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The Porter Cable buffer seems to be a hit with both professionals and enthusiasts alike. A quality built piece of equipment that has a long list of features and benefits, there is little mystery as to why it has grown in popularity over the years.

Enter any of the many car forums on the Internet, and you will see hundreds of posts regarding this tool that is recommended over and over to beginners looking to take their car paint to the next level of amazing! User friendly operating speeds and controls make this polisher from Porter Cable a #1 choice for many people.

Top Rated Porter Cable Buffer

porter cable buffe

The popularity alone of this tool would put it at the top of the list. The long list of benefits makes it a top pick of orbital car buffers:

  • Marketed as the most user-friendly, paint-safe car polisher.
  • Ideal for any true new beginner due to low operating speeds.
  • Perfect for the polishing master looking to take paint finishing to the highest levels.
  • Variable speed settings
  • Dual action polishing head

Porter Cable Buffer Review

porter cable buffer review

The Porter Cable is a dual-action, or orbital polisher. It is referred to a dual action since it has a head that rotates on (2) separate points that is designed to replicate the motion of your hand. The easiest way for most to understand this is to compare the (2) movements to that of the spinning of the earth, as it circles around the sun.

Due to the lower speeds of the Porter Cable orbital, it is ideally suited for any true beginner looking for improved performance over hand polishing and waxing. Unlike the higher speeds of a rotary or high-speed polisher, the Porter Cable buffer is completely safe; you would literally have to try and damage your car paint in order for this tool to be unsafe.

Pros and Cons of the Porter Cable Buffer:

Pro: Perfect for any beginner looking to enter the world of paint polishing. Remove superficial scratches, restore shine, luster and depth to your car's paint. Easy to use and completely safe for all paint finishes and types. Also for the true master paint finisher to remove trace swirl marks after any use of a rotary car buffer.

Con: Limited speed also means limited applications and abilities. For some jobs, higher levels of heat and friction that are only possible through the use of rotary car buffers is required. These may include but not limited to:

  • Heavy scratch pattern removal on car paint
  • Gel coat polishing/ oxidation removal
  • Fiberglass polishing/ oxidation removal

These heavy duty jobs typically require the use of wool polishing pads as a starting point which cannot be used with orbital car buffers.

Darren's Professional Tips:

The Porter Cable buffer is popular for a reason; it is a good tool and is an ideal choice for any beginner! Also ideal if you lack the refined skills as a professional when you are unable to completely remove swirl marks from car paint through use of a rotary buffer.

This tool is both easy to use and safe. The only real question for most people is whether to opt for one of the newer orbital car buffers that are now dominating the market. It all depends on you and your world based on the following:

  • Are you on a very tight budget?
  • Are you thinking of getting into the world of professional detailing, but want to test the waters on your own cars, or a few of your family and friends car's?
  • Are you a person that is willing to spend the money the first time around so you don't have to repeat the process in the future?
  • Are you a complete beginner or limited experience?

Porter Cable buffer:

Use the secure links below to get your own Porter Cable polisher and take your car paint to the next level and become the envy of your neighborhood or car club! The kit below will not only you save you money by bundling everything you will need together, but will also save you time by trying to pick and choose everything you will need to take your paint to the next level of perfection!

  • Porter Cable was the reigning champion when it comes to orbital car polishers for years
  • It still remains popular with people who want to fall back onto a "sure thing" based on the endless years it has been around
  • Not my professional first choice; but you will be able to produce great results with this kit

Porter Cable Buffer:
What Would Darren Do (WWDD)

maxshine car buffer versus porter cable buffer

Admittedly the Porter Cable buffer is what brought the safety and ease of use of the dual-action, random orbital car polisher to the world. Unfortunately, the Porter Cable buffer remained unchanged as everyone else came to the market with better and better versions of the very popular random orbital car buffer.

Since I am so often asked by people who simply trust my experience and want a straight forward answer to their questions, they simply ask me:

"Darren, just tell me what you would do!"

So I am responding to that very common question with my recommendations below:

  • Adam's has an excellent reputation among car enthusiasts and detailers alike
  • Ideal for any driveway detailer or a beginner just getting into the business of professional detailing.
  • Get value as it won't break the bank if you want performance, without the added surcharge of cost like some of the other name brand car polishers

Porter Cable Buffer Summary

porter cable buffer versus maxshine buffer

I get it! Most of you will have likely done a certain amount of research before you have reached this page. Many of you are completely overwhelmed at what to do and which car buffer to buy. Just know you are not alone and the answer really does not need to be over thought if you follow each of the comments for the buffers above.'

All you need to do is pull the trigger and take action. If it helps, jut know the following:

  • Any of the choices on this page will absolutely work for you.
  • The difference choices all have their own "personalities", but every one of them will perform.
  • If you want to know what I recommend for the best car polish regardless of whether you choose the Porter Cable buffer or any others, you can see best car polish
  • And if you stick with it long enough, chances are you will be buying a new buffer in the future regardless. (not because you need to; but you will simply want to. So don't over think it now!)

I hope this has helped!


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