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Going past the superficial!


Zip Wax is a popular car wash soap put out by an even more popular and recognizable company that specializes in car care products. Many people live under the impression that the simple task of car washing is fulfilling the basic requirements of proper car paint care.

While ignorance really is bliss, remaining in your ignorance will only promise you undesirable results for the future! Most people don't have the means to replace a car every 2-3 years, myself included. As car owners we are bombarded with contradicting opinions and an overwhelming array of car care products. Many people find themselves frozen in anxiety to the point of inaction.

Better Techniques, Better Products, and Better Results

If you are serious about retaining the value and beauty of your car then take note: proper car paint care is actually easier and simpler than most people have been lead to believe, and shopping for Zip Wax is only the beginning.

zip wax

If you are a die-hard Turtle Wax fan, then I am preaching to the wrong audience.

But if you are looking to maximize your results with less effort, then follow below as I lay out specific products and tools I recommend from the world of professional auto detailing that will promise to deliver true professional-grade results and deliver a better user experience than you likely can imagine.

Basic Zip Wax Alternative

Mothers 05674 California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax - 64 oz.

  • If you truly don't want to over-think the moment and just want a better alternative to Zip Wax car wash, then this will be your product.
  • Highly rated Amazon reviews.
  • Meguiar's is a long standing and trusted name in car care.
  • You will not be disappointed!

More Than Just a Car Wash Soap

What good is shopping for a quality car wash soap if you are neglecting the other fundamental steps of a proper car wash?

Many people will oversimplify the process and go searching for the best car wash soap such as Zip Wax, expend much energy and time washing their car to the best of their ability, only to be left with marginal results. Selecting the best car wash soap is merely a step in the right direction.


Your complete car washing and waxing kits

While many people will spend time and energy searching out the best in car wash soaps, using a soap like Zip wax will only go so far to producing superior results. These professional grade car wash buckets below are your first defense against unwanted "wash scratch" or swirl marks that can result from your car washing soap and water becoming contaminated with dirt.

If you don't want to over-think it, you can simply go with the traditional single bucket method. But if you want to take it to the next level, you can go with the 2-bucket car wash method.

Adam's Basic Car Wash & Wax Kit

  • Everything you need for professional grade car washing results.
  • Also everything you need to wash, polish, and protect.
  • If you have come this far; you might as well equip yourself to do all the steps necessary to protect and enhance the appearance of your car.
  • Highly rated car care products from Adams.
  • A popular brand of choice for every one from beginners to professionals.

Taking it to the next level: 2 bucket method

Chemical Guys HOL129 Best Two Bucket Wash and Dry Kit (11 Items), 16 fl. oz, 11 Pack

  • For those of you where "good enough", simply isn't!
  • The 2-bucket wash method is a safer level of clean.
  • Allows further control over the dirt particles contaminating your wash solution.
  • Not for everyone, but you know who you are when you see it.
  • Comes with a much safer and better wash mitt than the kit from above.

Drying your car the safe way!

Meguiar's X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel

I am amazed at how many people I still see drying their cars with household towels. While 100% cotton towels might feel soft to your body after taking a shower, they are anything but soft to your cars paint.

What most of you don't realize if you are still using this outdated method, is that those really soft cotton towels, are actually inflicting endless fine scratching and spider-webbing into your cars paint. These bath towels simply are not engineered to be used on your cars paint surface.

Not only do these towels continue to mar and scratch the surface of your paint, but the endless lint they leave behind should have most of you running from ever touching one of these bath towels.

Darren's Additional Car Washing Tips

washing car with zip wax

Simply shopping a quality car wash soap like Zip wax is merely a step in the right direction. As I have already stated, Zip Wax does perform, but if you are looking to get better than marginal results you will need to incorporate all these tips and products into your car washing tasks. Better tools really will produce better results! If you are on a really tight budget, you really need to invest in one of the synthetic Water Sprite chamois' and a sheepskin wash mitt; those (2) products will make the biggest difference in your car washing experience. If your budget permits, and you are really serious about arming yourself accordingly, then take the time to get all the above!


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