Detailing Air Blower:
A must have for any professional and car enthusiast

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A detailing air blower can be complex and expensive, or you can keep things very simple and seek out a common tool from an entirely different industry!

Whether you are a driveway detailer, car enthusiast, or simply a guy or girl looking to get into the world of professional auto detailing without breaking the bank, the leaf blower below is my answer to keeping things very simple and easy.

No big, expensive air compressors and cumbersome hoses to purchase and haul around all over town.

All you need is an electrical cord and an electrical outlet. For me and the way I operate my professional detail business, I have spent the first 25 years of my professional career not owning an air compressor.

Detailing on a Shoe-string Budget

Regardless of you being a driveway detailing enthusiast or someone looking to get into the world of professional detailing, a certain reality exists:

  • Everyone will have the need for blown air.
  • You can go big, or you can go simple and inexpensive.

I have used a common electric leaf blower as my go-to tool ever since the beginning of my professional career and continue to carry a leaf blower like the one recommended just below:

Get Yours Now 

Use the secure Amazon link just below to get a detailing air blower that represents the winning combination of size, power, cost, and versatility!

Sun Joe SBJ601E 10 Amp 215 Max MPH All-Purpose 2-Speed Electric Blower, Green

  • The winning size.
  • All you need is electricity and you have instant air pressure.
  • Not too big, but big enough.
  • Top rated leaf blower on Amazon.

Darren's Professional Tips

best detailing airblowerHere you can see the detailing airblower I use professionally as part of the many detailing tasks that require the use of air

Most guys starting out in the business understand the numerous needs and advantages of having compressed or blown air.

While the car detailing industry has their own versions of a detailing air blower, I find that most of them are over-priced and come with limitations as compared to a standard leaf blower.

  • Blow car off after washing to prevent water run-off.
  • Blow dust off car after polishing, or final wipe down if a layer of dust has collected.
  • Use to blow excessive trash, debris, and dirt from the inside of car during the detail process.
  • Replaces expensive and bulky air compressors, hoses, and attachments.  

Detailing Air Blower

Darren's Professional Tips:

I get endless calls and e-mails from guys (and gals) from all over the country looking to get into detailing at a professional level. I often find that guys want to go "level 10" and over-spend themselves into debt before they have even made a dime doing detailing.

I am a big fan of keeping it simple and basic until you gain some customers and make a few dollars along the way. Using these electric leaf blowers is a great way to remain "lean and mean":

  • I still use one to this day.
  • You need the right combination of power versus size.
  • It is a more simplistic way to buying and dragging around a heavy compressor, air hoses, etc., in order to have the advantages of blown air.

I hope my "voice of logic" has helped you whether you are a driveway detailer or attempting to get into the business


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