Best Automotive Polish
Does the BEST really exist?

Here you are looking for automotive polish and my guess is that you would rather find what many might consider to be the best car polish, rather than the worst car polish!

Am I correct?

After all; who wouldn't want the best of anything. But what makes anything the "best"?

I will attempt to show you not just what I consider to be the best auto polish, but why I consider it to be the best auto polish.

And I am willing to bet that by the time you are done reading this page you will likely come to the same conclusion.

Best Automotive Polish
Safer. Faster. Simpler.

ceram-x automotive polish

There is this thing often called the "Unattainable Triangle". It is the ultimate goal of any business on the one hand, and the ultimate goal as a consumer on the other hand.

But an impossible expectation regardless of what side you are on. I believe that the Ceram-X polish is the first automotive polish I have found that answers all three tenants of the impossible triangle.

"The Unattainable Triangle"
You can have two, but you can't have all three...or can you?

unattainable triangle

"Regardless of who you are, what area of life, you must choose which two of the benefits you value and want most"

Business Owner: The inability to deliver a product or service that meets the demands of all three.

Consumer: The inability to get all three in a single product or service

The rule is that you essentially get to pick two of the benefits, but you must sacrifice one of them.

CSI Ceram-X Car Polish 62-203-Quart - Single Product Polish (SPP) Superior Single Polish Replaces The Countless compounds/Polishes You Think You Need

  • Not a compound, but a polish
  • Made with highly refined abrasive technology
  • The only polish required for 99.9% of all jobs on any type of paint and/or clear coat (fresh paint, fully cured paint, hard or soft clears, ceramic or non-ceramic clears)
  • For use by hand, any type of machine buffer, any type of polishing pad
  • Body shop safe

CSI D1 Polish/Enhancer Quart 62-209-Quart car Polish Developed to take polishing to 4K Results in Clarity, Depth, and Gloss.

  • Polish enhancer goes from hi-definition resolution to 4K clarity
  • Formulated with the same nano-emulsified technology of Ceram-X, but with Controlled Abrasive Technology that is 10x smaller than Ceram-X.
  • True waterborne technology (easy clean-up)
  • While Ceram-X can be used in direct sunlight, on hot paint, the ultra-refined abrasives in the D1 Polish Enhancer will perform more ideally when used on cool, shaded paint.
  • No heavy solvents and no fillers like traditional compounds/polishes of other manufacturer's.
  • For optimum results, it is recommended to use D1 Polish Enhancer with a closed cell foam polishing pad.
  • Part of the best car polish system of the ClearCoat Solutions system!

Best Automotive Polish: Ceram-X
Delivering the Unattainable

Fist off I will tell you the correct pronunciation of this truly unique polish. It is pronounced the same way you would pronounce ceramic; as in ceramic coating. Except in the plural. Ceramics. Kinda like if you were taking a ceramics class in school.

And since this polish is capable of working on any type of paint or clear coat, the developer decided to name it after the very popular ceramic clear coats that are now on so many cars being produced.

But how can this polish deliver on all 3 tenants of the unattainable triangle?

Glad you asked....

But before I answer that question specifically, it will be helpful to lay the basic foundation of the unique qualities of this polish first.

Delivering the Unattainable


  • A single polish to do ALL you paint correction from removal of heavy defects/sanding marks, down to a swirl free finish. Buy one polish, use one polish, inventory one polish, store one polish. No more switching out the many compounds and polishes the industry has taught you to do.
  • Can perform heavy defect removal as quickly as any compound can do without the damage caused by traditional heavy cut compounds.


  • One polish is all you have to buy. No more sourcing multiple compounds and polish just to realize your desired results (defect removal down to a swirl free finish)
  • Since you are saving time, and time is money, you are reducing your costs buy using a single polish. Time really is money. And whether you are a body shop owner, car owner, auto detailing professional, you will not have to worry about using other compounds/polishes formulated with any fillers. Fillers that make your polishing job "appear" to be swirl free, only to realize later (called come backs in the auto body world) that your finished results weren't actually swirl free and now you have to fix the job for free. Working for free is ALWAYS  a costly problem!
  • No more "burn through's". Today's modern-day paints are finished with a very thin layer of clear coat. The thickness of the clear coat is critical to maintain the integrity of the clear coat itself, as well as the UV inhibitors contained in the clear coat that is largely based on the thickness of the clear. The more polishing (or compounding) you have to do, the more clear coat you are removing. Ceram-X has been proven to go from the removal of 2000 grit sanding marks down to a swirl free finish with the ability to remove the LEAST amount of clear coat of any known compound out on the market. (no burn through's means no costly re-do's)


  • A single polish that truly can remove seriously heavy defect removal (see video below) and finish to a swirl free finish.
  • Scalable-whether you are a car owner looking to polish the paint on your own car or a high-end restoration shop looking to win a Concours d'Elegance Best of Show title, Ceram-X can perform at every level.

Th Best Automotive Polish:
The non-compound polish!

Calling a polish a non-compound likely makes little sense to you reading this. But this is the starting point to this amazing polish. It is not made like traditional compounds with diminishing abrasives and the traditional heavy solvents of most compounds.

Most of us have been taught that when polishing paint, especially if you have heavy defects to remove or sanding marks (wet-sanding/color sanding marks) to remove, it is necessary to start with an aggressive compound to remove these heavy defects.

That outdated logic then tells us we then graduate to either a less aggressive compound, or to a heavy cut polish. All the while working your way down the compound/polish chain until you have achieved the heavy defect removal and taken the paint to a swirl free finish.

chemical guys compounds and polishesHere is one example of endless companies that produce a massive range of compounds and polishes just to go from point A to point B

Some companies have as many as 15 different compounds and even more automotive polishes. And we as car owners and detailers buy into this "dog and pony show"!

Many of us (guilty myself) even consider it a badge of honor to brag about the endless compounds and polishes we have (we love to post our big collection of countless compounds and polishes to the world via social media as a form of bragging rights).

Most of us think it makes us look more professional or more of a hard core enthusiast. But the reality is that not only is it not necessary, but it continues to separate us from more and more of our money!!

Perhaps a single automotive polish is too simple for people to finally embrace!

Automotive Polish Summary

I hope I have made a compelling argument for the Ceram-X and the D1 Polish Enhancer on this page. Any search on the Internet for a top rated automotive polish will deliver a mind blowing amount of options, all back by endless opinions.

I hope I have helped simply your life in an age of information overload!


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