Best Way to Clean Car
Tips and tricks for better results

The best way to clean a car is any way in which you are willing to do it more often, rather than less often. The Internet will render you into a a puddle of goo due to the overwhelming amount of opinions.

From the best car wash shampoo to the two-bucket car wash method, you will be jerked around by glamorized products and techniques that will overload to your "hard drive" to the point of complete inaction.

best way to clean car

And the only thing worse than a bad car wash is no car wash! If you allow yourself to get sucked into the endless hype this industry would have you buy into, you will find yourself in a mental overwhelm with no ability to move forward and get what you really want:

  • A clean car
  • Products that are effective and simple
  • Techniques that take less time, not more time

Best Way to Clean Car:
What you need to know

Before I get down to my specific tricks and tips of cleaning your car, I want to break down some of the myths and hype surrounding car cleaning and washing.

Q: How Important Is It To Wash Your Car:

Very! Dirt and sun are your cars biggest enemies. Washing your car as frequently as possible is best. While it is easy to overthink the car washing process, the main goal is to simply wash your car to keep the dirt from accumulating, rather than overthinking the so-called best way to clean a car.

Q: Can You Wash A Car Every day

Yes. I realize there are many really scary myths about washing or waxing your car too often and how this can be damaging to your car. The reality is that it would be virtually impossible to wash your car too much to the point of damage.

Q: Is It Possible To Wash A Car Without Scratching

Depends. If you allow too much dirt to accumulate on your car then you need to accept that no car wash product or technique will prevent 100% of micro-scratching to your car. I don't care what that so-called expert on YouTube would have you relive. The best way to clean your ca is as much about frequency as it is about products and techniques.

Q: How Often Should You Wash Your Car

Often! As often as possible. I find it interesting when a person allows excessive amounts of dirt to build-up on their car out of the fear of scratching their car during the car cleaning process. No car wash shampoo or technique has the ability to clean an excessively dirty car without doing some form of micro-scratching.

Q: Is It Safe To Use Dish Soap To Wash A Car

Yes. But with that said; I don't recommend it. Dish wash soaps in general contain chemicals that break down oils and grease. This means that dish soaps will also break down any wax on your car and continue to strip any form of protection you may have on your car in the form of car wax. And washing your car with dish soap on a regular basis will help dry out your clear coat prematurely which will cause it to age quicker than it normally would.

Q: Is The Two-Bucket Car Wash Method The Safest Way To Clean A Car

Yes, technically speaking. It is also a way to consume unnecessary amounts of time and energy for very little pay-off. Anyone who recommends using the two-bucket car wash method is either trying to sell you something, or is trying to boost their authority by glamorizing something like cleaning your car from a mole hill, into a mountain.

Best way To Clean Car
Better results with less effort

If you are still with me and want to see what I consider the best way to clean a car then keep reading. I am going to deliver my car cleaning tips based on the following:

  • Simpler methods
  • Better products
  • Better tools

If I lost you momentarily before, the best way to clean a car is any method you are willing to do more often, not less often. A clean car is the foundation of your cars appearance and health of your cars paint.

If you accept that cleaning your car requires a certain amount of effort and physical discomfort, then you will naturally mind endless excuses that will prevent you from cleaning your car. 

So if I can show you ways to reduce the amount of effort and discomfort, then you are likely to end up with a clean car more often than not.

Best Car Cleaning Kit

Chemical Guys HOL133 Best Detailing Bucket Kit (5 Items), 16. Fluid_Ounces

I recommend this kit for some very specific reasons:

  • A simple kit to get the job done
  • The exact wash bucket I use myself
  • Dirt-trap insert makes for a safer washing experience
  • Handy snap-on lid allows me to save wash water if appropriate
  • What I consider the safest and most effective car washing mitt
  • A very good car wash shampoo that doesn't strip wax and leaves a great enhanced shine

Darren's Tip: If you have been to other sources on the Internet looking for the best way to clean car you have likely come across some of he hyped-up and elaborate car washing methods. Not only will these "complex" methods require more "tools', which also means more money, but will also require more effort on your part just to deliver results that will be no different than using my easier and simpler approach.

In addition to this, I find many people at the beginning will over-think things and never pull the trigger on a plan to move forward. Reading review after review and recommendation after recommendation, until they are completely overwhelmed and never take any action to get the results they want.

My goal is to prevent this form happening to you.

Best Way To Dry Car

Zwipes Auto 879-2 Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying Towel, 25 in. x 36 in, 2-Pack

If you are still living in the dark ages and have continued to dry your car with a ordinary bath towel then you are in for a massive treat with these superior drying cloths.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Able to absorb far more than traditional cotton towels
  • Far safer for your paint than other types of towels
  • No more lint!

Darren's Tips: I am amazed at how many people I see using traditional bath towels to dry their cars. Not only are bath towels hard on your car paint (bath towels put in micro-scratches and result in what is called the spider-webbing effect) but notoriously leave lint as you dry your car.

If you follow no other tip from this page on the best way to clean a car, you need to follow this tip. You will be thanking me after only a few wipes with one of these micro-fiber waffle weave drying towels.

This link will take you to Amazon where these come in a two pack. I reserve one for drying off the paint and windows only (what I call the clean drying) and I reserve the other to wipe door jambs, gas filler cap area, and the like (what I consider the dirty areas of drying your car)

Best Way to Clean a Car Summary

While I could write an entire book on how to clean a car, I simply wanted to provide a basic approach that likely has introduced you to a few new tools, and will hopefully bring a voice of reason to your world so that you get moving.

best way to clean BMW M4 car

I promise you if you are willing to do more and more research, you will continue to find endless hyped-up ways to wash your car. You will find yourself neck deep into the endless opinions and still no close to realizing your end goal of getting a clean car.

There is plenty of time for the endless research if you want, but for right now just get started and then you can work from there.


Darren Priest

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