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Better technology for better results!

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Turtle Wax car wash is widely known and a widely popular car wash soap. Some people may even call it the best car wash soap!

Regardless of your opinion on Turtle Wax products, they have updated their car wash soap with the latest in advanced chemistry and chemical engineering to bring you cosmetic car care products that deliver better results.

There isn't an industry that has not seen massive improvements due to advances in engineering, manufacturing, and formulating. Turtle Wax car wash is no exception.

But this page is not going to stop with just your basic car wash soap, but is going to add additional car washing tricks to take your efforts to the next level of performance!

turtle wax car wash soap

Turtle Wax Car Wash Soap:
Ceramic technology

Traditional car wash soaps still offer the ability to safely and effectively wash your car, but when people ask how to wash a car, often they should be asking what is the best car wash soap to use in order to wash a car.

Turtle Wax 53411 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wash and Wax-48 Fl Oz

  • Hybrid technology (this means formulating using a combination of chemicals to create a winning balance of features and performance)
  • Formulated using SiO2 chemistry used to create a super hydrophobic surface layer (hydrophobic means "water fearing". Which translates into a car wash soap that creates a super water beading effect on your paint surface)
  • Go from good to better with the latest Turtle Wax car wash soap

Turtle Wax Car Wash Soap:
Tricks for a better way to wash your car

using turtle wax car wash soap

It's one thing to find the best car wash soap to wash your car with, and an entirely different thing to know the additional "tools" and techniques required to take your car washing efforts to the next level.

After all, you are literally going to need more than just a car wash soap in order to to get a clean car. And for this reason I am going to lay out the additional tools required so you can produce professional results.

Adam's Grit Guard Wash Bucket with Lid - Professional, Heavy Duty 5 Gallon Detailing Bucket

  • You will actually need a car wash bucket to mix your choice of a car wash soap into
  • This bucket comes with a Grit Guard insert that traps heavier dirt below the screen to prevent dirt particles from being transferred back onto your car during washing
  • Also comes with a unique lid that is water tight and allows you to cover your bucket when not in use to prevent dirt from collecting or if you want to save wash water for additional uses later

Car Wash Mitt 2 Pack - Extra Large Size Clean Tools Kits- Premium Chenille Microfiber Winter Waterproof Cleaning Mitts - Washing Glove with Lint Free & Scratch Free

  • These are what I consider the safest car washing mitts available
  • I prefer using two wash mitts (one for the more delicate work of washing the paint, one for dirtier work like wheels  or door jambs)
  • I prefer having two distinct colors that allows me to designate a particular color for particular jobs
  • Equipped with an inner sleeve if you like to insert your hand into washing mitt during use

Meguiar's X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel, 1 Pack

  • Say good-bye to your house towels for drying
  • You will not find a better way of drying your car off
  • Much safer and more absorbent than any house towel you could ever use
  • Perfect size that is not too big, and not too small
  • Will not scratch your paint and will not leave lint on your paint

Autofiber Upholstery and Leather Microfiber Scrubbing Sponge (6 Pack)

  • My "go-to" sponge to use after my initial car washing to remove left-over bugs, bird droppings, and bee pollen
  • Comes double-sided so you can pick and choose how aggressive you need to be

Kirkland Signature Ultra High Pile Premium Microfiber Towels (36-Pack)

  • My "go-to" micro fiber cloths for may of the less critical tasks of car care
  • I use these from my dedicated drying cloth to wipe down the door jambs and other areas of the car that are excessively dirty
  • Using these micro-fiber cloths save the integrity of my other dedicated wash tools from becoming heavily stained and soiled

Turtle Wax Car Wash:
Taking your car to the next level

I am all about maximizing my efforts and when it comes to my cars, there is no exception. If I am going to put in the effort and time to do a quality wash job on my car and know that one extra product and a little extra effort will pay great dividends, then i am all over this!

Chances are you may have the same approach. For this reason I will share with you an additional product and concept that will likely be new to most of you  reading this.

Turtle Wax 53410 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax-26 Fl Oz

The cosmetic car care industry has continued to make advances like every other area in life, from better formulated products like the Turtle Wax car wash, to entirely new products like the one I am introducing here.

In the industry these are called drying agents. Products you spray directly onto your clean car that is still wet after the final washing and rinsing have been done.

These products allow you to spray your wet car to help in the drying process by reducing water spotting and creating a nice uniform and glossy shine all while simultaneously drying your car. A step of the car washing process you will have to perform anyways.

  • Spray directly onto each panel of your wet car and then dry as normal
  • Work from section to section by spraying a couple of shots of this product per panel
  • Add additional shine and protection as you are drying your car
  • A perfect way to get that just waxed look on your car and help extend the life of your traditional coat of car wax
  • You have already gone through the work to wash your car, now with an additional product and a small fraction of effort, you can really boost the appearance and protection of your car

All-in-One Car Washing Kit:
As Simple as Simple Gets!

washing car with meguiars water magnet

I love simple, as I know you probably do yourself. So the fact that you came looking for Turtle wax car wash strongly suggests you are in search of a quality car wash shampoo, and more importantly; a clean car!

And for that reason I strongly suggest a simpler approach to getting that car of yours clean with the purchase of this car washing kit that contains so much of what you likely also need for a professional job that you can do yourself.

Kits are also a great way to save money and experiment with products you may not be willing to test out independently.

Darren's Note: We all tend to want the "best" of anything. But finding the best car wash soap to the best drying cloth is a person preference due to the many quality products and tools that exist within this market.

For this reason I also provide a comprehensive solution from a completely different manufacturer. All quality products and tools, but not from Turtle Wax

Chemical Guys HOL121 Best Car Wash Bucket Kit (11 Items)

  • Top rated products from a top rated company.
  • The go-to company for many hard core enthusiasts and professionals: Chemical Guys.
  • Save time and money with a comprehensive kit that will provide maximum results with quality products and tools.

Turtle Wax Car Wash Summary

Like any other area of cosmetic car care, I could overload you with endless choices which would only force you to filter through review after review. Chances are you would become even more frustrated than you likely already are.

washing car with meguiars ultimate car wash

For this reason I have limited this page to a few Turtle wax car wash alternatives, along with a comprehensive car washing kit.

Along with choosing a top rated car wash soap, you will also need the right 'tools" to help you produce not only better results than you are likely getting now, but results that are truly professional.

Obviously if you go with the kit, you will not need these other car washing "tools". But in the event you decide to go with the Turtle Wax Hybrid car wash, you will definitely need some of these added tools to go along with any top rated car wash soap.

Car washing is as basic to proper cosmetic car care as you can get. Once you have mastered the art of a good car washing, you can then advance to the other important tasks of using detailing clay to decontaminate your car paint and perhaps even venture into the world of polishing your car and really turbo-boost your cars shine.

I don't want to overwhelm you if you are a beginner just beginning to learn proper cosmetic care of your car. I suggest you start with the basics, master those, then move forward as you feel you are ready.


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