Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax
Ultimate what?

Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax is massively popular among enthusiasts and car owners alike. Meguiar's products can be found on the shelves of virtually every retail outlet imaginable!

Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax

Regardless of whether you are a hard-core Meguiar's fan or not, there are questions that you should be asking yourself that I am willing to bet you ave not thought of asking before you find yourself being separated from your money once again.

Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax
First things first...

If you are here because you have in most ways made up your mind, and you simply came looking for a Meguairs Ultimate wash and wax review then I will start you there.

I accept many people don't really want a trip down the rabbit hole of information, but a basic review based on my own professional experience.

MEGUIAR'S G17701 Ultimate Wash & Wax, 1 Gallon

  • As good as good can get with a wash and wax!
  • Highly rated car wash shampoo, from a highly rated company
  • Unlike other car wash soaps, this has actual carnauba wax as part of the formulation
  • If I had to live with a single car wash soap, I would definitely be happy with the Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax
  • If you are going to go through the trouble of washing your car, why not choose a product that will not only provide a safe washing experience, but add some additional shine and protection to your car

Darren's Tips: If you believe the labeling of this and all car wash shampoos, then you cannot go wrong with this pick. I love it, it smells good, has plenty of lubricants in it, and really will make your car a bit shinier every time you use it!

That is a winning balance in my world. But if you continue to read down this page, you will find that finding the best car wash shampoo might just be a little more than just picking the Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax.

I chose this gallon size since it is more economical to purchase this size versus the smaller version. But there are smaller sizes available.

Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax
Asking the right questions

Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax shampoo

What are the right questions you ask?

What are the wrong questions? You probably didn't think so much thought was a requirement just to find a top rated car wash soap just so you can have a clean car.

But that's what I am here for. To help expand your mind and start applying some critical thinking even though we are talking about something most people would consider rather trivial.

But washing your car is not just a foundational requirement to proper car care, but has the ability to effect the overall health and appearance of your car in the long term.

This is why I think it important to put at least a little thought into selecting the best car wash shampoo. This might be the Meguiars ultimate wash and wax, or you might find you choose another option for your car washing duties.

  • Is dish soap safe to wash your car?
  • Does wash and wax car wash soaps really work?
  • Is Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax a good wash soap?

These are just some of the questions I will be answering for you to help you become a more informed car owner.

Is Dish Soap Safe To Wash Your Car

Yes would be the simple answer.

Assuming all you wanted to do is get the dirt off your car. And assuming you also cared about no other benefits you could realize by using a top rated car wash soap!

dawn dish soap vs meguiars ultimate wash and wax

Then you could literally grab some dish soap from your house and wash your car (more on this further down) to remove that layer of built up dirt on your car that makes it embarrassing to drive around town.

Dish soap is very effective at cutting dirt, grease, and oils as you are washing your car. And because of these abilities of common household dish soap, this also means that every time you wash your car with dish soap, the more and more you will remove not only all that dirt, oil, and grease, but you will continue to dry out the clear coat on your car.

Imagine washing your hands repeatedly with dish soap. Always washing, never putting any lotion on your hands or allowing them to recover naturally (something your car paint can't do).

Your hands would become so dried out and cracked you would not be able to tolerate this for the long term. This is what would be be subjecting your car paint to, unless of course you were willing to wax your car after every car washing you did with dish soap. And I stress waxing every time since we have just learned that the dish soap will strip that wax right off your car when you wash it each time.

You might consider this a poor example, but in fact this is the effect it has long term on your car. People over-simplify this and simply state that dish soap will damage your car paint. It won't damage it in the traditional way you think of damage, but it will certainly dry out your clear coat long term.

So once again, you can wash your car with dish soap; I just don't recommend it.

Does Wash and Wax Car Wash Soaps Really Work

I will repeat myself; yes they do. But the greater question would be for me to ask you what you mean by work.

I don't know about you, but I always question how you could simultaneously wash your car with water, a "chemical" that does not mix with oils, greases, or wait for  it....waxes!

Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax to wash BMW

So how can you expect a wax that has been formulated into a car wash soap, going to leave a residue of this stuff called wax. Carnauba wax to be precise. Which always made me question a products ability to first clean your car, but then leave some kind of wax on it when you were done.

Welcome to the world of modern day chemical engineering. And welcome to the world of surfactants and emulsions. Based on your own personal definition of these terms. The thing you most importantly need to know is that by introducing additional chemicals (or specific chemical molecules) to the formulation, it allows the water molecules and the "wax" molecules to bind together.

And once I dug in and started asking the right questions, I was able to understand the science behind this chemistry. I also learned that very little wax is actually part of these formulations, and that chemicals in the form of polymers (a massive generalization for many types of multiple part molecular structures that make up a polymer) are added to these car wash soaps that add gloss and a trivial amount of "protection" on your paint.

But this trivial amount of protection is all the difference in the world when compared to basic dish soap that does nothing but strip all forms of grease, oils, and wax off your car.

Do I Still Have To Wax My Car If I use A Wash And Wax Soap

waxing car after meguiars ultimate wash and wax

Yes, yes, and yes! Did I mention that yes, you still need to wax your car?!

Car soaps with wax added to them like the Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax were never designed to replace a dedicated car wax or car paint sealant. These amazing products were engineered for a few key benefits:

  • Wash your car while adding a small amount of wax protection
  • Adds additional gloss and shine to your paint
  • Better way to maintain your car than standard car wash soaps

What modern day chemical engineering did was give you more of what you want, without forcing you to do more work. Now the effort of washing your car (which you must eventually do) is not just about removing the dirt, but giving it a boost of shine and protection in between your applications of car wax.

Is Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax a Good Product

Yes! As I stated above; if I had to live with a single car wash shampoo, I would be very happy living with the Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax.

But as promised above, I am here to not only review the Ultimate wash and wax, but also offer what I might consider a possible "better way" of washing your car.

I have always been a fan of getting maximum results with minimal effort. Not just 'cause I might be a bit lazy sometimes, but it also allows me to cram more "stuff" into my life. It's called being productive.

This means I am also a fan of being as productive as possible with minimal amount of effort. Or more precisely; maximizing my effort to greatest maximum capacity for results.

Which leads me to the following options.

Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax
Is there a better way...

This depends. It depends on what you consider a better way. I am going to make what I feel is a compelling case for a better way.

And by "better", I don't necessarily mean a better wash and wax, but a better way that will save you money and help simplify your life.

Chemical Guys HOL133 Best Detailing Bucket Kit (5 Items), 16. Fluid_Ounces

  • All-in-one car washing kit (almost)
  • Excellent car wash soap alternative to the Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax
  • Handy wash bucket with dirt trap insert to help prevent scratching during washing
  • The exact car wash mitt I use and recommend
  • Top rated car wash and wax shampoo

Darren's Tips: I really love this kit as it is a way to save money, as well as save time. You save time by shopping once for almost everything you need to produce professional level results with this car washing kit.

Reading more reviews so you can bounce from one product or toll after another, trying to locate the best car wash soap, the best car washing bucket, the best car washing mitt, etc., etc.

All that adds up to additional time, effort, and expense. Now you can get it all with this top rated car wash kit!

Washing Your Car
A better way to dry...

Meguiar's X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel, 1 Pack

  • The ultimate drying cloth
  • Safe, super absorbent, lint free!
  • The prefect size (not too big, not too small)

Darren's Tips: I am amazed at how often I still se people using bath towels to dry their cars with. Bath towels might feel soft n your skin, but they do in fact leave what we call in the industry as "wash scratch" on your car paint. Over time, these less than gentle bath towels create a spider webbing effect on your car due to the micro-scratching of the bath towels.

Bath towels also leave plenty of lint and are simply difficult to work with. If you have never tried a micro fiber cloth or this drying cloth in particular, you will be in for a massive treat1

Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax Summary

chemical guys extreme body wash vs meguiars ultimate wash and wax

If you have made it this far friend, then I congratulate you! Not many people are willing to put in the time and effort (what I call due diligence) to becoming more informed and educated.

I believe that informed people make better decisions and the last thing I want is for you to repeat the mistakes I have had to endure along my very long road in the world of professional detailing.

I hope that you have come to some enhanced conclusions and find yourself in a much better place to make decisions that will invite better results into your life.

I wish you much success in your detailing efforts!


Darren Priest

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