Color Car Wax
Does colored car wax really work

Color car wax....REALLY! Is anyone really buying into this flawed logic of choosing a top rated car wax based on the color of their car.

Based on my best powers of deduction, I can only assume the logic goes something like this:

"If traditional wax covers up blemishes and enhances the look of my car paint, how much better would it be if I used car wax with color added to it?"

You probably think that using car wax the same color as your car will deliver all the best characteristics of a traditional car wax...only better as now it has color added to it that either matches my car or is specifically made for either light colored cars or dark colored cars.

I believe it was Turtle Wax that came up with the very first version of car wax with color added.

Turtle Wax Color Car Wax
Black cars only

Back in the day you could get colored car wax in a variety of colors. Today the industry has limited it to the (2) basic colors of black and white. Among retail shoppers with very little passion for learning the endless skills and techniques to bring their car to a much higher level of appearance, then this product from Turtle Wax will likey prove to be a very acceptable fix.

Turtle Wax FG6904 Dark Red Color Magic Plus Colored Car Polish Cleans Shines Restores Scratches Includes Chipstick 500ml

  • Perfect fix so long as you accept its limitations.
  • Not a true professional grade solution, but certainly a quick fix.
  • Ideal for use on any when you want to add additional curb appeal with little money. (just choose the color car wax that matches your color best)
  • Comes with ChipStik for deeper paint chips and scratches.

The Colored Car Wax Concept

Using the Turtle Wax Color Magic with added Chipstik works like this:

  • Wax is liquid formulation and made with some form of black coloring to help fill blemishes and scratches on your black paint.
  • Comes with an added Chipstik which is like an over-sized crayon that can be used on deeper scratches.

"Darren, I accept that this Turtle Wax product is a bit gimmicky and a temporary fix, but is there a way that a true beginner like myself can achieve better results?"

Glad you asked....

Today more than ever, non-professionals can produce results that are close to that of the professionals; you just need to know where to look.

Understanding the Essentials:

  • Your car will always need to be waxed for protection and visual enhancement.
  • Every car will get scratches, abrasions, and chips.
  • Rarely will a multi-purpose product like the Turtle Wax Color Magic product produce both lasting and professional level results.

Lasting and Permanent Results:
Even if you have never washed your own car before

Darren's Tips: I will address (3) basic and critical parts that are the major concerns for most people. Use the headings below to pick and choose which area you personally want to take on. All are doable for the complete beginner, and all will provide far better results than using color car wax. Whether you truly have never washed your car before is irrelevant; simply take your car through a local car wash before you attempt any of these solutions as a clean car will be your starting point:

Waxing Your Car

I start here as virtually ever person is at least familiar with car wax. It is what I call mandatory and represents the very least of what your cars paint requires for protection and visual enhancement.

These steps will be your basic requirements and will have to be repeated based on you and your car.

Car Paint Chips

Car paint chips will be a fact of life. The roads are a jungle and no car goes unscathed from the endless insults daily driving assuredly provides.

But instead of reaching for the temporary fix of a color car wax, I recommend seeing car paint chip repair for a more permanent fix of the common problems of car paint scratches, road rash, and paint chips.

Polishing Your Car Paint
True beginner to semi-pro

car polishing for beginners a true beginner you can actually polish your car's paint and achieve professional grade results. The industry has responded with both car buffers and polishes that are easy, simple, and deliver the results.

The very same car buffer, pads, and polished I use to this day to deliver exceptional results to my own customers....without bleeding your wallet dry!

See this link if you are interested in enhancing the appearance of your car's paint regardless of its color: Car polishing for the beginner.

  • Polishing should be done to restore shine, gloss, and depth of paint.
  • Has the ability to remove the marring, abrading, spider-webbing effect most cars suffer from.
  • Polishing should take place after you have washed your car, clayed your car, applied any scratch repair solution like the Dr Colorchip, but done before you apply any form of wax. (including tossing any of the so-called color car wax you may either have, or think of getting)
  • Waxing your car is the very last step.

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