Professional Car Wax:
Does it really exist

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I know many of you are asking if there really is such a thing as professional car wax. Perhaps your biggest question is more about the ability to produce professional results rather then chasing your tail from one product to the next looking for the best in car waxes.

Because if you were to leave it up to this industry called car care and detailing, they are constantly figuring out more and more clever ways to separate you from your money.

I know many of you feel like you have been chasing your tail from one product to the next; forever looking for that "silver bullet" product that will magically transform your car into a rolling piece of art.

professional car wax

How About We Start With The Truth

How novel; starting with the truth. A truth that will never be found on any automotive wax product that could possibly be considered as a true professional car wax.

"Most people don't realize that the industry holds the truth from you in order to keep you ignorantly in the dark. Ignorant people make poor choices and it is a way for the industry to get you to buy more and more products."

  • Yes it is true that car waxes are not all created the same.
  • Modern day chemistry and manufacturing has made finding a quality car wax easier than ever.
  • Because of the endless choices, it also makes choosing an actual professional car wax that much more difficult as too many choices often leads to analysis paralysis.
  • I am here to guide you through this saturated market.

Professional Car Wax:
What Would Darren Do (WWDD)

professional car wax on ferrari

So often I am asked my opinion on may topics of auto detailing and cosmetic car care. What do I think is the best car wax is certainly at the top of that question list.

From guys and girls looking for the best car wax to the best professional car wax, everyone wants the best!

"The best wax is the wax that makes it onto your car as often as possible!"

Seems like a basic rule to live and make decisions by. But a rule most people don't actually consider in my opinion. Most people start with asking what I think the best car wax is, and perhaps what car wax I use as a professional detailer, but I simply answer with my "go-to" answer as I just did.

Which is why I am going to let you know what I consider both the best car wax, as well as the best professional car wax:

CSi Q-7 Spray Car Wax:
As professional as professional car wax can get

CSI Q-7 Wax 16oz 62-204-P

  • Body shop safe (find another car wax that can perform at that level of professional!)
  • Nano-emulsified (this means an ultra-tight consistency)
  • Non-staining formulation (this means it can be used directly over any black trim, window gaskets, etc. without staining or turning white over time)
  • True water borne technology (this means the water molecule is the carrier of the active/inert ingredients of the good stuff. This means that as you apply it and the water molecule evaporates, the "good stuff" is left behind to enhance and protect your car paint)
  • Formulated with real carnauba wax, not silicones that simply mimic the effect of carnauba wax
  • My "go-to" wax of choice that I know will make it onto my car more often, not less often as it is so easy to use

You are Limited by Your Canvass

The big lie the industry keeps you ignorant to is that your "canvass' is what is really going to make the difference between marginal results and truly professional results.

using professional car wax after polishing

And by canvass, I am referring to the condition of your cars paint before you ever apply any form of wax. Whether this be a basic car wax found on the many shelves at your local retailer, to what is considered truly professional grade automotive car wax.

Wax serves (2) basic functions:

  1. Provides a layer of protection
  2. Enhances the visual perfection of your "canvass"

Regardless of your choice in wax, it is severely limited by the condition of your cars paint. No wax in the world regardless of what you have been told or how much it costs is going to compensate for paint that is in poor condition. At best, it is merely going to improve what is already there.

Kind of like putting lipstick on a pig. Except this is putting car wax on a pig and people expecting this wax to perform miracles on their car paint.

So if your car paint looks lee-than, perhaps some car polishing is really what you need to do first. But don't worry, car polishing can actually be done to professional levels if you know what buffers to use and what car polish to use is.

Going from Good to Great!

So here you are looking for professional car wax only to find out that all along, you were actually asking the wrong question.

If you now understand that the condition of your car paint is the real secret that is rarely talked about within the industry, and you realize you have been chasing your tail from one product after another. Delusional in your quest, perhaps it is time to become an informed car owner.

professional car wax porsche

So let me lay out the exact steps you need to follow in order to take your car from average, to head turning shine that will cause envy among your neighbors.

  • Wash car first; this is simply to remove superficial dirt.
  • Decontaminate the paint using a clay bar kit.
  • Polish your car (canvass) to restore shine, gloss, and depth. Yes this can actually be performed by any first timer and must be done using a polisher for truly professional results. See car polishing for the beginner.
  • Choose from my recommended professional car waxes.

Professional Car Wax Summary

waxing BMW M4 with professional car wax

I hope you have found this as an eye opener that is counter to what you have been searching for when it comes to a quality automotive car wax.

That you have likely not only been asking the wrong question, but have been kept in the dark as to how this whole process works.


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