Mr Clean AutoDry Car Wash
Say good-bye to water spots

Mr Clean AutoDry car wash is an amazing little tool that will remove hard water minerals from your wash water for a spot free rinse.

I have found that when I question people about washing their car, one of the most common complaints is the fighting against the dreaded water spots that is so common when using traditional water from the garden hose.

Mr Clean AutoDry Car Wash

Mr. Clean AutoDry Car Wash System Starter Kit

  • Spot free rinse means the ability to skip the drying off process completely.
  • If you decide to dry off your car it will be much easier than ever.
  • Comes with lightweight nozzle with 3 settings: Foam, wash, rinse.
  • Filters out all minerals within water that produces the unwanted water spots.

Over the years within my professional detail business I often ask people who wash their own cars what they find the most frustrating or difficult part of the process. Most often I help them identify the exact problem as having to worry about their car spotting up during the process.

I also find that most people don't even understand how water spots are formed, and more importantly why they are such a problem.

The Real Problem with Water Spots

water spots on ferrari

Water spots are formed when water is allowed to dry on your car and the minerals within the water remain  causing unwanted and unsightly water spots.

The greater problem is these same water spots can etch into your car paint and become permanent. So finding a simple solution like the Mr Clean AutoDry car wash system is greatly appreciated by anyone who discovers the glory of this cool little system.

A Better Car Washing Experience

To me, the best product or system is one in which you are willing to use.

I have found that when I teach people better tools along with better techniques, the user experience now motivates them to get out and actually do what they already know needs to be done but have been less than willing do to bad tools and a bad system.

Chemical Guys HOL133 Best Detailing Bucket Kit, 16 fl. oz (5 Items)

  • Welcome to the innovative car wash bucket and dirt-trap insert.
  • Prevent dirt from reentering your car wash mitt.
  • Wash bucket and insert will allow dirt to become trapped within insert.
  • The exact wash mitt I use professionally.
  • A quality wash and gloss car wash shampoo that can be used alone, or in conjunction with the Mr Clean car wash system.

A Better Way to Dry Your Car

I am still amazed at how many people are still dragging out a common household bath towel to dry their cars with. With the Mr Clean AutoDry car wash system you will no longer have to dry your car off if you choose, but I accept that there are many people who will still choose to dry their car off even if their car wil dry spot free.

By ditching the common bath towel, you will be saying good-bye to scratching your car along with the incessant and annoying linting that common bath towels produce.

Meguiar's X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel

  • Best selling car drying cloth on Amazon.
  • Welcome to the amazing textile called micro-fiber.
  • Say hello to a much safer way to dry your car.
  • The perfect size with enough surface to be effective, but small enough to be able to wring out.

Blow Your Way to Better Results

Everyone knows and dreads the annoying water drips as you pull away after freshly washing your car. Water remains in all the tight creases and seams of your car only to blow out as you drive created drip marks along your freshly washed car.

There is a simple trick that I use to eliminate this unwanted problem. I have had to go outside the industry fro the right tool, but the industry has since responded with its own version of the electric leaf blower.

Chemical Guys ACC_303 JetSpeed VX6 Professional Surface Air Dryer and Blower

  • Small enough to manage, powerful enough to be effective.
  • If you do decide to dry your car after the wash, this will greatly speed up the process.
  • Blow all the tight areas, crevices, and seams to prevent the unwanted drip marks.
  • Also ideal for blowing off wheels an tires after cleaning them.

I hope at this point you are developing a renewed desire to wash your car now that you have learned some tricks taken first hand from my professional world of auto detailing.

So go out and perform like a detailing rock star!


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