks away. Now you can get the performance of Ceram-X delivered right to your door!

The world of surface car care is no exception!


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