Windshield Scratch Repair:
Top Rated DIY Repair Kit

Virtually anyone with a car is eventually going to need a top rated windshield scratch repair kit. After all; it's a jungle out there! Most of us accept the fact that we are going to get small dings and chips in our windshield, but what happens when you get scratches that are a common by-product of windshield wipers gone bad?

Small dings and chips are one thing, but long scratches that can truly be distracting while you are driving is another. And that is where a top rated glass polishing kit comes very handy.

Can Glass Really be Polished?

windshield scratch repair

I get it!

Glass is super hard and would seem impossible to polish away scratches. The front windshield is especially prone to damages of all kinds due to the fact that it is facing forward and is such a big target for endless kinds of assaults life will throw at it. One of the most common problems with windshields in particular is scratches of vary lengths and depths. These can be caused by an assortment of mishaps:

  • Debris hits your windshield while driving and leaves a scratch.
  • Debris was trapped under your wiper blades that scratched your windshield when you turned them on.
  • Your wiper blades became so old that the rubber squeegee came off and the metal of the wiper blade left scratches in your windshield.

The good news is that there are kits that contain special polishing compounds and polishing pads that actually prove effective in removing and/or diminishing the scratches in your windshield. And you don't even need special buffers to use these kits and if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, then the kit I tested was able to remove and greatly diminish the scratches in one of my customers cars that I was faced with in trying to remove them.

I was suddenly faced with the challenge of scratches in my customers windshield and I was skeptical myself that any DIY windshield glass polishing kit would actually prove effective. My industry has many glass polishing compounds available and they all seem to contain the magic ingredient of cerium oxide. This is a chemical abrasive that you are not going to find in any traditional polish or compound for use on car paint.

Which makes sense seeing how tough glass is.

I knew I could get myself set up with all the professional grade glass polishing kits, but I wanted to see if there was a DIY glass polishing kit that could truly perform. So as is usually the case, I consulted with Amazon and chose the most popular windshield scratch removal kit. The very kit below.

windshield scratch repair kit

GP21005 Glass and Windshield Polishing DIY Kit for all Types of Glass, Removes Wiper Blade Damage, Surface Marks, Water Stain

  • Top rated glass polishing kit on Amazon.
  • Countless great reviews.
  • Super inexpensive.
  • Everything you need to remove and diminish the scratches on your windshield.
  • Attaches to any traditional household drill motor.

I ended up shooting a video tutorial using this kit which you can watch if you are interested in my firsthand experience with this specific kit.

Windshield Scratch Repair Kit:
What I Learned

Despite having been in the auto detailing business professionally for over 25 years, I had never tried to polish out any scratches from a windshield prior to this moment. I had always remained very skeptical that any polish would be able to work on a material like glass that is so extremely tough.

Unlike car paint that can scratch so easily; glass is tough and is actually very hard to scratch.

Since I teach so many people that are not professional detailers through my YouTube channel, I wanted to see if glass polishing and windshield scratch removal was actually possible for a typical car owner at home with limited resources.

Yes! It is in fact possible for DIY windshield scratch repair!

I was actually able to polish away all the fine scratches and diminish the very deep scratches in the windshield to a very acceptable level. I have a very critical eye and therefore I am going to be an especially tough audience to make me happy, but happy I was and super happy was my customer!

But with that I wanted to outline some of the tips and tricks I learned in performing the windshield scratch repair to help you in your efforts should you decide to tackle this formidable challenge yourself.

  • You will need a regular drill motor to attach the polishing disc and spindle the kits comes with.
  • The kit comes with two polishing discs that are made of a very dense, special polishing material.
  • Comes with cerium oxide based polishing compound.
  • Comes with a small micro fiber cloth to remove polish once you have polished your windshield.
  • Best to work in a shaded area.
  • Have a step ladder handy as you will need to be high enough in relation to the windshield to properly work on and control the drill motor as you are using this windshield scratch repair kit
  • Based on how deep your scratch(s) are, you may not be able to remove them completely.
  • This kit was able to remove the fine scratches completely.
  • Since scratches in your windshield can be extremely deep, it is unrealistic to think any polish is going to remove them 100%.
  • The good news is that this kit will be very effective at polishing the edges of your deep scratches so they will be much harder to see from any angle, and will not catch the sunlight while driving that makes these deep scratches so annoying.
  • Based on your determination and how deep your scratches are in your windshield, you will need to repeat each application of polish multiple times until desire results have been achieved.
  • There is no limit to how many times you can keep polishing the scratched areas. You will simply achieve the desired results, will run out of polish, or you will simply accept that the scratches are so deep that complete removal is unrealistic. 

Windshield Scratch Repair Summary

Between the info I have laid out for you on this page, along with my recommended windshield scratch repair kit, you should now have a great place to go if you find yourself needing to repair any scratches on the windshield of your own car.


Darren Priest