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"Within today's competitive world of professional auto detailing, becoming relevant and remaining relevant is more important than ever before. Building a professional looking website will become mandatory. Unfortunately most of you lack even the basic understanding of a very complex subject to keep you from even knowing the right questions to ask"

Your Auto Detailing Business and Building a Website

In today's world of hyper-information, we find ourselves in what I refer to as information overload. Not only is learning the endless detailing products and techniques enough to make your head spin, but if you can't successfully get customers, how are you ever going to stay in business.

For this reason I have created this page exclusively to answer one of the most basic and commonly asked questions thrown at me:

"Darren, how can I get more business?"

To answer that question as well as help you not only become an informed business owner, but help you make some informed conclusions as to creating or building an auto detailing business website.

Fist Things First:
My own website(s)

As a business owner, I actually own and operate (2) separate websites; both of which I built using the SBI platform (Site Build It) as illustrated in the video at the top of this page.

The first one is for my professional auto detailing services that I use to get 90% of my business each and every month. Yes, 90%!!!

The second is this website I decided to create to help people just like yourself either get into the business of professional detailing, or for the car enthusiasts looking to learn the tips and tricks from the professional detailing world.

Both websites provide me with a living within the world of professional detailing:

  • Doing it
  • Teaching it
  • Consulting on it
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Paid advertising sold through Google Ad-words

Q. and A. Session

Darren, I have seen many companies that I can use to basically build a website for free.

My initial response when I hear this is that when you get something for free, that is usually what you get, "something for free". And that something is generally not what you want or need.

Darren I just spent a few hundred dollars having a company build a website for my detailing business. It looks great but I do not get anyone actually calling me.

This is the main problem and where ignorance and inexperience on your part is the real tipping point. The saying taken from a popular movie, "If you build it they will come" just isn't the case. many guys and girls fall prey to slick marketing and advertising and think that having a shiny, cool looking website is all that is required.

But Darren, as part of my website package I get free SEO (search engine optimization) tools to help me get found by people.

Once again, welcome to the world of ignorance. Being relevant within the physical world of professional detailing is very important, but being considered relevant with the search engines will make or break your world.

It sounds like you are telling me that these add-on SEO tools I get with my package are no good.

Not exactly. They are important and do help. But these same techniques and tools are being used by every other website in the world. It would be the same thinking if a new business owner rented out some retail space and was told that putting an "open for business" sign out front would make them successful.

The Devil is in the Details
...and so are the answers

When it comes to building a website for your auto detailing business, there are essentially (2) critical factors to understand:

  1. You must be relevant to human readers. (the people actually showing up on your website and deciding whether to do business with you)
  2. Being relevant with the search engines. (If the major search engines don't consider you relevant, then you will be completely invisible to the world)

"Do you think when people go in search of auto detailing services they are going to type in your actual business name as part of their search....NO!"

People use search terms like:

  • Mobile auto detailing (insert your particular county or city name)
  • Professional mobile detailing (insert a specific zip code)
  • Car detailing (insert your city name)
  • Mobile detailing (insert your zip code, city, or county here)
  • Car detailing
  • Auto detailing
  • Boat detailing
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Go ahead and open up a new window on your computer and enter any of these search terms and see how many results are possible.

I just did my own search for auto detailing orange county (that is a popular search term in my area since most people consider Orange County as one big city) and there are about 4500 search results that come up. Not only am I competing with 4500 other detail companies in my immediate area, but I actually come up on page two! All done by what is called organic SEO. (search engine optimization) Which means I don't ever have to pay a company to come up as part of the paid search results that appear at the top of every page.

But Darren, this company I talked to guarantees I will come up on the first page of Google if I use them.

Once again, say hello to your ignorance! I too could pick an obscure search term that nobody is looking for when it comes to auto detailing services and get to the top of page one on Google and I could do it within an hour of building that website. All I have to do is pick a search term so obscure as to guarantee there would be no competition. ( I just typed in "worst auto detailing orange county". This search term is so irrelevant that it doesn't even have enough search results to attach a number to it. But if I replace one single word and change "worst" to "best", then suddenly it will deliver 4395 possible results. So when a company makes that promise, it will be based on one of two things:

  1. They will pick a search term obscure enough for them to get you ranked at the top, but not a term that most people are actually using to find detail services in your area.
  2. Or, you pay them enough to out-bid your competition and you can literally pay your way to the top of any search term page.

200 million Websites and I am in the top 0.5%!

What does this mean to you and me both:

  • The system I use actually produces real results (this is where Site Build-it comes in. I could not have done it without their training....and lots and lots of work!)
  • I never have to pay for any additional marketing like most businesses.
  • Aside from my yearly subscription cost to Site Build-it ($299.00 USD) I pay nothing and I get hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every month!
  • Aside from making passive income from my sites (I have two: and I also get more detail business that I can handle.
  • Because of all this traffic that pays me in many ways, as a detailer I literally get to pick and choose what kind of work I do, and the kind of people I get to work for.
  • Because I can pick and choose my jobs, I also get to charge substantially more for my services than my competition does.

Website for your Detailing Business: you have 3 choices....

  • Do nothing and work the hard way.  (more on this later)
  • Pay someone to do it for you.
  • Do it yourself with one of the endless ways to go about building an auto detailing business website. (most choices being a dead-end for you as a business owner)

1) Do nothing.

I am not trying to discourage or diminish you and your efforts here. The reality is that most guys starting out do not have an excess of money. In fact, most guys starting out do so on a shoe-string budget. I know I did!

For this reason, one of the biggest tips I give to the endless guys and girls that reach out to me for help is as simple as this:

  • Pick a business name
  • Get some business cards printed up
  • Network your butt off by passing out your card to every business, friend, family member, stranger in the street, police man, fireman, etc., etc.

Don't underestimate the power of face to face communication. I literally pulled into a single story business park that looked relatively decent, near my house, and went into every door on every street and simply introduced myself, handed out my card, asked questions, and essentially showed people through communication skills that I was e reliable source for detail services while at the same time establishing trust and rapport though the initial introduction face to face.

You do this long enough, and consistent enough and I promise you, you will get business!

2) Hire a company to do your online advertising.

Not only will you have to pay someone to build a website that meets the standards required of the search engines, but then you will have to pay someone to keep you relevant month after month.

If you have the money I personally think this is a good route to take. You allow a company that is an expert in this area of business, and you can focus on doing what you either do best, or are trying to do best; DETAILING.

This may be a good way to establish yourself during the first year until you have enough of a customer base to turn the "machine" off. Just know that the moment you stop feeding that marketing machine, your phone will go silent and you are on your own to network and market your services.

3) Do it yourself.

This is an oversimplification and in many ways brings us full circle. I know many of you are seduced into the free, or cheap ways of getting your detail business website built:

  • 1and1
  • ipage
  • GoDaddy
  • Webby
  • Word Press
  • Wix
  • Bluehost

The problem is that most people grossly underestimate the "nature of this beast" and will make misinformed, or ill-informed decisions. Hopefully this page will at least help you have a clue to ask important questions if you decide to hire this area of business out to an outside source.

Site Build It:
My answer to success!

Results Don't Lie!

Want to see the results I have been able to produce as a result from following the very steps taught by Site Build It to become part of the top 00.05% of all websites? Click on the link below and you can see my site listed under the "Hobbies" section. (at the bottom of "hobbies" you will need to click the "show more" link for the menu to drop down where my website can then be found.

It is said that there are many ways leading to home. For me Solo Build It/Site Build-it has saved me and my business. With that said, I need to add some additional key points for your consideration:

  • Often people can figure out where they want to be, but forget to take into consideration where they are starting out. A 10,000 foot mountain may be completely unrealistic to a person who is starting out at sea level, versus someone starting out at 5,000 feet. (I started out at sea level. I am not tech savvy in the least degree; you might be and therefore have a head start.)
  • I decided at the beginning that I wanted to become self-reliant with control over my website and did not like the idea of servicing the overhead to pay an independent company to do all the work for me.
  • I did not get to the top of the search engines over-night; it took me years but am forever glad I chose the route that I did.
  • I have complete control over everything of my website: the writing, the pictures, the design, etc., etc. and can make changes anytime I want at my own computer.

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