Meguiars Scratch Remover:
For life's little mishaps

Life is a jungle; act accordingly! Meguiars scratch remover is the perfect tool for life's many mishaps.

Small scratches and blemishes on your cars paint is a guaranteed reality of life out on the streets. These unwanted moments of life will show up in many ways, and leave marks in many forms.

Paint Transfer Before

meguiars scratch remover fix before

Paint Transfer After

meguiars scratch remover fix after

The Meguiars scratch remover is not limited to small, superficial scratches, but is also ideally suited for the removal of paint transfer, dirt build-up around door handles and key openings, miscellaneous paint stains and marks.

Meguiars Scratch Remover
Understanding the nature of the beast

It is important to understand what Meguiars scratch remover is, and what it isn't.

  • It is a very mild formulation with mostly chemical cleaners, not aggressive abrasives.
  • Mild formulation means very safe for use by anyone, on any car paint.
  • Mild formulation also means limited on its ability to remove deeper scratches.
  • The best and most useful way to either remove a car paint scratch, or to use to assess the severity of a car paint scratch.
meguiars scratch remover products for cars

One of the greatest challenges of performing car paint scratch removal as a professional is managing people's expectations of what is realistic, what is possible, and what makes sense. I have found that people's understanding of the car paint removal process and the outcome varies wildly from person to person.

What is Realistic: A car owner, you need to understand that what I can do as a professional should be intentionally better than what you will be able to do. If you were able to accomplish what I can do, then how much of an expert could I really be. Ultimately every scratch is unique. And because of this there is no, one single fix that will remove every car paint scratch. Many times a scratch will require multiple steps and multiple "fixes". Transfer removal, then compounding, then application of touch-up paint to fill and disguise deeper scratch.

What is Possible: I have found that most people do not understand the nature of scratches in general, and therefore often have unrealistic expectations of the outcome. What is possible for you to fix, is different than what is possible for me to fix as an expert. Do not let this dissuade you from any valiant efforts on your part, you simply need to factor in your skill set into the overall equation.

What Makes Sense: Everything is life is a series of trade-off's. You trade one benefit in for another. The goal is to find the winning balance of features, benefits, and trad-off's. This scratch remover by Meguiar's is not only the winning balance for ANY car owner regardless of experience or skill set, but a must have since it will be the best and first step to removing any scratch. Using this product will revel very quickly what you are dealing with and the severity of the situation on hand.

Meguiar's G10307 ScratchX 2.0-7 oz.

  • Perfect for the removal of fine scratches.
  • Perfect for the removal of paint transfer.
  • Use around door handles and key holes to remove dirt and scratches.
  • A must have for any car owner!
  • Perfect for the removal of miscellaneous skid marks, paint blemishes, paint transfer (this is when material form another object has transferred onto your car paint during the original insult. This can be in the form of paint from another car, paint from a pole or garage door frame, plastic from debris on roadway, plastic from another cars bumper, etc.) or paint stains from a multitude of sources.

Meguiars Scratch Remover

Darren Professional Tips: I think the Meguiars scratch remover is a must have for any car owner for a multitude of reasons. Not only will this product be a very safe and effective way to remove superficial scratches and blemishes, but is your first step in assessing the depth and damage of any scratch period. While you may assess that you are presented with a deeper scratch that will require other methods of repair like touch up paint, you will at the very least need to come to this conclusion.

Even a seasoned veteran like myself will have to assess a scratch as part of the scratch removal process. There is no better way of assessing a scratch than by using this product first. From superficial scratches to paint stains, the scratch remover from Meguiar's is your first step towards success!


Darren Priest

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