Meguiars Scratch X 2.0
Your first responder for your car

Life's a jungle and the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 will promise to save you a whole lot of aggravation with its ability to fix or diminish the endless annoying scratches, scuffs, and abrasions your car will pick up along this road of life!

Even if you have a brand new car, this should be part of your emergency preparedness kit. If you among the overly neurotic, I would go so far as to say that I think you should even carry this with you as you simply just never know what is just around that next corner.

Rubbing compound in a convenient container that is easily transportable means you are always prepared!

Meguiars G10307 7 Oz ScratchX

  • Handy scratch remover that can handle so many types of problems
  • Door handle scratches and abrasions
  • Paint transfer
  • Random, isolated car paint scratches
  • Bird dropping etching
  • Road tar removal from rocker panels

using Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 to remove car paint scratch
after using Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 to remove paint scratch

The above before and after pictures show a dramatic example of the kinds of damages the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 can very effectively deal with.

While this fender bender on this red Ford Mustang would require a body shop to fix this perfectly, the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 proved effective at removing the white paint transfer and some of the superficial scratches.

I also used matching factory touch-up paint to cover and fill the deeper scratches that had gone completely through the car paint.

Does Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 Really Work

Yes and no. It all depends...

I realize you likely wanted a simple answer, but the truth of the matter is that no scratch is created equal. Not only is every scratch or blemish you might attempt to use this product or any other scratch remover on, the very scratch itself will vary in the specific nuances of the scratch itself.

What this means to you is that you might use the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 on a long, hairline scratch, and because the scratch is not uniform in depth and width along entire scratch, you may find that only some of the scratch is capable of being removed.

hairline scratch on car paintHere is a perfect example of a hairline scratch that are so common on most people's cars. You will notice that the scratch has subtle differences along the length of the scratch.

What Kind Of Scratches Will Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 Remove

The Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 is a very capable product so long as you maintain realistic expectations. This means this product or any other car paint scratch remover will not be able to remove all scratches, or may only be able to remove parts of scratches and other damages to your car.

But the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 will prove effective on the endless variations of car paint scratches and scuffs you will encounter. Some of my favorite areas I find the Scratch X so effective and useful on are the following:

  • Around door handles

car door handle scuffs
removing car door handle scuffs

Door handles (especially on light colored cars) will collect a healthy amount of small abrasions, dirt, and scratches from your hands and finger nails. In most cases, these are superficial and the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 will  provide amazing results in not just removing the unwanted abrasions, but shining up your paint as you use it.

  • Door Threshold

heel scuffs car door threshold
removing heel scuffs car door threshold with meguiars scratch x 20

Have you looked at the bottom of your car door threshold entry plate lately? This painted area of your door jamb is a very vulnerable area of your car as a result of your shoes kicking and dragging across this area as you get in and out of your car.

I find that the more I use the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0, the more uses I continue to find for it. I simply think it is a necessary "tool" to always have around due to life's endless insults.

  • Rear Bumper

car bumper scuffs
removing car bumper scuffs meguiars scratch x 20

Rear bumpers are notorious for collecting an unfair amount of bumper scratches, abrasions, and scuffs as a result of getting things in and out of your trunk (boot if you are under British Rule)

Can Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 Remove All Car Paint Scratches

No! But before you go away in disappointment, you need to know that no scratch remover is capable of removing all or any car paint scratches.

Every scratch is unique and you don't know until you know. I do know that this product is extremely handy to keep around as your car will not just suffer the insults of scratches, but many other types of unwanted scuffs, and abrasions this product will prove effective on.

Your car has what is called 2-stage paint, or simply referred to as clear coat. clear coat is a clear protective layer that is applied as the top coat to your cars color coat. Clear coat can be thought of as regular car paint, with no color added to it. Clear coat is also very thin (about the thickness of the clear plastic wrapper on a cigarette box) which means that any scratch you have on your car can be deep enough to go below the clear coat.

If this is the case (you can tell by dragging your fingernail across the scratch. Any hard edge to the scratch will tell you the scratch is through the clear coat), then complete removal of the scratch would not be desirable even if the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 could remove it completely. Once you polish through the clear coat in attempting to remove the scratch, it will change the color of the base coat.

The best thing to do is use the Scratch X to diminish the appearance of the scratch by polishing away the hard edges of the scratch and making it less conspicuous.

Clear coat was designed to add UV protection and add additional gloss to your car paint. What this means to you.

How Do You Use Meguiars Scratch X 2.0

My rule is that any polishing or scratch removal should be done using nothing but micro-fiber cloths if you are doing this by hand. You could definitely use the Scratch X with a machine polisher, but most car owners will not have a machine polisher around the house.

how to use meguiars scratch x 20

Apply a small amount of the Meguairs Scratch X 2.0 to the micro-fiber cloth and proceed to rub the area with the tips of one or two fingers. The paint surface you intend to work on should be clean of any dirt so as to not grind in the dirt as you polish the area.

If you are particularly fearful about trying to polish your paint with this scratch remover, simply go at it with light pressure, rub back and forth 10-20 times and check your results. You will likely find that you can rub much more aggressively than you thought you could if this is your first time using a scratch remover.

Make any adjustments you need with regards to pressure and repeat applications until you achieve desired results, or you have determined that the scratch cannot be removed.

Meguiars Scratch X 2.0
Right product, right tools...

I sometimes confuse people when I refer to micro fiber cloths as a "tool". I suppose I could also call the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 a tool also, but most people would call that a product.

The real point I want to make is that if you are going to go to the trouble of using the Meguiar's scratch remover to remove scratches and abrasions from your car, then you might as well arm yourself with the right tool of professionals.

Micro fiber cloths are any professional detailers choice, and a a tool I personally call the 9th wonder of the world. If you are not keeping these cloths around your house as your default cleaning cloth, you are truly missing out!

Not only are these the only cloths I use entirely for detailing, but the only cloths I keep around the house for cleaning and drying. These cloths can come in endless varieties or textures, but micro fiber is the key factor.

Kirkland Signature Ultra High Pile Premium Microfiber Towels, 36 Count (Pack of 1), Yellow - 713160

  • The softest, safest cloth you can use
  • I use micro fibers for EVERY job for detailing
  • These from Kirkland are my "go-to" micro fiber for 80% of my detailing jobs
  • Perfect when using any form of scratch remover wether it be the Meguiar's or not

Darren's Tips: I am still amazed at how many people I still talk with that have never experienced the amazing micro fiber cloth. I don't care what the job is, these cloths perform better over any other kind of material!

They come in endless varieties from textures, sizes, thickness, and cost. For most detailing tasks whether this be interior or exterior, I love these from Kirkland as they are still a quality micro fiber, but they are so inexpensive to what many other micro fibers will cost you.

While I do have plenty of very expensive (relatively speaking) micro fiber cloths, these cloths are the winning balance for 80% of the detailing tasks I do. You really should get a bundle to have on hand whether working on your car or around your house.

If you have learned nothing about the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0, then let this be your take away and get some micro fibers!

Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 Summary

If you have made it this far down the page you deserve a badge of honor! Most people simply want a quick fix for all of life's problems without putting in any effort to become educated and informed.

We are a society of quick fixes and instant gratification. Unfortunately this superficial approach to life rarely delivers the results you really want and are met with disappointment.

My goal is to help you become more informed so you can make better decisions and find less disappointment in your life, not more.

I wish you much success in your car care efforts!


Darren Priest

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