Nu Finish Car Polish
The Car Polish That Isn't

Labeled as a once a year car polish, Nu Finish is a classic case where the industry itself misrepresents and misinforms you as a consumer. This product actually works rather well as a retail grade product, is neither a polish or a wax.

This product was developed by the Reed-Union Corporation back in the early 70's, this company continues to create new products as it leverages its brand recognition to sell more and more products; even though it is not officially part of the cosmetic car care industry.

A quick read at the THIS PAGE reveals this company (like many others) uses ambiguous terms, erroneous claims, and traditional marketing double-speak to separate you from your money.

The product itself actually works pretty well as long as your expectations are not too high.

But show me an industry that does not employ less-then ethical sales and marketing strategies!

Nu Finish Car Polish Review

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

  • 100% synthetic.
  • Contains no wax.
  • Not really a polish.
  • Don't really "buy into" any product that claims a years worth of protection.
  • Easy enough to use.
  • Will stain black trim.
  • Would buy and use...if no other options existed.

"The entire subject of car waxes is an endless game of chasing your tail. From carnauba based natural car waxes, to synthetic car sealants. Endless opinions from driveway detailers to so-called experts... it's enough to make your head explode!"

Does the Once a Year Car Polish Actually Work:

The simple answer is YES. And if all you are looking for is something that works, then you need not go any further.

But what exactly "works" about this car polish that isn't a car polish?

  • For the minimalist in life who doesn't like to over-think anything!
  • Easy to find. (just use the link above and get yours through Amazon)
  • Easy enough to use. (Goes on, comes off easy enough)
  • Lasts as long as most car waxes and sealants. (This is also an endless debate; enough to make your eyes roll back into your head!)
  • Plenty of satisfied consumers/car owners. (Ignorant to better alternatives, but nonetheless satisfied)

Why Not Choose The Once a Year Car Polish

The simple answer is because there are far better alternatives. Alternatives that should be based on the type of person you are and the type of car you are trying to wax or seal or polish.

  • Better waxes and sealants exist.
  • Better products exist that are formulated by companies that actually produce car care products (Nu Finish is not one of them. A product produced originally by a company that doesn't have expertise in surface car care)
  • Whether you choose a car wax or car sealant, you have many options of superior products.

Darren's Professional Picks:

Without overloading you with endless choices as alternatives to this NuFinish car polish, I am going to limit my favorites when it comes to what I would consider an apples and apples comparison:

  • All products below are 100% synthetic sealants. (Nu Finish is a 100% synthetic sealant)
  • All products below are liquid versions.
  • All products below are available through this website.
  • All products below are considered enthusiast to professional grade. (Nu Finish is a retail grade sealant. You will never find a professional using Nu Finish in the real world)
  • All products below are economically priced. (Not as cheap as Nu Finish; but also not as cheap)

mothers synthetic wax:

Mothers 05716 California Gold Synthetic Wax - 16 oz.

  • One of the actual car paint sealants I use professionally. (And the only product from Mothers I use professionally)
  • Can be used in direct sunlight (despite manufacturers directions)
  • Easy on, easy off.
  • Actually mislabeled as it is a synthetic blend of polymers rather than an actual carnauba wax.
  • The only product I use and/or recommend by Mothers.

Meguiar's ultimate liquid wax:

Meguiar's G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax, 20 oz

  • A trusted name in cosmetic care care since the beginning of time. (Well, at least for a very long time)
  • Amazing Amazon reviews.
  • Another case where the manufacturer mislabels the product by calling it a wax instead of a sealant, which it is. (I guess the industry is tired of fighting against the current of popular terminology and simply chooses to use a name that people instantly understand: WAX)
  • Also a non-staining formulation, unlike "The once a year car polish".  (This means it will not stain or leave a white haze on black trim)

Wolfgang Deep Gloss

Wolfgang WG-5500 Deep Gloss Paint Sealant

  • Another excellent paint sealant.
  • Easy on, easy off.
  • Wolfgang is a favorite among many professional detailers.

Chemical Guy's Paint Sealant:

Check product out on Amazon

  • Enthusiast/professional grade.
  • Excellent Amazon reviews.
  • One of my favorite cosmetic car care companies.

Darren's Professional Tips:

nu finish review

There are almost endless choices when it comes to car paint sealants like all the products we have discussed on this page. You can spend endless hours researching and reading the endless stream of opinions. And if the idea of countless hours of research gives you goose bumps, then by all means spend the rest of your day searching and reading!

If you have a dark colored car, then I recommend you visit my best car waxes page. (The link will open in a new window)

Otherwise, the simple answer is that any of the car paint sealants on this page will perform just fine for the majority of you. With so many amazing products to choose from, deciding on the "best" will largely be within the nuances of the product itself.

I hope this helps...and don't forget to share this page and join my YouTube channel!


Darren Priest