Husky Bucket jockey:
The ultimate in organization and efficiency

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Whether you are a seasoned detail professional or a beginner just starting out, the Husky bucket jockey below is one of my top picks for efficiency!

It is said that time is the big equalizer in life; while a person can make unlimited amounts of money, each person only has 24 hours in each day.

What you do with that time is a choice you get to make. And whether you are a driveway detailer who likes their "stuff" organized, or a professional detailer looking to become more and more efficient, very few tools and techniques allow you to do this like this organizer that will become your own customizable detail caddy.

Organize for Success

husky bucket jockey

If time is money, then it would make sense that the more time you can save during the detail process, the more money you can make.

While I have always been keen on organization... you know, "everything has its place" kind of person, it's not always an easy find when it comes to the right tool or system that also allows for convenience with the organization.

Since each persons situation will ultimately be different, what works for one person may not work for another.I have yet to find a fellow detailer that has not embraced my systematic approach to using the Husky bucket jockey as their new system for all products and tools for interior detailing.

Working Smart, Not Hard

Being in business for yourself is vastly different than doing something as a hobby or a personal passion. While you may be passionate about cars, operating a successful auto detailing business requires that you have to stay profitable or you find yourself going out of business.

Husky Bucket Jockey

  • Room for chemical spray bottles.
  • Slots for all my various dusting/cleaning brushes.
  • Room for my scrub brushes in their many forms.
  • My "all-in-one" interior detailing caddy.

Beginner or Professional:
The ultimate in convenience and organization

Whether you are a beginner and plan on taking care of your own vehicles or a professional detailer...

I have yet to introduce this unique organizational tool to anyone who immediately did not recognize the potential and usefulness of this Husky Bucket Jockey!

"Time is money...and this organizer is your way of saving time and making more money!"

Darren's Detail Kit:

side 1

husky bucket jockey auto fetish detail

Darren's Detail Kit:

side 2

husky bucket jockey auto fetish detail

Husky Bucket Jockey:
Darren's Professional Tips

Darren's Note: Most bucket caddy's are made for use with a 5 gallon bucket. The one pictured is configured into a 3 gallon bucket that I prefer professionally. I like being able to reach in and access my spray bottles from a more friendly distance from a shorter 3 gallon bucket versus a 5 gallon bucket.

This bucket caddy is what I call my complete car interior detail kit.

Within this bucket and within all the side compartments is everything I need to detail the interior of a car.

  • Spray bottles with various types of cleaners: (see following links for actual cleaners I use to clean virtually any car and any material within the car: Car Upholstery Cleaner and Meguiar's Super-degreaser)
  • All necessary dusting/cleaning detail brushes.
  • Upholstery brush.
  • Other cleaning chemicals.
  • Spray shine aerosol dressing. (see bottom of page if you click on this link)
  • Various tools such as razor blade, screw drivers, scrapers, etc., etc.

Efficiency is KING!

Don't underestimate the power of being efficient. Whether you are being efficient for the purpose of becoming more profitable (time really is money), or you simply want to save yourself time. After all; detailing your car doesn't suddenly become easy simply because it is your car.

The more efficient you become, the more work you will be able to perform. Think of the bucket jockey like a tool. The right tool can enhance your world in the right way, just as having the wrong tool (or no tool at all), can add unnecessary time and effort to any job.


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