Auto Detail Training and Consulting

"Ignorance really is more expensive than education!"

What you don't realize is just how ignorant you really are. There is no shame in that; acceptance is your first step to getting what you want from life.

Don't hate me; I'm just the messenger.

I am also your answer:

  • Are you looking to start your own auto detailing business?
  • Maybe you are an enthusiast and want to learn the "insider" professional tricks.
  • Maybe you are a driveway detailer looking to produce professional grade results.
polishing a car with a rotary polisherDoing some high-end paint correction

  • Most of you don't have enough experience in life and/or business to even ask the right questions.

Harsh as it may sound; you seriously don't know enough to ask the right questions. If you don't ask the right questions you aren't going to get the right answers. Instead you will reach out to someone (hopefully sooner than later), and become yet another person in a very long line of other people that came before you who will become part of some other persons hidden agenda. And like a good little sheep, you will be seduced into their program, pay your money,  and learn some very important skills. Unfortunately, despite how much confidence that will be blown into your psyche, you will still find yourself ill-prepared to grow your business into a profitable and thriving business.

  • Learning how to detail a car (techniques and products) is only about 40% of what it takes to actually establish and grow a successful auto detailing business.

Hard to believe isn't it? And I am guessing I am the only one willing to tell you that cold, harsh fact. You certainly won't hear that from any of the other professional auto detail training courses. Most of the people or places offering training for auto detailing are professional trainers; not professional detailers. At some point in their career they might have been a true professional business owner/detailer, but as saying goes: "Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach." I happen to do both and have done so for the past 28-plus years (and counting)! I'm not trying to hate on these other people or companies, but I see it all day long. The reality is that detailing is hard work. Every month you have some new guy popping up claiming to be the answer to your questions or problems. A new YouTube channel, Facebook page, training course; go down the list. But I have always questioned just how much real world experience they can teach you, when they themselves have such limited experience dealing with the kind of real issues you will be facing if you want to actually start, grow, and develop a successful detailing business that becomes a business that serves you and your world. Another cold, harsh reality I see so commonly due to lack of experience, or training from the wrong people; a business owner who creates a business that he becomes enslaved to.

  • Most of you have adopted the notion adapted from a famous movie: "If I build it, they will come".

We all know the movie; "Field of Dreams". Kevin Costner played a fine role with compelling sentiment. I have seen far too many beginners apply this line of thinking to detailing. "I will become the best detailer out there. I will become so good that once I can show my skills to a couple people, they will tell all their friends. And these friends will flock to my door bringing with them, more and more of their friends. And I will become great and successful, and be the master of my domain. "  Seriously; I see this all the time. (Oh yeah....I used to think the same thing 28 years ago when I first started out! Only I  had no one around to yank me back into this thing called "reality".)

Milwaukee cordless rotary car polisherMy paid guest appearance for Milwaukee for their introduction of the first cordless rotary polisher
  • You can learn 80% of the techniques and products for free on YouTube.

Not sure if you have connected the dots on this one or not. But honestly, if you tune into the right channel (and likely you are tuned into most of them), you can learn essentially 80% of everything you need to know to detail a car. But in the event that you are one of those people who over-simplify things that are much more complex; knowing how to detail a car is vastly different than knowing how to start a business, how to grow a business, how to market a business, and more importantly, how to develop a business into a business that really works "for you". As I have mentioned before, all too often I see people who have built what is a essentially a monster that consumes their entire life because they went about it based on ignorance, inexperience, or bad information.

  • Most of the paid training courses have hidden agenda's designed to commit you long-term to a specific brand of chemicals, products, or person/company.

I hate to be the cynical one in the room; but here I go. Most courses are propped on the goal of you becoming attached to them or the company for life. Being trained with their "special" products, their "special" techniques, their "special" branding. You are now one of "them"! And who after all doesn't want to be one of "them"? But being one of them does not mean being one of the successful. It may feel good and may give you all kinds of confidence. But once you go out into the real world on your own, a harsh reality sets in where you realize first hand, with some very painful and awkward moments that there is much more to this gig than simply applying your passion and OCD skills in detailing a car. (once again; just speaking candidly and from experience)

"Where you are today, I once was. Where I am today, you may become. I am the one that can teach you what is not being taught. Critical information that will determine the difference between success and failure."

When it comes to auto detail training, every one of you reading this will be at different levels with different needs.

  • Do you need to start by learning the most basic of skills?
  • Do you already have some limited experience but are unsure as to how to move forward?
  • Are you looking to actually create your own detailing empire as I have, or simply want to learn from a professional how to take care of your own cars?
  • Are you uncertain as to whether you are actually cut out for a career in professional detailing? (Yes, I am part counselor, psychologist, and a voice of reason)
  • Maybe you have been in business as a detailer for awhile now, but you are struggling with the endless challenges of growing your business?
  • Maybe you are actually drowning with more business than you can handle, but find you are not actually as profitable as you feel you should be?

See what I did?

I laid out some very basic questions you likely didn't consider yourself. But that is what I do in any situation....

I pull back for a larger perspective, filter it through my decades of experience, and help you come to a winning strategy regardless of your situation and circumstances.

Oh yeah..... I'm damn good at it!

"It doesn't matter what area of business, detailing, or life. You have problems, and I have solutions. I can be your voice of reason based on my 30 years of professional experience in every area to help you plan, execute, and achieve whatever your vision may be!"

professional auto detail trainingOne of my "hands on" auto detail training students

  • I can literally help you save hundreds of dollars in a single 15 minute phone call.
  • I can show you how to increase your profitability by 25% with a single strategy I use in my own world.
  • Marketing, advertising, promoting. I can show you what works and what doesn't.
  • I can show you the exact steps to take before you touch your very first car. (steps that are almost the exact opposite of what the industry would have you believe and will save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding.)
  • I can show you what organizations and associations to join, and which one's to stay clear of.
  • Learn how to literally start on a shoe-string budget and start making money within the first 30 days.
  • Learn how to produce professional grade results with about 30% of the products you either think you need, or have been told you need.
  • Learn the exact tools and equipment that are absolutely essential to your success, and the tools that are nothing more than glorified "play-toys" the industry wants you to buy.

Please Read Before ordering:

  • You need to decide on this page how much time you would like to purchase. Use the drop down button to select an amount before hitting the "Buy Now" button.
  • When you click "Buy Now" it will open to a new window which will have your per-selected amount of time already populated in the purchase button when it opens into PayPal.
  • You may wonder why the initial 15 minutes is almost as much as the 30 minutes of consulting. This is because it is hard to get through much in the way of helping you solve your problems within the first 15 minutes. But it can be done and will largely be determined based on your ability to define a very specific question or concern. I know through experience that one or two areas of concern will quickly grow in many other areas. For this reason I have you fill out a questionnaire that will help you refine your questions or concerns into very specific topics that I can respond to very quickly. This is all designed to help you maximize our time together.

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  • After filling out the questionnaire and submitting, I will contact you to set up an appointment time.
  • You will need to include your PayPal receipt number. (this will be located under purchase details once you have paid for your time)

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