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Choosing among the top rated orbital buffers will likely be a frustrating proposition for most of you. In today's world of the Internet, we are literally buried in information; most of which is either bad or misleading. Even after doing hours of research you will likely find yourself frozen with anxiety and the fear of making the wrong choice. My goal is to represent an unbiased opinion so that you may see a more fuller picture in which to make an educated buying decision. And along with my unbiased reviews, I also add my professional tips that come straight from the world of professionally detailing.

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Orbital Car Buffers:
The good news!

Due to advances in engineering, orbital buffers represent the winning combination for virtually every car owner, driveway detailer, and professional alike. The winning combination of benefits make these buffers the first choice in car buffers and polishers:

  • As safe as safe gets!
  • From true beginner to advanced professional.
  • Quality buffers that come in a range of price points.
  • The only buffer most people will ever need.
  • From paint correction to finish polishing.

The Industry Favorites

The orbital buffers below represent the latest and greatest in orbital car buffers. See and read the reviews here along with the reviews posted at AutoGeek.net when you click on any of the links accompanying the individual buffers.

Rupes Random Orbital Car Buffer:

  • As great as great gets!
  • Italian quality.
  • The industry's top pick for random orbital.
  • If you have the budget, you will not be disappointed!

Darren's Professional Review: This Rupes (pronounced "roo-pez") is the finest in orbital car buffers engineered in Italy from a company renowned the world over for producing high quality power tools. If you have the budget and demand the best, you simply will not be disappointed. If you are operating on a tighter budget, then shop from the examples below.

Flex 3401 Forced Rotation Orbital Buffer:

  • Forced rotation means this buffer will continue to rotate regardless of pressure you apply while polishing.
  • The more appropriate choice if you are going into serious paint correction.
  • The preferred top pick by many professionals due to the forced rotation.

Darren's Professional Review: This Flex buffer is still the top pick for many driveway detailers and professionals due to its forced rotation. Orbital buffers are also called DA buffers for dual-action, as they spin and rotate on an axis to replicate the movement of your hand by spinning and orbiting at the same time. (Think of the earth spinning on its axis, while orbiting the sun) This forced rotation orbital buffer from Flex allows you do apply more pressure during heavy duty paint correction without stopping the spinning of the buffer head like the random orbital polishers normally do. If serious paint correction is your goal, then this would be your first pick.

Griot's Garage Random Orbital:

  • A quality pick of orbital buffers despite an entry level price.
  • The more appropriate choice for anyone shopping on a budget.
  • Will be the only car buffer any driveway detailer or car owner will likely ever need.

Darren's Professional Review: While this choice from Griot's Garage might appear as low budget when lined up against the other orbital car buffers, by no means is this a cheap piece of machinery. This is still professional grade, and a car buffer I still use professionally on a regular basis for light duty paint correction and finish polishing. So easy to use, one handed use is possible. If you are unsure as to the direction you are headed and have any reservations as to whether to enter the world of professional detailing or not, this would be my recommendation.

Orbital Car Buffer Summary

If you are a person that is part of the "analysis is paralysis" camp then you will not be disappointed as the Internet is filled with endless car buffer reviews, opinions, and advertising. You can spend the next 2 months searching, reviewing, and pondering to the point of nausea!

...and still be no closer to your original goal 

"Paint so shiny and glossy, heads will be forced to spin in envy!"

Or you can simply follow my professional advice taken straight from the world of my professional life. My words of advice are honest and intended to provide a solution that will actually work for you and your world.


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