No 7 White Polishing Compound
Easy, Simple, and Available

Life is a jungle; you and your car can verify this first hand! From harsh weather conditions, the chronic constant assault from sun and dirt, to unwanted parking lot mishaps.

The many insults your car paint faces will eventually cause a person like yourself to go in search of a quality rubbing compound. Whether you need to restore the depth and shine of your car paint, to removing unwanted scratches, skid marks, and staining, a top rated rubbing compound is a must have in your car paint arsenal.

No 7 White Polishing Compound:

Any beginner will naturally be overcome with a healthy amount of fear when it comes to the thought of using a rubbing compound on their car paint. Likely you will accept the strategy of testing the waters first with a rubbing compound that is less aggressive rather than more aggressive.

It is a rule in the world of detailing to start with the least aggressive method and product in order to achieve the desired outcome. If that doesn't work, then you move onto something more aggressive.

No7 White Polishing Compound, 10 fl oz

This No 7 White Polishing Compound represents your first step when it comes to the following:

  • Removing built-up grime from your car paint
  • Removing or diminishing random car paint scratches
  • Removing various types of paint staining
  • Removing superficial skid marks and other forms of dirt
  • Restoring overall shine and luster to isolated areas or entire paint surface

No 7 White Polishing Compound:

While most of you will find the No 7 white polishing compound above sufficient in most cases, many of you will accept that you will need a more aggressive polishing compound. And many of you will accept the need for both versions so you can respond accordingly to the various polishing needs of your cars paint.

The No 7 white polishing compound below represents the next step in aggressiveness.

Niteo Products 08610-EACH Single No7 Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound

  • For a more aggressive level of compounding or polishing
  • For deeper scratches, paint blemishes, and skid marks

As a car owner or enthusiast, the world of paint car care and detailing seems to become increasingly more and more confusing. From the countless opinions easily found of social media, to marketing and advertising, it can send the best of us into a tail spin of anxiety.

If you find yourself frozen in anxiety, unable to make a decision, I have a few words of advice:

  • As a beginner; you don't have to overthink it. (despite how complex guys can make you believe it is or the endless opinions you read on social media)
  • Just pick a product you think will give you a fighting chance at getting the results you want (if you don't do anything, then you will never get any closer to your desired goals)
  • You will forever be trying more and more products (accept this and just pull the trigger on a single product just to get your feet wet. You can and will move forward from there)
  • Most products, despite the reviews will deliver some form of results from which will gain you some experience from which to move forward with.

The No 7 white polishing compound on this page represents a very small fraction of what would seem like endless choices. The fact that you have already heard of this product, along with the positive reviews suggest this is perhaps a great place to start for you.

So give it a try and see what you can dpo for yourself in restoring more of that lovin' feeling back into your cars appearance.

I wish you much success!


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