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The rolling creeper that saved my back and knees!

It is said that the right tool can literally make or break your world. Racatac products has a rolling creeper that has literally saved my world as an aging professional detailer!

And in the event you are not an aging detailer but simply a driveway detailer or enthusiast, do not dismiss this amazing rolling creeper as an unnecessary tool in your world of car care.

I wished I had access to this incredibly well built piece of equipment back when I first started out. Not only does it make life as a detailer easier on the body, but it makes me more efficient as a detailer. And anyone who has seen my YouTube videos knows that one of my credos in life is simply put:

"Efficiency Equals Profitability"

I don't know about you but when it comes to life in general whether I am speaking as a professional detailer or not, I do my best to make my world less complicated and easier, not more complicated and difficult.

Racatac Products Rolling Creeper

Racatac 01RAC3 Kneeling Sitting Creeper

Darren's Professional Tips

Simply put....this new discovery of mine is going on my list of "must have's" of detailing tools! It is just that helpful and just that good; actually that great!

  • A truly exceptionally built piece of equipment; you will not be disappointed!
  • As comfortable as comfort gets.
  • Your back and knees will forever thank you!
  • A true life saver for an old guy like me.
  • Feather light despite its superior build quality.
  • Not a cheap piece of equipment, but worth every cent!
  • Perfect whether you are a driveway detailer, enthusiast, or professional like myself.
  • So light-weight you can easily transport to any location: job site, car show, hang-out, etc.

True Story:
My Racatac Rolling Creeper

racatac products rolling creeper

Since I have been in the world of professional detailing for well over a couple decades, I have seen many advances in technology at all levels of life; right along with car care itself.

After decades of abuse to my body from the constant demands that detailing can do to a persons body, I am continuously looking for better and better ways to improve every part of the equation:

  • Tools and products that perform better or deliver better results.
  • Ways to improve my efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ways to manage injuries; or better yet, ways to avoid injuries in the first place.
  • Ways to manage risk at every level.

When I suffered a torn meniscus in my right knee, I knew I needed to find a solution to help me manage an injury in which there is no real cure for. 

The constant bending at the knee puts extreme pressure on the meniscus that many people like myself take for granted until we suffer an injury like the one I did.

The reason I like this creep as opposed to the endless other rolling creepers available, is the ability this specific creep has to not only support me at the butt, but the ability to support my knees.

  • I can roll around with my weight being distributed between both my butt and my knees.
  • The ability to actually raise up onto my knee's while still remaining close to the ground. Traditional creepers will not allow for this.

Not Cheap; But Worth It!

I am often asked what I recommend when it comes to car buffers, steamers, extractors, etc., etc. But many guys neglect what is often overlooked....

your body!

This tool is not only a life saver for me now, but if you are still young it can save you from long term injuries moving forward. As the saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". I am living proof of this, so don't learn the hard way!

Get yours now using this secure link to Amazon!

RACATAC 01RAC3 Kneeling Sitting Creeper

Don't Forget to Help Me Spread the Word

polishing car using racatac products rolling creeper

I hope I have added one more additional way to improve your life in becoming more efficient as well as being more comfortable while doing it. This Racatac Products rolling creeper is simply one of the endless tools I have found outside the detailing world that I think has the ability to help you in your world.

With that said, I really do rely on your help in spreading the word in my approach to making your life easier, simpler, and more profitable. So share this to your favorite social media site and pay it forward!


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