The Best Coiled Water Hose:
Better equipment for a better experience!

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Life will not exist without water. Finding the best coiled water hose will be a solution to getting water where you need it in a simple and effective way whether you are a professional detailer like myself, or as basic as a home owner looking to water their garden.

Garden hoses have always been very cumbersome and come with their share of problems.

Over the past decade retractable or recoiling water hoses have become very popular as alternative to heavy, cumbersome garden hoses of the past.

While everything has its limitations, a coiled garden hose is a must have for any professional detailer or home owner looking to simplify their world! The list of benefits is long and makes for a compelling argument:

Working Smart, Not Hard

coiled water hose

The latest in retractable or coiled water hoses has a long list of benefits over the traditional garden water hose:

  • Light weight.
  • Recoils into a tight area.
  • Requires less space to store.
  • Requires less effort to move around.

You can get yours now at this Amazon Link:

Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, Lead Free & Drinking Water Safe, 50-Foot x 3/8-Inch, Espresso

  • Better than any retractable water hose.
  • Heavy duty, chromed brass fittings (this is a huge difference from cheaper versions and a must have)
  • Easy to store, carry, and use!
  • A perfect addition to any group of car detailing equipment.

Darren's Professional Tips:
The coiled water hose

When it comes to being truly effective and efficient, it is always going to take more than a single tool for any job. Operating a professional mobile detail business I am always looking for ways to maximize profits.

While this retractable water hose is not the only water hose I carry with me, it is one of two.

  • Perfect for those easy to access water outlets within 25'-45'
  • As easy to set-up and put away as easy can get.
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with a longer, traditional hose of needed. (see just below)

I tried the other retractable hoses in the past; you know the kind that literally shrink back into size after they have filled up with water and expanded to length. I have found those to be a great idea, but they ultimately fail after very little use.

The one I chose originally failed at the most inconvenient time immediately after detailing a car. Only to have the end pop off and spray my freshly detailed car with water!

What a mess!

I was never going to repeat that mistake; especially after trying (2) separate types of the recoiling or retractable hoses that expand to length, and having both of them fail on me.

For this reason I went with a more expensive, and solid type of coiled hose and have not regretted it since!

A Better Water Hose

As noted above, having the right tool for the job is key to not only success, but being more profitable. The hose below is the second hose I carry with me and works in conjunction with the coiled water  hose from above.

best detailing water hose

Darren's Warning: In a society where all of us have been trained with the "more is always better" mentality, many of you think that buying the traditional "industrial grade" hoses are the way to go.

Having worked at endless houses in my detailing world, I see these industrial strength hoses all day long. And one thing I can tell you is that they are completely over-rated!

Not only do they become extremely rigid in cooler weather (and by cooler I am referring to anything below the temperature of 65 degrees), but these industrial strength hoses become miserable to work with due to the blend of materials used. What you want is a hose like the one below that is made from high-quality rubber and will not cause unwanted and unnecessary aggravation.

  • Durable and truly professional grade.
  • Heavy duty  fittings won't crush if run over.
  • Use in conjunction with the coiled water hose from above as needed.
  • Pick and choose the length that you think suits you best, and based on if you use the coiled garden hose from above.
  • Trust me on this; not all hoses are created equal and you definitely get what you pay for here!

Darren's Professional Tips:
The perfect water hose

Since I operate a mobile detail business and work on location, having a reliable way to get water from the source to where I need it is critical.

Not only do the both of these hoses perform independently at a superior level, but having both of them on hand allows for more versatility on my part:

  • If I am close to a water source, the coiled water hose is as quick and easy as it gets.
  • If I am further from a water source and need serious length, then I can bust out this longer hose for working greater distances from water source or for when I am detailing large items like boats and RV's where I need a traditional water hose that is not pre-formed into coils.

In the name of detailing made simple, I hope you see how perfectly both these tools work into that equation!


Darren Priest