3m Adhesive Remover
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Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 20 years, 3M adhesive remover is a well known product and one used by both professionals and non-professionals alike.

When it comes to the world of professional auto detailing, no serious detailer will be without some form of adhesive remover.

But adhesive removers are not just reserved for the professional, but most car owners in general will find themselves in need of an adhesive remover.

3M Adhesive Remover:
A really good adhesive remover

3M 38983 General Purpose Adhesive Remover - 12 oz.

  • Professional grade 
  • Safe for any factory paint, well-cured repaint, fabrics, vinyl
  • Use as a label adhesive remover
  • Chewing gum remover
  • Road tar remover
  • Thick grease remover

Exterior Car Detailing:
Additional uses for adhesive removers

Life is a jungle and no more is this true than out on the roads. Whether you are trying to remove road tar or chewing gum from the rocker panels of your car, a quality adhesive remover like this one from 3M is a good starting point.

But this 3M adhesive remover can also play additional roles when it comes to the exterior of your car and the many curve balls that life may throw you:

Bumper Sticker/label/decal Removal: When it comes to removing bumper stickers or decals in general, there will always be (2) layers. The first layer must be peeled off first. Adhesive removers such as this 3M adhesive remover is just that....for the removal of adhesive, not the sticker itself. The top layer is a different animal all together.

  • You can use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up top layer as this will often aid in the removal of the top layer.
  • Once the top layer of the decal or bumper sticker has been removed, now you can follow directions on the adhesive remover to remove residual adhesive.

Road Tar Removal: Road tar is a common problem when it comes to cars and asphalt roads and streets. If you find the lower panels (rocker panels) of your car have a splatter effect of black or dark brown material that does not wash off, chances are it is road tar that has been kicked up onto your car directly behind the wheels.

Use this adhesive remover to safely dissolve and remove road tar from your car's paint.

Chewing Gum Removal: Yes, as  professional detailer, I often find chewing gum along the lower rocker panels of many cars.

When the temperature becomes excessively hot out-doors, any chewing gum laying on the ground from some disrespectful individual will become very gooey from the heat, and will get flung up onto the side of your car if driven through.

This 3M adhesive remover will also prove very effective at safely removing chewing gum from the exterior of your car.

Car Emblem Removal/Debadging Car: If you decide to remove the extra car badges and emblems from your car; whether this be in the form of the hard plastic or sticker varieties, you can use this adhesive remover to remove the residual adhesive that will always be underneath the car badge, emblem, or sticker.

Interior Car Detailing:
Additional uses for adhesive removers

If the jungle outside of your car doesn't overwhelm you, then you the interior of your car may just put you over the edge!

Life can get sticky, gooey, and messy in many ways. For these reasons this 3M adhesive remover can help:

Chewing Gum: While I am sure you would never throw your chewing gum onto the ground, that other person out there will....and you will eventually step in it.

When you do, there is this adhesive remover from 3M. (yes, freezing it will remove the big chunks, but you will still be left trying to remove the last traces of chewing gum from your car's upholstery)

Heavy-duty Grease/oil: Often you will find a big wad of grease from some unknown source that has suddenly shown up in your car's interior.

For heavy duty grease or oil, most interior car shampoos will prove only slightly effective. This is the time to reach for an adhesive remover that will prove far more effective.

Transponder Tape: If you have ever had a security gate or toll-road transponder attached to your front windshield, you will be familiar with the adhesive left behind when replacing or removing said transponder.

Use this 3M adhesive remover to effectively remove the residual adhesive left behind when removing or replacing your transponder.

Paying it Forward

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3M 38983 General Purpose Adhesive Remover - 12 oz.

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