Sparkling Clean Car Wash
Car wash tricks so you can shine!

We all love a sparkling clean car wash! But for most of us, car washing represents a love/hate relationship.

We love a freshly washed car, but hate the time and effort it takes to get there. Knowing the right products and the right techniques will dramatically change your attitude towards washing your car in a way that will put far more love than hate into this love/hate relationship.

Sparkling Clean Car Wash
The 3 Levels of Engagement

sparkling clean car wash

I can reduce the topic of car washing into 3 main categories of people:

  • Those on the bare minimum plan:

These people only wash their cars as a necessary evil and this usually means when the windshield has become so dirty they are forced to wash simply to see out the front windshield.

  • The concerned and motivated:

These people love a clean car, they know that dirt is not good for its finish, and want to retain as much resale value as possible, but also accept that life is busy and understand the need to keep things realistic.

  • The fanatical or zealots:

These people live and breathe all in the name of their cars. No expense or effort is too much as long as their car looks better than anyone else's. These people tend to buy into every new concept or idea in the hopes that it will set them and their cars apart from the herd of "normal" people. They do not worry about efficiency as long as they are consuming mounds of time and energy fixating, working on, and talking about their cars. They are prone to every marketing gimmick the industry can fabricate and these people wear this as a badge of honor to have the latest and greatest of any detailing tool or product.

The Bare Minimum Plan:

There's not much to say about this group of people. The only attempt I can likely have is to to let them know that dirt and sun or your enemy when it comes to your car. The longer dirt remains on your car, the more time it sits in the sun, the more damaged your paint will become.

So I recommend you act accordingly and at the very minimum; run your car through a car wash at least once a month. (your neighbors will also appreciate not having to look at your dirty car on the regular)

The Concerned and Motivated

The majority of you reading this will be part of this group. You want a clean car, willing to put in the effort, but keep things realistic as most of you will be taking care of a daily driver.

chemical guys car wash bucket kit

Chemical Guys Wash Bucket Kit on Amazon

adams wash bucket car wash kit

Adam's Wash Bucket Kit on Amazon

  • Nothing but the most fundamental tools and product.
  • A perfect solution for that sparkling clean car wash.
  • Highly rated brand of car care products.
  • Comes with the innovative Dirt Trap insert to separate dirt from wash water.
  • Simple and economical.
  • Both from top rated companies.
  • I can recommend either one with complete confidence.

Darren's Note: If I personally had to choose: I would opt for the Chemical Guy's due to the wash mitt offered as this is the one I prefer.

The Fanatical and Zealous

Next we have a group of people who are only restrained by the limitations of their bodies. This group of people are not constrained by time, but simply when their body wears out from obsessively working on their cars until the body wants to give out.

I too can appreciate this level of fervor! And when it comes to a sparkling clean car wash, only the two bucket method will suffice.

chemical guys 2 bucket wash kit

Chemical Guy's 2 Bucket Wash Kit on Amazon

  • Two bucket method insures a higher level of safe when it comes to washing your car.
  • Two buckets means cleaner wash water every time you use your wash mitt.
  • Chemical Guys is massively popular among all categories of car guys.
  • Everything needed for that sparkling clean car wash with emphasis on safe.

Sparkling Clean Car Wash Summary

At this point you should be in a new position than when you arrived! Armed with updated or perhaps new information so that you can get better results when it comes to not just washing your car, but other areas of cosmetic car care1

I wish you much success!


Darren Priest

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