Car Paint Restorer:
See how any beginner can get professional results

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Finding the best car paint restorer is going to be a difficult find for most people. One of the main reasons is that it is an over-simplified question.

Most people think that there will be a single product that is simple to use and will restore your cars paint in one single, easy to use application. Virtually any car made since 1990 will have a 2-stage paint job which consists of a color coat followed by the second stage clear coat as the top coat.

Unlike single stage paint jobs that would become chalky and dull over time, clear coats oxidize completely different. An aging clear coat will appear to have been washed with a steel wool pad as the paint surface is covered in ultra-fine scratches and looks dried out. (also referred to as spider webbing)

"Understanding the nature of the beast"

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This is one of my favorite lines and one I use often. Much of life can be reduced down to problem solving skills, and auto detailing and restoring the paint on your car is no exception.

The problem is that many people do not understand the root problem, or the "nature of the beast" as I like to call it. So before you start chasing your tail looking in one car forum after another reading the sea of endless opinions that exist out there on "The Net", let's first lay down some ground work that will not only serve you well in this moment, but in all your future car care efforts.

Modern Day Car Paint:
Single Stage or 2-Stage Paint

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This is where we really begin to nail down the root of your problems when it comes to the appearance of your cars paint; which for most people, is the reason they go in search of the best car paint restorer.

Pictured Problem: This picture depicts the most common of problems when it comes to clear coated cars. Not only is this referred to as "spider-webbing" due to its appearance, but if you allow your cars clear coat to remain unprotected for too long, this will only get worse until the eventual and complete "burn-out" of your clear coat.

Any modern day car that has been built in the last 15 or so years is guaranteed to have what is called 2-stage paint or, a clear coated paint finish. What this means is that you are not really going to be trying to restore the shine and luster of the actual color coat of paint, but will actually be working on the top layer which will be the clear coat.

In most cases, clear coats are acrylic urethane, which in an oversimplified explanation is a form of plastic coating (remember I said over-simplified for all you zealots out there). The point is that clear coats are not only made using different chemical ingredients than old-school single stage color coats, but they also will age and oxidize differently.

Despite this fact, restoring the paint on your car in most ways represents the same problem solving challenge...

"What is the best car paint restorer, and can a true beginner perform this task safely while producing professional grade results?" 

The answer is yes, and any true beginner can do it, and the solution is waiting for you just below with a the kits that include everything needed. Kits that combine the safest, most user friendly car buffer known as a DA (dual-action), along with the amazing capabilities of professional grade car polishes.

Welcome to the World of Modern Day Tools, Techniques, and Products!

The industry has long recognized the need to bridge the gap between professionals and the non-professional. Most beginners go running in the opposite direction at the first mention of car buffers and the many horror stories permanently stuck in most peoples heads

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Understandably the first-timer will be fearful of finding themselves behind the wrong car buffer based on their lack of experience, and think any car paint restorer will have to be done by hand and with hours of arm breaking work.

The good news is that no longer is this the case as the industry has responded with user friendly and safe car polishers, along with advanced chemical engineering that allow for an amazing user experience along with the ability to produce truly professional results even for a first timer!...even if working on a black car!

Chemical Guys Car paint Restorer Kit

  • Winning balance of cost, performance, and power
  • Perfect for any beginner to restore the shine to their car
  • Likely the first and only car polishing kit you will ever need

The Before and After of Car Paint Restorer

Now that you know the quickest, most effective way to restore your cars paint as a beginner while producing professional level results, you also need to remember that there is a very critical step to perform prior to any of your car polishing:

  1. I do not recommend this car paint restorer kit unless you have properly prepared your cars paint prior to polishing it by removing all paint contaminants first with use of a quality clay bar.
  2. After you have finished restoring your car paint, it is time to lay down some additional shine and protection in the form of a quality car wax

Darren's Professional Tips:

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  • Modern day advances in the industry have closed the gap between professionals and the common person; these kits are just what you need to fully restore car paint to higher level of shine, gloss, and depth while removing car paint defects
  • A new level of results you never imagined possible in these car paint restorer kits that allow you to polish like a rock star!
  • As easy as it is ever going to get to raise the level of shine and luster to your cars paint
  • If you have ever been fearful of using a car buffer on your paint in the past, let those fears go as the car paint restoration kits on this page come with dual-action, random orbital car polishers that are as safe as safe can get and promise to deliver a higher level of shine you will NEVER achieve by polishing your car by hand
  • I promise you will be amazed at the results you are personally able to produce...even if you are working on a black car!

I hope by this point you have the needed confidence and information to not only make an informed decision, but polish your car to a higher level of shine than ever before!


Darren Priest