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Simplifying the decision process

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As a rule when the subject of car buffers comes up, the random orbital buffer is widely accepted as the type of buffer being discussed or referred to.

Also known as DA or dual-action buffers, these important tools of the trade have long been referred to as the ultimate in safe car polishing for any true beginner. While I largely agree with this rule, it has changed due to the newly designed automotive polishers with super-low start speeds that make the high-speed polishers as safe as any random orbital buffer. If you are on the fence as to what to do, where to go, and which type of car buffer to buy, you are not alone and you have indeed come to the right place!

"Darren, I find myself chasing my tail trying to figure out the best car buffer for me. The many car forums are filled with endless opinions and I can't seem to make a decision!"

using random orbital buffer to polish car paint

You are not alone!

Trust me when I say choosing the best random orbital buffer is not an easy choice for most people; far too many opinions from too many people. Never mind an industry that is constantly adding more and more choices to an already complicated subject.

Random Orbital Buffer:
Keeping it simple

While I could bury you with about 20 different options of a random orbital buffer, from basic, entry level to over-priced, name brand orbital buffers, I am going to simplify the moment down to my (2) favorite choices when shopping for a top rated dual-action, random orbital car buffer:

Maxshine M15 Pro Series II DA Dual Action Polisher, 1000W

  • One of the actual random orbital polishers I use professionally
  • Winning balance of performance, features, and cost
  • A random orbital buffer that brings quality without over-paying for a traditional name brand car buffer
  • Amazing power and ergonomics

Random Orbital Buffer:
Comprehensive Car Polishing Kit

The kit below from Adam's is your "go-to" kit if you are looking for the simplicity of geting everything you need in a single kit.

Adam's SK Pro Polisher (Complete Kit)

  • The most comprehensive car polishing kit you will find
  • A quality, top rated random orbital buffer
  • This kit also contains these additional bonuses: detailing clay (to decontaminate your car paint prior to polishing), swirl finder light, micro-fiber cloths
  • One of my favorite car buffers bundled with a comprehensive list of added tools to complete your paint correction duties as a car owner of professional detailer

Polishing with the Random Orbital Buffer

polishing car paint with maxshine random orbital buffer

Today is a world of information overload. And most of you are not equipped to deal with so much information, never mind the slick marketing and advertising that goes with it.

The fact that you are so interested in taking your car's appearance to the next level by choosing a top rated car polisher makes you even more susceptible to the seductive nature of slick marketing and advertising!

For this reason I have selected to car polishing kits that both contain a top rated random orbital buffer, but additional tools you will also need to complete your car polishing duties.

Now your car can go from average to extraordinary!

Paint that looks good, to paint that becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

Darren's Professional Tips:

The torq car polisher in many ways represents the perfect balance betwen performance and cost. You will definitely get better performance from the Torq over that of the Griot's, but you will also get a better user experience.  Unlike some of the other offerings with random orbital buffers, you won't be over-paying for a "name brand" polisher that has a premium due to the "clout" that some of the other polishers can add a surcharge for. This kit contains everything needed to polish your car to a level that will make you the envy of the neighborhood! (you will still need to shop a clay bar kit to decontaminate your paint prior to any polishing for maximum results).

The huge amount of rave reviews on Amazon should be compelling enough for you when choosing the Torq random orbital buffer!

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testing top rated random orbital buffer

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Thank you in advance!


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