Mister Clean Car Wash
The end of water spots

Mister Clean car wash kit is your first steep to end the dreaded water spots that can fill any potential car washing moment with dread.

I can show you how to remove this common problem from your car washing experience. No longer does the love/hate relationship of washing your car have to be filled with so much hate.

I have found that when you can favorably increase the user experience, people are far more likely to wash their cars thus increasing the love affair with their cars that has often begun to diminish.

The Mister Clean Car Wash System

Mr. Clean AutoDry Car Wash System Starter Kit

  • Unique cartridges removes water minerals for a spot free rinse.
  • Comes with lightweight nozzle with 3 settings.
  • Mineral free water means a spot free rinse so you can literally allow your car to drip dry without spotting.
  • If you do still decide to dry your car off, it will prove to be easier than ever.

People are quick to comment about the drudgery they feel in having to wash their car. Most people accept the need to wash their car knowing that dirt is not good for the paint finish.

But very few people break down the car washing experience to realize how much they fight against water spotting. Once a person experiences the ability to wash their car with mineral free water and no longer have to worry about water spots, the experience changes dramatically from dread to willingness.

Water Spots:
The problem is real

mister clean car wash

Most people don't understand the nature of water spots. People also don't understand that the unsightly appearance of water spots is just the beginning of a much bigger problem.

Unless the water you are using has been filtered, the water will contain dissolved solids in the form of minerals. These minerals are what causes water spots to do damage by etching into your cars paint.

This means permanent damage that cannot always be corrected. For this reason one of the worst things a person can do is to try and rinse as much of the dirt off their car without doing a proper car wash, and allowing their car to drip dry.

Since every city will have varying levels of minerals in the water, you never know how hard your city water is.

The Mister Clean Car Wash Solution

Now we come full circle with the innovative Mister Clean AutoDry car wash kit. The unique way for a spot free finish and a significant way to take the dread out of washing your car.

Since you are here obviously looking for a better way to wash your car, I am not going to stop there, but show you some additional tools you can use for even better results that can be used for the entire car washing experience.

A Better Car Washing Experience

washing car with mister clean car wash

Regardless of the subject, I have found that the best system or tool is the one a person is willing to actually use. Too often we as people go in search of the best of something; it's a natural place to begin a search.

But finding the best of something is no guarantee your willingness to use it. Suddenly the best is not really the best any longer.

Let me add my professional tips to your car washing experience that includes not only some of the best products an tools, but helkp create an experience you are actually willing to use.

Chemical Guys HOL133 Best Detailing Bucket Kit, 16 fl. oz (5 Items)

  • Welcome to the innovative car wash bucket and dirt-trap insert.
  • Prevent dirt from reentering your car wash mitt.
  • Wash bucket and insert will allow dirt to become trapped within insert.
  • The exact wash mitt I use professionally.
  • A quality wash and gloss car wash shampoo that can be used alone, or in conjunction with the Mister Clean car wash system.

Time to Dry Your Car the Professional Way

I still see it everywhere...

people still using bath towels to dry their cars. Not only do people not realize how these so-called soft towels scratch their cars paint, but you would think the endless lint would deter them from using the infamous bath towel.There really is a better way and it's about time you discover the wonders of these better tools of drying!

Meguiar's X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel

  • Best selling car drying cloth on Amazon.
  • Welcome to the amazing textile called micro-fiber.
  • Say hello to a much safer way to dry your car.
  • The perfect size with enough surface to be effective, but small enough to be able to wring out.

You Need to Become a Blow-hard

Even if you decide to use the Mister Clean car wash kit for a spot free finish. Taking your washing efforts to the next level with my recommended tools and tricks doesn't have to end yet.

With this blower you can now remove all the trapped water within the tight seams and crevices of your car ans say good-bye to the unwanted drip marks so common with a traditional car wash session.

Chemical Guys ACC_303 JetSpeed VX6 Professional Surface Air Dryer and Blower

  • Blow all the tight seams and crevices after your wash to prevent the dreaded water drip marks.
  • Can also be used to blow off the bulk of the water before you even begin to dry your car.
  • Also a great way to blow off your wheels and tires prior to applying a tire dressing and preventing drips marks on your wheels.
  • Small enough to handle, strong enough to be effective.

mister clean car wash alternative

By this point I hope you are beginning to create a mental picture of you washing your car that includes a good feeling of anticipation that replaces the unwanted feeling of dread.

Now arm yourself with the right tools and bring that love affair with your car back to where it used to be. I think the Mister Clean car wash kit is a great place to start.


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