Cyclo Polisher Review
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For many people, the Cyclo Polisher will represent the winning combination of benefits when shopping for the top pick of automotive polishers. Whether you are a weekend warrior looking to work on your own car, or a professional detailer looking to take it to the next level, finding the best rated car polisher can be a frustrating process.

Generally any car buffer review will be more about selling you something, rather than helping you become an informed consumer first. Many guys think they are making an informed decision only to find out later that it was a decision made with limited information.

Cyclo Polisher Review

The unique design of the Cyclo Polisher is meant to duplicate the exact process of your hands when applying car polish or wax. Due to the hyped-up fear many associate with car buffers and swirl marks, this Cyclo Polisher for many represent the perfect solution to this common problem.

cyclo polisher
  • The only dual head polisher on the market
  • VES; vibration elimination system
  • An ideal choice for any true beginner as this is a slow speed orbital, not a high speed rotary

Why Choose the Cyclo Buffer

Every choice in life will represent finding the winning combination of benefits over compromises; also referred to as a cost/benefits analysis. Use the checklist below to assess the possible benefits to you:

  • Built to last for home or professional use.
  • Orbital type polisher for any true beginner that will allow you to deliver true professional grade results with this kit.
  • Not my personal choice as the top pick of car buffers, but many others consider this their "go-to" as they really like the dual head action that cannot be found with any other of the car polishers on the market.
  • The polisher that many of the professionals in my area use to this day.

Mega Cyclo Kit

why the cyclo may not be the best choice

Unless you already have experience with car polishers and car buffers, it is often hard to assess what you will need in the short term as well as the long term. The following list will lay out some drawbacks to choosing the Cyclo car buffer as your top pick:

  • (2) polish pads that need to be cleaned, changed, and replaced.
  • Bulky design.
  • Antiquated aesthetics.

Darren's Professional Tips:

cyclo polisher review

The world of car polishing and paint correction has been filled with so much hype it makes my head want to explode! Endless so-call experts and wannabe professionals will parade around their hi-priced car polishers as proof of their high-level paint correction skills.

On top of that, they will post countless pictures of their 5,000 hour paint correction job on some luxury or exotic car. (yes; that was highly embellished) All this adds additional frustration and anxiety to people like yourself who want to take that leap into the world of car paint polishing, but are literally frightened away and frozen with anxiety due to all the crazy hype on the subject!

"Car polishing and paint correction can truly become an art! But you do not have to become a master of the art at the beginning. With the right encouragement and the right buffer and products, you can produce results that you will be amazed by with your very first time."

The industry has responded with buffers, polishing pads, car polishes that allow an absolute beginner to safely and effectively perform at professional level results right out of the box! If you are one of the people looking to rais eht elevel of shine and gloss on your car without fear of damaging your car paint, see my car polishing for beginners page for a common sense, and doable approach to car polishing.

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